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  1. Utahlefty

    ISO Barnes .375 300gr TSX

    I've been looking for two years now and any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Utahlefty

    Hunters feeding the hungry and the like ??

    We're mostly empty nesters now but have been fortunate enough to have raised three kids without ever buying meat in a store -- not exactly "cost effective" but we've been virtually 100% subsistence hunters for 25+ years now, often donating packaged (frozen) meat to local pantries. I have a unit...
  3. Utahlefty

    Falconry Friday!!

    First bunny of the season!!
  4. Utahlefty

    Utah college hookie bull, our first of 2021

    My son snuck home from college for opening day - not quite as big as his CO bull from last year but this is about as big as they make it in this area.
  5. Utahlefty

    You should play Indy, it's later than you think

    My good friend and mentor Matt Winfrey passed on this week. Winfrey was a giant in the river community, having run most of the big water in a dozen countries, and just maybe the best friend I'll ever have. We had most of the next two years worth of river trips all mapped out and then a little...
  6. Utahlefty

    Snake river 2021 (first trip anyway)

    Great crew, great camp, about 55 miles worth of runs at optimal water levels. We've run this section from 4100 cfs to 17,000 cfs and 7-8K is ideal, which held steady over three days. (these are photos from one of those commercial photo companies --flotographs-- which are way overpriced but the...
  7. Utahlefty

    A quick 3 day trip on the upper colorado

    This would've probably been better as a three nighter than a two but it was a nice getaway nonetheless. I'm grateful my fam is still willing to pick up and go on these whims after all these years. (Now if I could just get them to spend more time rowing the gear boat I'd be set!) This was...
  8. Utahlefty

    Falconry Friday! pics with a few videos

    We have two female (sibling) Harris' Hawks that are our main rabbit getters. We got them at 12 weeks old and they're now in their 9th season with just under 500 rabbits on their ledger. Usually they're good for catching two rabbits per outing and about 80 per season one of my favorite videos...
  9. Utahlefty

    point creep indeed!

    well, 22 points wasn't enough for either elk or deer in CO this year....
  10. Utahlefty

    Is it rafting season yet ?!?!

    Finally! It took about 9 months to get all the parts built (yay Covid) but the new raft is finally put together. And just in time for a couple day runs at Dinosaur
  11. Utahlefty

    Update! The WB nominees resumes have been made publicly available

    This is something I've been vocal about and I want to applaud everyone involved in making it happen, including the two nominees. Newly released today on the DWR's website are slightly condensed versions of the nominee's applications:
  12. Utahlefty

    Nankoweap delta

    A recent turn in the photo of the day thread got me thinking about this spot. We've run the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon twice now and are going back next April. This is probably *the* iconic shot of the river - it's taken at the ledge of the graneries at Nankoweap (a Paiute word...
  13. Utahlefty

    Wildlife Board nominee comment period now live

    As you know, Byron and Donnie are leaving the WB (termed out) this year and the nominating committee recently met to review replacement applications. The committee is allowed / required to submit the names of 3 candidates per position and the governor has sole discretion to pick (in this case)...
  14. Utahlefty

    Waterfowl guides on WMAs ??

    This is pretty much the only voting item on the upcoming RAC/WB cycle. The DWR (in their presentation) quotes a survey showing only 13% support for commercial guiding on WMAs and have been directed by HB 295 to make a final call on the question. We've gotten more feedback on this question than...
  15. Utahlefty

    Vaccine Side effect update

    In "normal" times, the scientists will have worked all of this out prior to presenting to the public but in covid times we're seeing the process happen in real time. It can certainly be confusing to try to sort through the daily noise but I guess that's the drawback of doing science on live TV...
  16. Utahlefty

    Falconry Friday!

    Hi all, a little new here. This is a recurring post I've done on other forums in the past and if there's interest, I'd love to share again here. We have three falconers in the family (technically Austringers as we fly mostly large hawks) and currently have two Harris Hawks that just wrapped up...
  17. Utahlefty

    CO 68 4th season 2021?

    Like many (most) point sitters, I'm strongly considering cashing out those points (21 right now) this year or next year in Colorado. As a NR, I'd hire a guide and and that presents an additional complication: most of them are already booked a couple years out on good units I'd have a chance of...
  18. Utahlefty

    Our 2020 elk season

    Hi all! New here - migrating from 24CF / AR and hoping for a less political home. We're also master falconers - I don't see a dedicated spot for those pics/videos but hopefully they'll be welcome somewhere! Here are a few pics from our 2020 hunts:
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