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  1. Snoopdogg

    Wild pig mole

    Tonight I had to make some pork mole. I had pressure cooked all the scraps from this tasty sow: leg bones, spine, neck, pelvis. Once cool, I picked off all the meat and what was left of the connective tissue and chopped / shredded while discarding bone and tendon's that didn't render down...
  2. Snoopdogg

    From Don Jr Website

    Oh sh!t! Hahaha
  3. Snoopdogg

    Bulls Down

    Pics or it didn't happen....
  4. Snoopdogg

    Why so long..?

  5. Snoopdogg

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Go to your account profile, preferences and there is a time zone setting you gotta pick for your specific area.
  6. Snoopdogg

    2021 family deer pics.

    DAMN! I'd say y'all did well!
  7. Snoopdogg

    Hunting accident

    He's trolling, BH. Don't let him eff with you.
  8. Snoopdogg

    2021 AZ Bull

    Tell sis that she is bad-ass! Oh, and I'm sure bro had something to do with it.
  9. Snoopdogg

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Congrats! Cautiously optimistic, but soooo good to hear this update. Go StevieLyn!
  10. Snoopdogg

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Horn porn! Love it!
  11. Snoopdogg

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Thanks for the update. Good thoughts and prayers for your family.
  12. Snoopdogg

    Meeker/Rifle /Rangely help if you need it 3rd season.

    I still have elks96 phone number from this same type of offer from the last several years when he was a Coloradan. Great to see someone step up and post it publicly, WTG olmossback!
  13. Snoopdogg

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    You got this!
  14. Snoopdogg

    Post One Photo Per Day

    Another pic by your house?
  15. Snoopdogg

    After the shot and before the freezer

    I'll send you my address. I'll take 5 lbs of each!
  16. Snoopdogg

    The Hit List...

    Prince William is a little itch.
  17. Snoopdogg

    Antelope success

    No sir. I drew Cali goat in 2018 and hunted.
  18. Snoopdogg

    Mt.Goat 2021

    And the animal has a great coat too. 😄
  19. Snoopdogg

    Oak creek

    Now that is a fatty!
  20. Snoopdogg


    Didn't hurt that the mega digital media weirdos are all on one side of the political spectrum and administering their version of the Ministry of Truth. That helps sell certain versions of, well everything!
  21. Snoopdogg

    55 3rd season tag coming your way

    If there's no takers....
  22. Snoopdogg

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    Nice buck!
  23. Snoopdogg

    Proud dad moment

    Yeah, I'd be proud too. Well done! Tell the little homeboy congrat!
  24. Snoopdogg

    Oak creek

    Pic or it didn't happen.
  25. Snoopdogg

    Hunting accident

    As a hunter ed instructor, we have to review fatalities and injuries every year and the circumstances are always preventable and sad.
  26. Snoopdogg

    LaPanza Tule Bull

  27. Snoopdogg

    Idaho ranch

    #MeToo I especially love Modoc County. I have to do that--every time I find something like that, I gotta poke around. Do it in MT, CO, WY, CA--pretty much everywhere I hunt I see stuff I would have never seen, or had the opportunity to see had I not become interested in hunting.
  28. Snoopdogg

    Another day, no grizzly fatalities

    Technically not a fatality, but the potential was there! Mean ol' brownies.
  29. Snoopdogg

    Transgender bathroom issues....

    I'm refined.... HA!
  30. Snoopdogg

    B Zone Blacktail

    Good looking buck!
  31. Snoopdogg

    Transgender bathroom issues....

    Well, maybe it's because he's dating Lenny Kravitz's daughter, needs to be woke to...
  32. Snoopdogg

    Antelope success

    I need to chase speedgoats again. Congrats!
  33. Snoopdogg

    The MIL's Favorite Meal - Steak!!!

    God damn Blank, had I not eaten a fat-assed steak with steak fries made in bacon fat, I'd be driving to Idaho about now.
  34. Snoopdogg

    Baked Pork Burritos, w/ Cream Cheese

    Looks fat and tasty--let me at it!
  35. Snoopdogg

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    Seen your video a couple months ago. Very cool that you got him on film and good job making your siblings help load him up.
  36. Snoopdogg

    First 2021 Milestone...

    McDonal's? You're trying to live longer Tony, not shorter!
  37. Snoopdogg

    MM cooking forum

    Bring it on!
  38. Snoopdogg

    First 2021 Milestone...

    Man, as much as I wanna congratulate you, and I do (Congratulations!) I am sad that you are in a tough medical situation. Glad you made 60 years--hope you make 81 too and that it's a good 81, much less 80. ;-)
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