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  1. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    Looking for a good condition While Muzzy preferably .451. PM what you have.
  2. tracker12

    Paramout vice Knight ULtra-lite

    Looking for a new Muzzy. Trying to decide if the Paramount I worth the extra dollars. Also debating if I want to go .50 cal for that time I might go for elk in CO or just go .45. Looking to ditch the sabots.
  3. tracker12

    SOLD Swarovski ATM 65

    For sale is a mint condition Swarovski ATM 65 with 20-60 Eye piece. I'm the paginal owner and it has only seen two western hunts. Will come with Cabalas neoprene case which was always on the spotter suing my hunts. $1500 TYD Papal which includes shipping insurance and fees.
  4. tracker12

    WY 63 Goat

    Well the old Pre 64 Mdl 70 Featherweight and vintage Weatherby 3x9 scope did not disappoint. At 345 that’s my longest shot with that gun. Buck had 22 doe with him and no other bucks around. Have to figure he was a bad a$$.
  5. tracker12

    Unit 63 antelope

    Day and a half looking over goats. So far lots of twinners. Having a great time. I do need to pay attention to the gas gauge 🙄
  6. tracker12

    Acceptable Hotel in Rawlins

    I'll be in Rawlins starting the 25th for a week antelope hunt. Can someone recommend a clean cheap hotel you would stay in.
  7. tracker12

    SOLD Hornady 350 FPB bullets

    I have three packages of Hornady FPB 350 grain muzzy bullets. $56. TYD
  8. tracker12

    Packer working out of Craig

    Anyone have info on someone that will do an elk pack out of the Route Ntl Forest area north of Craig.
  9. tracker12

    Unit 4 Elk

    Any reports from that area. Looks like I am going to pick up a Unit wide archery tag for the area and head out next week. I have a WY antelope tag and hate to drive all that way from Maryland just for that hunt. Hunted that unit about a dozen times but not since 2010.
  10. tracker12

    SOLD .264 Win Brass

    I have 49 pieces of cleaned and unprimed Winchester .264 Win Mag brass. TYD for $100 OBO
  11. tracker12

    Call of a Lifetime

    Buddy got a call today that is one for the life time. Caller said he was next in line for Rifle tag for Plateau Boulder. Wanted to know if he wanted it. And this is a guy who drew an AZ Sheep tag in the best unit with 3 points.
  12. tracker12

    Window mount Recommendation

    Looking for am inexpensive window mount for my Swaro Spotter. What have you used that has worked out for you.
  13. tracker12

    SOLD .264 Win Mag Ammo

    SOLD 35 rounds of .264 win mag reloaded with 140 grain Nolser Partition $100 TYD. These are with once fired brass
  14. tracker12

    Taxidermist for Euro

    I heading to WY for an Antelope hunt end of Sep. Will be hunting North of Rawlins and looking for someone to leave the skull with for a Eruro mount. Plan of being up near Saratoga and also going up towards Jackson so I am flexible where to drop it off. I would do it myself but buddy has had...
  15. tracker12

    Any WY duck hunters

    Heading out by myself this fall for my antelope hunt. Plan on fishing the N Platt a few days but understand the duck hunting can be any good. Any information would be appreciated. Can I get into birds of public land?
  16. tracker12

    I'm Crushed

    I didn't draw 128 Deer at .09% lol. But I did draw my Unit 63-1 Antelope tag. Whoo Hoo. Figure a few days of hunting followed by a few days of fly fishing.
  17. tracker12

    Colorado Archery

    So as usual I have failed to draw any of my tags in 3 States. Needing something to hunt I am thinks of trying to grab an archery deer tag in Colorado with a left over tag. That’s if they exist. I am just looking for a fun hunt not a trophy sized deer. A consideration is that I passed 60 awhile...
  18. tracker12

    Unit 63 Antelope

    Well after striking out in UT and CO I am all in for WY antelope in 63-1. Not sure I should be over confident with my draw history this year but I should draw with 9 NR points. Planning on doing a little fly fishing the Magical Mile after the hunt and also head on up and scout region G for 2022.
  19. tracker12

    Region G Activities

    So since I did not draw my CO deer tag I am now looking at grabbing a G tag. Wife would like to accompany me on the trip. Are there any nice places to stay in the region. Might be wishing for a no answer. lol. No actually it would be nice to have her tag along as long as I can keep her...
  20. tracker12

