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  1. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Three of these animals are Boone and Crockett. The letter is for the bison, the bighorn was entered in February of this year and I will have the letter for it soon, the Canadian moose would have made it before the horns were split. The antelope and the elk had enough deductions to make them...
  2. go4steelhd

    Blackhorn 209

    That’s good to hear. But I have not got that notification yet. I hope it comes
  3. go4steelhd

    Blackhorn 209

    What’s concerning is they were in Stock this morning, then sold out. Now they are in stock again Fingers crossed
  4. go4steelhd

    Blackhorn 209

    Looks like Cabelas and bass pro have some blackhorn 209 online instock I picked a few up, we will see if I actually get them good luck to those who need some powder
  5. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

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  10. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    One step closer….
  11. Some Nice Taxidermy

    Some Nice Taxidermy

    Shared in the thread called, "Working on a trophy room".
  12. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Dry wall screws. It looks best if you pull the rug as tight as you can when you install them.
  13. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Please share on here when it is complete. I always like to see what others have harvested and what they have do to showcase it. Mine has been in the works for about 10 years, I'm hope to have it done in the next three months or so
  14. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Thanks! The sheep is/was a life long dream
  15. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Yes. One Canadian, and one Alaskan moose, now if I could just get drawn for a shiras!
  16. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Here is my Trophy room. It is not completed yet but I have it about 3/4 done. The memories made were even better than the mounts. Now I get to enjoy them daily
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  22. go4steelhd

    2020 expo draw report

    I don't think most people knew that you could apply this year online and not in person. I was watching the meeting updates to see if they would have it in person this year because I was planning on going with a friend. During that process I read that you could apply online. This is the first...
  23. go4steelhd

    Photos of the Year ... Photo Contest

    2020 was: A dream ram Antelope with my son 28 1/4" wide 4 point My first whitetail My wife harvested her best mule deer with my son and I along on the stalk. All Public land DIY I don't feel 2020 will ever be topped for me:)
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  30. go4steelhd

    Nice back country bucks

    Yessss....I like those mountain bucks that generally have great mass
  31. go4steelhd

    Raise them outdoors

    Thanks for sharing These look like great adventures
  32. go4steelhd

    A few great antelope

    Arizona and Wyoming
  33. go4steelhd

    A few great antelope

    16 on one 15 1/2 on the other
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