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  1. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    so, I now have decuded that I want to stay Colorado legal, any recommendation on NON Sabot bullets to get me out about 200 yrds and still carry the energy to knock down am elk? BH209 just doeant perform in my CVA Accura, even with the specific breech plug... could be my percussion cap...
  2. alinrut

    Sabots for CVA Accura .50 question

    Ao, I am possibly going to be hunting in Washington state, Muzzy.. Im told that I can use Sabots... what is a good Sabot round to give me accuracy and punching power out to abou 150 yrds?
  3. alinrut

    Reload Question

    .300 WSM being set up with 180gr Nosler Accubonds.. 2 weeks ago I shot this set up loaded with 63 grains of powder and got 2807fps Today, I shot 10 rounds... 5 at 63 gr and 5 at 64 grains... The attached photo is the final result.. 1st shot out of 63 gr and I was at a 500fps increase with...
  4. alinrut

    2017 Muley

    Colorado's 2nd rifle season found me in the woods among the aspens when a doe being chased by a buck burst into the clearing, she turned and came right at me, he was in tow, head down, neck elongated and sniffing the air.... it was at that moment that I decided to take him..... I brought him to...
  5. alinrut

    Wolf Proposal to introduce in Carbondale Area!!! not sure if the link works, but The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is having a featured speaker, Mr. Mike Phillips, a wildlife biologist who played a leading role in the return of Gray Wolves...
  6. alinrut

    Goterrrr Done!!! Colorado DIY 2nd Season Muley

    Got it done this past weekend, there are a few folks on here who helped me get to know the area. This buck was chasing does, sniffin coochies and likin his lips.... he had no idea I was there, he didnt even notice that 2 does had stopped and were looking at me! His eye gaurds are really cool...
  7. alinrut

    Unit 66 2nd Rifle Deer Success!!!

    So here we were again, in unit 66 for 2nd rifle... We had some fun yet again and were able to close the deal on a nice buck!!! My friend did the shooting, the rest of us did the spotting but it was a team effort with some good friends and solid memories all around. We are looking into hunting...
  8. alinrut

    2015 public land did it myself success

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-15 AT 07:12AM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p] So, it finally came and went, 2015 Muzzy week was spent with my Colorado family and my long time child hood friend, from out of state... I made a lot of promises and...
  9. alinrut

    Elk Calling Classes/Seminar's?

    So last year was my first time calling and I was able to cow call a nice branch antlered bull in for my friend, issue was he had a cow tag and the bull was all by his lonesome. Another friend of mine was able to call in numerous elk for most anyone in my hunting party. I'm interested in...
  10. alinrut

    Colorado Muzzy Raghorn on my Birthday!!

    Opening day of Muzzy week, found me on the hillside with not a sound in the woods...the elk were not bugling, just like it appears in the rest of the state. We cow called and heard a branch break, a cow came out with a nice bull right behind her. Problem was, she busted me at about 5 yards and...
  11. alinrut

    2nd Rifle, Public Land DIY Success!!

    My friend Nate put the hammer down on this buck early in the morning. We had seen a buttload of deer and he stayed strong and patient..he knew what he wanted and wasn't gonna settle for "any" buck!! The 2nd day of our hunt, we stumbled on a deer that had been shot and was struggling. We hadn't...
  12. alinrut

    2011 Elk Euro Mount, final product

    I got this elk last year, it was my first ever. I didn't think was "the one" for a mount, so I did the euro mount myself. I finished it this weekend just in time for me to go after more elk this year. Just thought I'd share and let ya'll know that it can be done. The taxidermy/euro kit came...
  13. alinrut

    Unit 66/Gunnison Deer

    I got a friend who drew the 2nd season tag in Unit 66, we spent this past weekend "roadhunting" and glassing far off ridges...absolutely beautiful, big buck country but we did not see the numbers of deer we expected to see... we were in the area abouve the resoivor (however the hell you spell...
  14. alinrut

