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  1. GunSlinger

    Bookcliffs Muzzleloader Buck

    Nice buck
  2. GunSlinger

    Shooters Grill

    I love this place. Bought my wife a shooters trump tshirt last year and she gets tons of compliments on it every time she wears it. Oh, and the food is good too.
  3. GunSlinger

    Unit 33 voucher

  4. GunSlinger

    Unit 33 voucher

    I already posted in the tags section but I’ll put it here too. Anyone have a line on a second season deer voucher? Thanks
  5. GunSlinger

    Unit 33 voucher

    looking for a deer voucher for second season. DM if you have any info. Thanks
  6. GunSlinger

    For Sale 16x20 Wall Tent/Frame/Fly

    Still available? Any pictures of it set up?
  7. GunSlinger

    2nd draw stats have been posted

    Not that I complaining, just an observation. It the two units I put my kids in for. Residents all drew out before non resident. Was that listed in the regs or just coincidence
  8. GunSlinger

    Second Drawing

    One of my youth daughters drew her second choice my other daughter got skunked a second time. At least my daughter who is hunting for her first time drew. Any help with second season unit 33 would be appreciated. Send me a DM. Thank you
  9. GunSlinger

    Second Drawing

    I’ve got nothing on deer yet! Both my daughters are in since they got skunked in the first draw.
  10. GunSlinger

    Second Drawing

    I donated my $9
  11. GunSlinger

    Pumped for 2nd draw - youth Fingers crossed

    Both my daughters got skunked in the first draw, hoping for some luck in the secondary. It’s one of their first year hunting.
  12. GunSlinger

    Anyone know when 2nd draw list will come out?

    Does one apply for the secondary draw the same was as the first? Neither one of my kids drew their deer tag this year, and if youth are given priority I’d like to put them in. Thanks for any help.
  13. GunSlinger

    Wanted 7mm-08 ammo

    Of the 120 Barnes X?
  14. GunSlinger

    Wanted 7mm-08 ammo

    I’m looking for 120gr barnesX 7-08 ammo. I’d appreciate it if anyone sees this online to shoot me a DM. Thank you
  15. GunSlinger

    2020 Big Game Stats are up--FINALLY!

    This is for sheep, does anybody have the statistics for deer?
  16. GunSlinger

    Sweet Deals Going On!

    This is interesting. More info!!!
  17. GunSlinger

    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    Realistically how many points to draw a decent unit? Not looking for a monster just a unit with a good opportunity to get a bull.
  18. GunSlinger

    OTC elk tags

    Thank you.
  19. GunSlinger

    OTC elk tags

    anyone know if they stopped selling OTC bull elk tags this year? I guy I know said they were sold out. I’ve never heard of that before so thought I’d ask. This is easier than trying to call.
  20. GunSlinger

    Wanted Canvas tent

    Looking for someone who wants to sell a canvas tent. Let me know if anybody has information.
  21. GunSlinger

    X Zone

  22. GunSlinger

    G3 Trophy Quality

    You definitely have valid points, except Anderson Flat. Being it is a November hunt it is entirely dependent on an early storm to push the big bucks out of Yosemite. If there is not a storm, it's just a general session D6 hunt. If the weather hits stand by for some quality bucks. M3 and X5b...
  23. GunSlinger

    G3 Trophy Quality

    So do tell what your top 3 zones would be? In the California points system and the odds of drawing there is no reason not to share which zone. Now your. ? honey hole? still suspect but everyone needs to have their spot.
  24. GunSlinger

    G3 Trophy Quality

    Good points, but I'm in my early 40?s with max points, so I'm hopeful. If you've been watching max point holders are putting in for tags which do not require max points. Point in case, the individual who burned max points for D6 this past season. I hunt out of state every year and have killed...
  25. GunSlinger

    Co cow moose.

    I had a friend draw that tag this year and he wished he would not have wasted his points. He never saw a moose and only heard of one being killed. Talked to warden and they had not heard of any credible sightings either.
  26. GunSlinger

    41, 42, 421

    Coloradoboy how many more tags have they issued for this unit? When I looked I thought this was one that did not have an increase.
  27. GunSlinger

    41, 42, 421

    Yes we were able to kill a few bucks and 3 cow elk. That being said, our camp only had 30% success when we are usually around 80%. We hunt hard and hike 8-10 miles a day, so our success is higher than most who drive the roads. For those who may chime in, I'm not complaining. Just stating...
  28. GunSlinger

    41, 42, 421

    We also hunted this unit and was extremely disappointed with the lack of deer this year. I've hunted this unit for 10+ years and have never seen this few of deer. The one thing I did see lots of is humans. People on top of people. According to wardens guys we're fighting and calling in...
  29. GunSlinger

    Hunter List

    Good #####!!!
  30. GunSlinger

    Taxidermy Recommendations

    Kurt at Life Like Taxidermy. He is in Madera. As for price, you get what you pay for. Don?t go with a guy if the price sounds to good to be true.
  31. GunSlinger

    Help me score my buck

    Most taxidermists can do the score for you. I recommend Kurt Santoro fromLife like Taxidermy. PM if you need contact info. Great buck!!!
  32. GunSlinger

    N. Utah City Bucks

    Wow, what an amazing site.
  33. GunSlinger

    The List is Out!

    Thank you sir
  34. GunSlinger

    The List is Out!

    Can someone please post the link to the list. Much appreciated
  35. GunSlinger

    CA Tule Elk Habits

    If you are close by, do yourself a favor and drive around the base and look at the elk. With the amount you see it should relieve your doubts about the hunt. Now just shoot straight. Good luck
  36. GunSlinger


    Gotcha, thank you.
  37. GunSlinger


    Am I not reading it correct? It says you can get a refund minus $15 processing fee.
  38. GunSlinger

    Bass Hill M8

    Weather can help, but I've always noticed rut up there around thanksgiving time.
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