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    Sugar Bear

    Everything is bad for the climate. Even the climate. Oh, and racism, its bad for the climate. And everything is racist. Welcome to the new normal.
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    Part of Maryland wants to split

    It may be time for the divorce. I dont want to be drug down with the alphabet people.
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    Somehow I'm not surprised.
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    An BTW, its called personal responsibility. Something they know nothing about. He pulled the trigger. He should have checked the gun first. But they always shift the blame.
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    Alec Baldwin has been making it political for a really long time. Go LaLa yourself.
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    Bland and Boring = Comfort Pork Tonight !!

    Biscuits, need some good ole homemade cathead biscuits to go with them chops. Looks good though!!
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    A really good example at how out of touch and hypocritical Hollywood / Liberals are. They don't know squat about firearms (or anything else for that matter) yet have a need, apparently to tell me how to live every aspect of my life.
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    Meat Rustlers Indicted

    Appalachian, acorn fed whitetail is my favorite game meat. Havent had anything better,,,,it even beats Gemsbok.
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    That didn't last long

    His Buddy bailed almost as fast as the Marine got the gun. LOL!!!!
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    A lesson for everyone

    Yeah, I dont do heat. Pretty much hibernate in the Summer.
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    New rifle for general purpose

    .300 Win, best all around, do anything cartridge IMO. If I could only keep one, it would be my Win Mag.
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    SxS vs Tacoma

    My SXS is a 94 FJ80 Landcruiser, Triple locked.
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    Texas Draw 2021

    Nada here. Exotics are my last chance. Otherwise, I'm a surf fishing, bobcat-duck hunter.
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    Put it towards another house flip. Lets go Brandon!!!
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    2nd Shots

    As long as they're standing, I keep hammering at em. Esp., if I knew the first shot was good.
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    Transgender bathroom issues....

    I have a very simplistic view of Tranny's. A Dude with Boobs is still a Dude.
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    Legal question

    Do what you gotta do and keep yo mouf shut. Has always worked for me.
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    Transgender bathroom issues....

    Remember when it was all about "Tolerance"?
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    Transgender bathroom issues....

    Stuff like this continues for much longer it's gonna get real nasty. How long is enough?
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    Moose Hide

    I'd have that thing tanned for sure.
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    Good old Kali

    Wahl gonna come out with Hedge Trimmers and Weed eaters.
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    LaPanza Tule Bull

    dang, what them Elk eating out there, dirt? Nice Bulls BTW
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    Thoughts on Gruden?

    Screw the NFL. They need to look at their players first. Stuff like this is why I dont watch ANY Football anymore.
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    Yellow Fin Tuna

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    Good old Kali

    Wait till the fires come. They'll change their minds. IDIOTS.
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    Cool MeatEater article

    ME used to be cool.
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    Another attack

    Me and that Buffalo Bore guy, Tim Sundles think a lot alike when it comes to Bears. ANY Bear gets remotely squirrely with me, he gonna catch a hot one in the pumpkin.
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    Why cops may start ignoring fleeing criminals.

    One less POS off the skreet. Hopefully the good citizens/jury at his trial will find not guilty.
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    Joys of hunting in the south...

    Was nothing more than a puncture and a puffy finger. Drove myself to the ER, left 2 hrs later. No meds.
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    Joys of hunting in the south...

    No pics, but that snake is in a jar of alcohol in the man cave.
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    Quick and easy

    Had about the same thing today. Xcept that meat was inside a ball of mashed taters, rolled up, breaded and fried. Lots of Louisiana Hot Sauce on the side.
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    Joys of hunting in the south...

    The problem is, they show up in the darndest places. I got bit reaching in to un plug the battery on my then 3 year old sons rechargeable 4 wheeler. The battery was under the seat and had been charging all night. It was a cool september night and that sucker got curled up around that warm...
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    That's one persistant...

    That guy needed a 442 in his pocket.
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    Zebras on the loose

    In 20 years they be will adopting them out. It is Maryland after all. Just a little Cali.
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    Talk about a melt down....

    I thought these people were supposed to be moving to other planets by now.
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    Joys of hunting in the south...

    They never REALLY disappear way down here near the coast. Always on your toes, esp. walking in to your stand before light. 'Bout stepped on a Copperhead coming out one night. Forgot my light and noticed something in a light sandy spot on the ground - was either a snake or a stick. Found a stick...
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    A guide for how to not get caught poaching

    Yet another reason to not have a Pridebook account. Poorly written story. Thats a really nice Muley.
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    Special forces???

    They should be armed at ALL times. That Ninja should have never left the premises alive. Downright embarrassing.
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    Lion kill on Main Street

    maybe it was just sampling some road kill.
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    Don't Mess with Mama

    Bear be like "wish I could just scratch my back - but NOOOO.. gotta be sooo complicated".
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