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  1. 1989Cohunter

    If yer gonna shoot it....

    Good on you for taking it. Why someone would take the time to quarter and bag is beyond me. One of the first things I learned was don’t shoot if you can’t pack it out.
  2. 1989Cohunter

    Colorado Cow moose help

    I would be checking by Vega. But I do know someone killed up top by Mesa lakes lodge.
  3. 1989Cohunter

    1st rifle report

    I’ll give a run down once my wife’s hunts are over.
  4. 1989Cohunter

    unit 10 3rd..

    I’ll be 10 for a cow hunt late season, which is helpful to probably no one.
  5. 1989Cohunter

    Have 16 Deer Preference Points for Colorado

    Not sure any unit is worth the points. With that being said I’ve seen big bucks in every unit I’ve hunted in. As far as 70 goes no clue, but you have to use the points at some point.
  6. 1989Cohunter

    Rut dates?

    No I’m more central
  7. 1989Cohunter

    Rut dates?

    I would say it’s usually around thanksgiving where I hunt. Just depends on the weather and moon.
  8. 1989Cohunter

    1st rifle report

  9. 8023DFF7-062C-4AB4-AA75-13732590C8C8.jpeg


  10. 1989Cohunter


    Curious how Creede looks
  11. 1989Cohunter

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    S Should be, and really should have been 10 years ago.
  12. 1989Cohunter

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I’m not real sure what he really did wrong? They were private emails. Regardless of how we or anyone feels, we should have the right to think what we want. And exchanging of private emails is a little ridiculous.
  13. 1989Cohunter

    Shooters Grill

    She’s not overly hard on the eyes
  14. 1989Cohunter

    ISO Land Access CO gmu 52/521/411

    Look in the delta county shopper. Sometimes they will have one or two. If not try to contact a few of the outfitters. Some of them will sell vouchers.
  15. 1989Cohunter

    Unit 444 Antler deer 2nd season

    It’s a tough hunt. I haven’t done much in that unit. But I know a few that have and it’s tough.
  16. 1989Cohunter

    Another victim !

    I’ve never understood how someone could be so trigger happy. There is a pretty big part of hunter safety that covers knowing your target. And not to mention always know what beyond your target. There is not excuse for shooting a person in Camo.
  17. 1989Cohunter

    Anyone hunting 444 47 or 471 colorado?

    I saw two moose below buttermilk this morning. One bull and one cow, doesn’t really help but they are around.
  18. 1989Cohunter

    This dude always made me laugh.

    Damn that’s a bummer. Probably my favorite comic.
  19. 1989Cohunter

    Heading Out Tommorrow

    I was up all last weekend and finally found a couple myself. Going back up this weekend.
  20. 1989Cohunter

    Anyone hunting 444 47 or 471 colorado?

    I work In the area if I see anything I’ll let you know.
  21. 1989Cohunter

    Can am atv

    Well I sucked it up and put a deposit down on a can am 650.
  22. 1989Cohunter

    Heading Out Tommorrow

    I’m curious how it turned out for you.
  23. 1989Cohunter

    Vaccine experience?

    I personally don’t think the vaccine is bad. I do however think our government is bad. Not just because of Biden, but gov In general. I don’t love what we already give up in taxes and let’s face it freedom of speech. Either side of the isle should have the right to spread whatever “mis...
  24. 1989Cohunter

    Colorado Governor’s Bull

    Dang what a toad!
  25. 1989Cohunter

    Unit 33 voucher

    Keep your eyes on leftover list. It may be a somewhat easy one to pick up.
  26. 1989Cohunter

    Preview leftovers

    Life is a lot less stressful when you don’t worry about the list.
  27. 1989Cohunter

    Camping in unit 42

    Yes correct
  28. 1989Cohunter

    Camping in unit 42

    But divide creek has a fair bit of camping
  29. 1989Cohunter

    Camping in unit 42

    I’m not sure where you are shooting to hunt. But it can be a crap shoot to find a spot. Lots of people and it can straight dump snow.
  30. 1989Cohunter

    Gimme some of that hot loving

    Seems about right, nothing even surprises me.
  31. 1989Cohunter

    Scouting before the season

    I would say 2-5 days. But after the opener it will be a completely different landscape.
  32. 1989Cohunter

    Honda vs. Yamaha

    Honda all the way for me. I have two that work together and they are great. Pretty quiet good on gas usage. I have a buddy with yamahas and he doesn’t like them.
  33. 1989Cohunter

    Can am atv

    Who has had one? And what experience did you have? Looking at getting a outlander 650 or 850
  34. 1989Cohunter

    Post One Photo Per Day

  35. C773BC3B-97E0-4EE4-85A7-64F7F50800B6.jpeg


  36. 1989Cohunter

    Jeep back for sale
  37. 1989Cohunter

    Meat processors near Glenwood Springs

    I live in silt and if I need anything cut I do holy cow.
  38. 1989Cohunter

    Who’s got a bear tag!

    You as well, not many units better for the dang things.
  39. 1989Cohunter

    Tripod for the 15's

    I really like my outdoorsman setup.
  40. 1989Cohunter

    Who’s got a bear tag!

    I’m getting pumped for 61 bear tag. This will be the first year I can take my boy on a moderate hunt. He’s tagged along on some easy private land elk hunts and deer hunts. But this will be his first good go at it with me.
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