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  1. heywouldya

    15x56 binoculars Zeiss or Swarovski?

    I'm looking to upgrade my binoculars. I've pretty much settled on either Zeiss or Swarovski. Anyone that has experience with one or both, care to share your thoughts? hwy
  2. heywouldya

    Owyhee Unit deer

    I'm looking at burning my points in Oregon this year. Just wondering how the deer herd is doing there. I know the southeastern part of the state is struggling. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of the unit? Thanks in advance.
  3. heywouldya

    Chappell or A3?

    I drew a late season elk tag in Arizona, unit 23. Does anyone have experience with either outfit? Thanks in advance. hwy
  4. heywouldya

    Bought some ammo

    So, I went and bought some non-lead bullets for my wife and kids. I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but it was relatively painless; Since I'm on record for buying a rifle in the past five years, the "background" check was instant, and I had the pleasure of paying a $1 fee for it. I asked...
  5. heywouldya

    Daughter's first mule deer

    I took my daughter to Oregon this year to hunt with our good friends. It is very challenging getting a high school girl away for the weekend with sports and everything else, but when you do, it is very rewarding. On the second morning of the hunt we set my daughter up on a ridge and pushed some...
  6. heywouldya

    California fires

    Anyone on here effected by the Carr fire or other fires in the state? This stuff is getting crazy!! hwy
  7. heywouldya

    Preference point qustion

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-22-18 AT 02:57PM (MST)[p]Question!! I can't even spell it right in the subject heading. Anyways, I've done a little research on this, but haven't found a solid answer to a question I have. How does the Oregon F&G weigh preference points if a resident and non-resident apply...
  8. heywouldya


    My youngest daughter drew the J3 tag on her first year hunting. I've hunted the refuge a couple times back in the 90's, but don't remember too much about the landmarks, roads etc. Any advice on where to spend our time would be appreciated. heywouldya
  9. heywouldya

    B zone sold out?

    I was getting tags for my family today. I've always applied for the "draw" tags for my first tag, and buy a B zone tag as my second tag. After I "bought" my second B zone tag for my daughters, I couldn't buy a third one for my last daughter. The only thing we could come up with, is that B zone...
  10. heywouldya

    long range rifle scope

    Looking for recommendations on a long range rifle scope (700-1000 yards). I've been faithful to the Leupold line on my other rifles, but I'd like to hear some other suggestions.
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