    Getting Son onto Prairie Dogs

    So my son is going out hunting with me this year in the high country. I'm wanting to get him into Prairie Dog hunting in an effort to get him some real world practice on animals with his .22 so that he learns site picture, breathing and such in a practical application different than just target...
  15. alinrut

    If I Do This Right........2012 Season

    So, I've got Archery for Elk in 581,511 and 591 lined up (helping a friend who just moved here get his 1st Elk)... I've got Muzzleloader Bull Elk in September (with fall turkey in between Archery/Muzzy) Then I'm going to 66 for Deer (once again helping a different friend) And I close it all out...
  16. alinrut

    TC BoneCollector/DreamHunter/Omega?? which one

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-05-12 AT 05:33PM (MST)[p]I might be wrong on the dreamhunter one, the actual name/style/model escapes me... but I'm just trying to get some thoughts on the different versions... I've got a Lyman traditional and played around a bit with it, but I believe I'm gonna be happier...
  17. alinrut

    Lyman Great Plains Hunter, .54 Cal Traditional $400 Asking $400 for it, that's what I paid and just want to get out from it...I'm new to Muzzleloading and have found that I prefer the inline's... Let me know if you are interested, I live in Colorado Springs area. al
  18. alinrut

    New to MuzzyHuntin'

    I just got a Lyman Great Plains Muzzleloader in the .54 caliber for the upcoming season. I'm really looking forward to my first elk hunt during the rut and screamin season.... any advice or suggestions? al
  19. alinrut

    fort carson deer??

    Anyone ever hunt Ft Carson for deer? I'm in the Army and gaining access is not going to be a challenge. Just curious if anyone has ever had any success on it.. I'm not looking for a hog, just looking to get my son his first deer. Last year we hunted pinion canyon for elk with no luck..
  20. alinrut

    cow tag thru 31JAN for son

    My Son has a cow tag thru 31JAN in units 133-134-142-141...I've only hunted the pinyon canyon area once and was in Afghanistan all summer, so scouting was out. I'm just wondering if anyone has idea's on where to go this upcoming weekend, have they started gathering near winter...
  21. alinrut

    Movin' to Nevada

    Well, hello Nevada thread...wanted to introduce myself on here since you'll be seein' me post here and there. I'm about to close out my military career and retire after 24 years (just dropped the paperwork so it's 12 months away) and it looks like I'm moving to the Reno area to be closer to...
  22. alinrut

    did myself euromount

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-23-11 AT 12:59PM (MST)[p] So, here's my did it at home euromount....I found a taxidermy/euromount kit that already has the peroxide and the bleaching powder to go with it. Step 1) I gathered...
  23. alinrut

    elk hunt 2011

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-26-11 AT 03:50PM (MST)[p] a friend put this together, not sure if the link works but we'll see. 2011 was a great elk season for us, 2 bulls and a cow during 3rd Rifle. Public land, did it ourselves, over the...
  24. alinrut

    euro mount recipe's/instructions

    gonna try and do my own euro mount... any ideas? definately not doing it inside the house!!!
  25. alinrut

    3rd season Colorado Elk success!!!\'s_elk.jpg So after getting skunked last year, I returned to the scene of the crime and had success!!! My friend came in from Washington and this was his first elk hunt. We spotted the elk bedded down about a mile away, we picked a...
  26. alinrut

    Leftover process help

    So this is my first year playing the leftover tag game, I didn't get drawn for my deer unit and selected "refund" instead of "leftover". My assumption was that in July, leftover tags would be made available. But now I'm thinkin' did I make a mistake? What do you guys think... besides making...
  27. alinrut

    getting my son in to hunting... any advice??

