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  1. hawkbill

    Austin Halleck Inline Muzzle loader- Help!

    I ran into this Austin Halleck 50 cal in-line muzzle loader, never been fired, Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel. It’s looks nice, feels nice, but I know nothing about them. I’m looking for some insight, pros, cons and value. It was made in Provo Utah. I have read bad and good comments on...
  2. hawkbill

    Austin and Halleck Muzzleloader advice

    I have the oppurtunity to make a trade or buy this muzzleloader, it’s has never been fired, has a Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel, 50 cal. I do not know a lot about muzzle loaders and would like to here pros and cons about this rifle. What is it worth. Thank You
  3. hawkbill

    High Country Tune Up for Trail Cameras

    Found a new little tool to help me clean up the forest
  4. hawkbill

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Best pot pie ever
  5. hawkbill

    Chicken Fried Steak Night

    Blank, I hope your not eating Spam tonight!
  6. hawkbill

    Best Antelope Hunting in Colorado

    I’m looking for advise from you guys on your take on the best Antelope hunting in the state for 2021. Points are not an issue! I know the quality has gone down hill in many units, but I’m thinking of bringing my daughter out on a trip before she heads off for collage. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. hawkbill

    World record Antelope Horn Found

    Happy New Year to you all on MM. A couple of months ago you guys were showing your smallest spike Deer horns and there were some small ones. I was going through a bunch of hunting stuff last night and ran into this little Antelope horn. In the day of oppurtunity hunting, let’s see you top this one.
  8. hawkbill

    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    I was just thinking with Ammo so hard to get and what happened under the Obama administration and what is happening now with record ammo sales, that a thread where men and women could trade bullets, powder, cases and primers.For example I would be willing to trade 2 or 3 hundred 6.5- 143gr...
  9. hawkbill

    Wife and Daughter like to Hunt

    I had a great time hunting with my wife and daughter this fall. They know how to fill the freezer. My wife got it done on a big Bull moose grunted him in to 35 yards, she said that was really close, will they charge, I just looked at her and said they have been known to do that. I’m super proud...
  10. hawkbill

    Idaho Fish and Game ( Sharp Shooters )

    Since the last thread was deleted I thought I would get this reposted and hopefully get a little help with the articles floating around on both subjects. Not only did the IFGD pay out a 1,200,000.00 on one depredation claim to one farmer in south central Idaho, it seems they spent half the...
  11. hawkbill

    Idaho Central Mountain Winter Kill 2019

    I finally got around to downloading pictures. These photos came from one canyon, all taken in a half mile stretch. The central mountains have about 5 ? feet of snow with a very hard and dense snow crust on top. We are finally seeing a little bit of southern exposers opening up, but not fast...
  12. hawkbill

    Colorado unit 44 3rd season

    I have been spending a lot of time over the last 4 years teaching my daughters and wife to hunt. We have shared a lot of great times together in the mountains, but it is time for dad to get in a hunt. I am going to apply for unit 44 3rd season mule deer. I know the last couple of seasons have...
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