    Antelope 4 NR point unit

    Can someone recommend a unit where a NR can draw with 4 or 5 points. I have a friend that wants to do a archery antelope hunt. Not looking for a trophy hunt. Just looking to get a good hunt in for a 74 year old friend looking to get out.
  21. tracker12

    Wanted Hornady FBP 300 grain Muzzy

    Looking for some of these discontinued bullets. Let me know if you have any or see any in a store.
  22. tracker12

    66 2nd

    I have 20 NR points and was looking at 3rd but just not sure what the creep will do. I have never considered 2nd season before but I want to hunt this year. What’s your thoughts on 66 2
  23. tracker12

    New Muzzy

    Looking for a new long range Muzzy to replace my TC Encore. Not looking to spend over $1000 so no Gunwerks for me. should I be looking for Remington.
  24. tracker12

    How to change unit selection

    How do you change a unit selection. Dovyiu have to withdraw and reapply
  25. tracker12

    West Desert Vernon

    Anyone have any info I=on the unit and quality of deer. I have 12 NR LE points and lying for options. Not sure any of the top units are going to be in play at my age.
  26. tracker12

    For Trade Nosler Combined Technology 30 cal 180 grain

    Looking for 6.5 bullets around 120-125 grain.
  27. tracker12

    For Sale Sierra MatchKing Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 168 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail

    I have 157 count Sierra MatchKing Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 168 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail. $65 TYD.
  28. tracker12

    Left over APPs

    Are any of the feet over app that watch for leftover tags worth a darn
  29. tracker12

    Unit 66 Archery Deer

    Any insight on how Unit 66 is for an archery hunt. Was thinking of trying to snag a tag in the left over. I have 18NR points so this hunt would give a chance to scout out the area.
  30. tracker12

    Tag Transfer

    Have a friend that drew a NM NR elk tag. He is worried he may not be able to make the trip due to business obligations. Can he transfer the tag to someone.
  31. tracker12

    Left over draw

    Well thinking you are a shoe in for a tag is setting yourself up for disappointment for sure. Did not draw a CO deer tag that after 18 years thought it was just that. Now with unsuccessfuks in UT, CO, NM and WY I'm stuck with nothing. Did not apply for a WY deer or antelope cause to the CO...
  32. tracker12

    Dream Deer hunt

    What would be your dream deer draw in WY. I know migration hunts are attractive but for me a high country hunt just adds to the overall experience.
  33. tracker12

    Preference Point?

    I read this on the WY DNR site. So does this mean that if you do not apply for 2 consecutive year for antelope you do not loose your PP • If a person fails to apply for bighorn sheep or moose in the initial drawing or purchase a preference point during the preference point only application...
  34. tracker12

    Max Deer Another Where to?

    I have max deer points and looking to use them up this year. At 67 I'm in good shape but realizes I'm not 20 any more. I'd be willing to pay a trespass fee but not really interested in a guided hunt. I live on the east coast so scouting is not in the cards. Looking for a quality buck but...
  35. tracker12

    Any 2019 Unit 66 Deer

    Looking for reports from this last years hunt. Have enough points to draw 3rd season in 2020 and looking for pointers.
  36. tracker12

    Rivers bend outfitters

    Anyone have any experience with the outfit. Friend is looking to book an archery elk hunt with them
  37. tracker12

    Leupold Alumina Flipback Scope Covers VX5 44

    I have a pair of Leupold scope covers. They are in as new condition. $75.00 TYD.
  38. tracker12

    Which anti fog solution

    looking for a anti fog solution for my scopes. Running several Zeiss right now. Anything that works and safe on the glass.
  39. tracker12

    66 3rd Season Deer Tag is coming

    Due to a medical issue I was forced to return my 66 3rd season tag. Just a heads up that it should be coming to the sight in the coming days. I'm crushed to miss this hunt but hopefully I can ry again next year.
  40. tracker12

    Window Mount System Recommendation

    I have a 3rd season CO Mule deer hunt this year and expect to do a lot of glassing from th vehicle s I scout this new unit. I want to put together a setup that I can interchange from my Swaro spotter and SLC Bino's. I have a Manffroto fluid head and tripod but nothing for the window. Any...
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