    So I've hunted for years, I've taken my son out a few times. He usually carries his bb gun so that he can learn how to handle a rifle and the basics. He now has a .22 and I'm getting him into the 4H shooting club to learn the finer points of shooting. I'm looking at getting a shotgun for kids...
  28. alinrut

    starter shotgun for 11 year old

    Not to jump on the earlier thread, but I've never ever owned a shotgun... my 11 year old is going to finish hunter education and I want to get us into bird hunting together. What is a good starter shotgun for him? I'll read the other thread to see what you recommend for an adult or you can add...
  29. alinrut

    thoughts and advice on a scope

    I currently have a Nikon with the BDC reticle, I'm looking into a Leupold VX-3 and will be getting the "fine" duplex reticle and then sending it in for the CDS system. The 3.5-10x40 with CDS is available at the local store for about $90 less than the 3.5-10x50 without the CDS. Am I getting...
  30. alinrut

    Nikon Monarch 3-12x42 with BDC

    I have a Nikon Monarch 3-12x42 with BDC for sale. I bought it last year and used it this past hunting season. It's a great scope, I'm just moving on to a different set up. I'm asking $275 for it and I'm in the Colorado Springs area. Pic's will be posted as soon as MM uploads them for me...
  31. alinrut

    Finally a 2010 Colorado deer/elk hunt complete!!

    Sorry guys, wish I had pic's to show of harvested animals. All I can say is I had the hunt of a lifetime and was not able to close the deal. I had a 6 point bull about 300 yard from me and about 300 yards of trees between me and him, the satellite bulls winded me and took the whole herd with...
  32. alinrut

    how to cook this stuff??

    So after 3 years of planning and anticipating this years hunt in Colorado, the moment has come and passed. Does anyone have any kind of a recipe for tag soup??? maybe a "tagloaf" or I may even try "canned tag"
  33. alinrut

    Taxidermist Help in Colorado Springs

    Looking for any recommendations on a good taxidermist in the Colorado Springs area. Any help is appreciated Al
  34. alinrut

    Meat Processor and Taxidermist needed in Colorado Springs

    Any recommendations on both a meat processor and taxidermist in the Colorado Springs area would be appreciated. Going into Unit 43 for deer and elk in 2nd rifle season and have some expectations of success. I'm new to the Springs and this will be my first year hunting here and I'm hoping to...
  35. alinrut

    past success part 2

    This is from a trip to Montana a couple years ago, my buddy and I had the rule of "first to spot has first choice on whether or not to shoot it". We just happened to be driving along and he saw this one about 200 yards off, we watched him for about 20 minutes rubbing against the tree. My buddy...
  36. alinrut

    montana deadhead

    Here is a deadhead that I came across a couple years ago in Montana. It was the first whole carcass that I had seen in the woods. I liked that the fir was still on the skull. Just thought I'd share it with ya'll. remember, "if I see you in the woods, it's my fault 'cause I didn't get far...
  37. alinrut

    past success

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-20-10 AT 10:30AM (MST)[p] these are some photo's of the last hunt I had a couple years ago in Wyoming. 1 Day the muley in his bed, the next day the speed goat with his does. I'm currently in Iraq...
  38. alinrut

    elevation effects on bullet path

    Question for the experts out there... I'm shooting a 300 WSM with the Federal Vita-Shock in the Nosler Partition at 180 grains. I'm going on a "high altitude" hunt in Colorado and will be up around 10-11 thousand feet. So these are the conditions. Question is, "does the high altitude and...
  39. alinrut

    Outwest Guides and Outfitters

    I'm already booked and locked in for 2010 with these guys, and I'm just lookin' for anyone who hunted with them this past season. I'm all excited for a good hunt in some beautiful country with a quality organization. If you hunted with them let me know how you did. Al
  40. alinrut

    Nikon Fieldscope ED50, thoughts and options otherwise

    All, I'm looking for a good quality spotting scope that I can pack in on my deepwoods or highmountain hunts. I've been looking at the ED50 as it is small, lightweight, has the quality Nikon optics and is very much affordable for me. I'm looking for anyone who has a solid opinion on this...
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