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  1. Clownpuncher

    Colorado Cow moose help

    My 15 year old son has a Grand Mesa cow moose tag (42/421). Has anyone seen any cows running around?? We've been out and putting on miles but nothing yet. Thought we might ask for any help we could get. I sincerely and truly appreciate any help.
  2. Clownpuncher

    Eva Shockey Gen 1 40# Fiber bow for sale

    I bought my wife an Eva Shockey Gen 1 Carbon Fiber bow and she doesn't shoot it. This bow has literally less than a dozen shots through it. It comes with a Trophy Ridge Sync Drop away rest and a Trophy Ridge React H4 sight. I did take the rest off to try it on another bow but it wouldn't work so...
  3. Clownpuncher

    Wolf .223 Steel Casing ammo 980rd/$575

    I bought 3000 rounds of Wolf .223 steel casing and 1000 rounds of it was supposed to go to another guy that backed out. I ended up shooting one 20 rd box so I have 980 rounds for sale. Hit me up if you're interested.
  4. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    I have a pair of Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots that I wore for 3 days during a hunt. They are still in great shape. They are size 12. I needed a 13 and ordered the wrong ones. Over $230 what I paid for them but selling for $125 obo.
  5. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I recently purchased a a $5000 voucher BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters. I bought it at the RMEF banquet here in town and now I realize I can't go. I was wanting to go after a moose but it can be used for more. Below is an excerpt from the banquet program. "The voucher can be used towards a...
  6. Clownpuncher

    42/421/41 Moose help

    I was wondering if there are any 3rd season deer and elk hunters out there that are seeing any moose around? I've got a cow moose tag and so far I'm striking out. I actually saw a really good bulll yesterday but of course no cows. Anyone seeing anything?????
  7. Clownpuncher

    Youth results

    I'm just curious for Utah, do the youth results come out at the same time?
  8. Clownpuncher

    Darton Pro 3000

    I upgraded this year and I'm putting my Darton PRO 3000 up for sale. It's a great bow and fast. It has a 28 1/2" draw and 60-70# limbs. Currently set at 70. It's pretty bare bones because I took everything off of it but the quiver to put on my new bow. I do have a whisker biscuit to put on...
  9. Clownpuncher

    San Rafael North Desert Antelope problem

    Has anyone ever shot an antelope in this unit? I shot one over the weekend and for some reason, It is horrible. I can't figure out why. I love antelope meat but for some reason this one is inedible. I have only had the tenderloins since the rest of it is at the processor. Just wondering if...
  10. Clownpuncher

    Bad antelope meat

    So I need some help. I shot a doe this weekend in Utah's San Rafeal North area and immediately cleaned and skinned her as soon as i could, maybe 5-10 minutes after she took her last breath. After I skinned her, I immediately put her in a truck box with ice blocks below her, above her, and...
  11. Clownpuncher

    Unit 40 RFW Mountain Island

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had this tag. I know someone who has it and it seems like an awesome tag but I have never heard from anyone who has actually had the tag. Anyone have any input?
  12. Clownpuncher

    Vortex Viper 11x33 Spotting Scope

    I have an 11x33x50 Angled Vortex Razor HD Spotting scope for sale. I used it once on an antelope hunting trip last fall but this year I have to upgrade to a more powerful scope. It's in fantastic condition. Comes with what you see. No scratches, no dings. Only used for one week. $600...
  13. Clownpuncher

    Unit 21 3rd season

    I was wondering if anyone has any input on a 3rd season 21 mule deer tag? I drew but I haven't been to the area in years and was just looking for some ideas of where to start scouting. Happy to take all the advice I can get!
  14. Clownpuncher

    If you could pick any 4th season deer tag...

    If you could pick any 4th season, Colorado deer tag, where would you go? 44? 2/201? I know 44 was hard last year with the warm weather. I went in 2/201 last year for antelope but never saw any good bucks. Someone mentioned 53 but not familiar with it.
  15. Clownpuncher

    Fed UP! with the point system

    I think I am just flat fed up with this point system. I have 11 resident deer points and sitting in limbo and no idea of what to do with them. Every year the same thing. I am honestly envious of the people with 3-4 points. So frustrating!!!! (Sorry, just needed to vent.)
  16. Clownpuncher

    Ranching for wildlife question

    Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I have never looked into this before now. If someone drew a ranching for wildlife tag (pick any species, say mule deer)what does that get you access to at their ranch? I have looked on some of their websites and it says, "you can hunt here for $6000 and...
  17. Clownpuncher

    Unit 2 Antelope help- 1st season

    Has anyone had this tag? A buddy of mine drew it with 18 points,I believe, this year and we are going to check it out in a couple of weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any inside info. We live in GJ but have never been lucky enough to draw anything in that unit. Any and all information is...
  18. Clownpuncher

    Unit 40 bear help

    I wa wondering if any deer or elk hunters out there have seen any good bears this year? We've been out but haven't seen much, really, not even one shooter.. Anyone seen anything?
  19. Clownpuncher

    Pointhunter App

    So I was lucky enough to win a free try at the PointHunter App. I have to say, I like it very much. The gist of this app is that it allows you to look at all of the points you have for each species that you have for each individual state that you choose. It is nice to be able to look down...
  20. Clownpuncher

    Open Units

    Does Utah have open units for elk? I live in Colorado and I have never hunted Utah before. I'm guessing that they have open units somewhere in the state. Anyone have a link that shows more of this?
  21. Clownpuncher

    Moose meat

    I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone or anyplace close to western colorado to buy/get some moose meat. I would like to go after a moose but only if I like the meat. I don't like going after things that I am not going to eat. It's just a personal thing that I believe in. I just have no...
  22. Clownpuncher

    Thinking about putting in for an oryx

    I have a question for any and all. I was thinking of putting in for the oryx hunts next year, probably on base from what I have been reading. My questions are for the ones who hunt them and have been successful. 1. Was it a fun hunt? Looks like a blast. 2. How is the meat? I have never...
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