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  1. CFMuley

    Bulls Down

    Sounds like a great time! Got any pictures?
  2. CFMuley

    Unit 51-1 Elk Hunt Summary

    These threads kind of drive me nuts. If you have a real problem with an outfitter, including specific issues you feel need to be improved upon, post up the info. As of right now, we have no idea if you’re just a pain in the ass client, or if you have valid reasons to be upset. If it’s that bad...
  3. CFMuley

    Unit 51-1 Elk Hunt Summary

    Anyone curious to see the elk can go look at the elk contest going on in the elk forum right now. Not sure what difference it makes to post it in one spot, and not the other.
  4. CFMuley

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Great buck! Congratulations!
  5. CFMuley

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Definitely Montana whitetail, and I’ll be back in Mexico in December. I may go after another management buck. I’m looking into a leftover Idaho elk tag as well, but I’m not sure there’s any available.
  6. CFMuley

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Sh!t, you got me! Haha I’m smiling in all my other kill photos from this year, besides those 2 though!
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  10. CFMuley

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words! @SS! I knew someone was going to comment on that, rightfully so. I normally smile in all my hunting pictures, but this deer died in a super tough spot to get pictures. By the time we decided to moved him a few feet to where he was in this pic I was...
  11. CFMuley

    Let's See Those Bulls! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    My Utah LE muzzleloader bull. I got really lucky and pulled the tag with 5 points. It took 5 days of tough hunting before I was able to get this bull down.
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  13. CFMuley

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Ended up killing this buck mid day yesterday on my Idaho tag. I’d never hunted this unit before, but bought the tag off of the leftover list at the recommendation of a friend. We saw a decent amount of deer, but few bucks, and only 3 bucks bigger than yearlings between the last couple weekends...
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  16. CFMuley

    2nd Shots

    I’m dead solid on the first shot, after that… it’s anyones guess. Luckily I don’t often need a second shot, but I’ve ruined 2 deer capes due to follow up shots on deer that were already dead on their feet.
  17. CFMuley

    Thermal Scope

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time killing hogs and coyotes with a higher end ($10,000) unit. They are a ton of fun and completely change the game. We killed 83 hogs in 2 nights one weekend. The scope wasn’t mine and I moved on from that job, but thermal hunting is probably what I miss the most...
  18. CFMuley

    Be careful

    If you met him, you’d understand. He makes a **** load of money as a lineman and spends it all on liquor and chasing women. He’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, but some of his stories would make your stomach turn.
  19. CFMuley

    Be careful

    A buddy working in California went “all the way” with one that was post op. Said he couldn’t figure out why “her” lady bits were so shallow. “She” proceded to tell him that he was the first one to try it out since the surgery. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  20. CFMuley

    WY max deer points.

    Have another one!
  21. CFMuley

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    This is my Mexico buck from January
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  23. CFMuley

    Idaho Muzzy Antelope

    Nicely done, congratulations!
  24. CFMuley


    That one got me! :ROFLMAO:
  25. CFMuley


    No kids of my own, but a nephew that’s in the process of potty training. He’s into dinosaurs and sharks so I bought him so dinosaur and shark big boy underwear that he likes to wear. He’s managed to figure out that he’s not supposed to relieve himself in his pants anymore, but he hasn’t gotten...
  26. CFMuley


    Smart kid
  27. CFMuley

    First 2021 Milestone...

    Congratulations! I can’t seem to convince one to stick around for 60 days let alone 60 years! That’s an impressive milestone!
  28. CFMuley

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    Nicely done! I’m headed up today to try my luck on my Idaho general tag. How do you like your suppressor? Do you notice any major changes on your POI with it on vs off? My Silencerco harvester just got out of jail this week, and I haven’t been able to shoot it yet. Just curious what I’m in for.
  29. CFMuley

    My sons muzzy antelope

    Nicely done! Awesome buck!
  30. CFMuley

    2021 Alaska moose hunt

    So awesome! That’s a dream hunt of mine! Congratulations!
  31. CFMuley

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Thanks guys! He was a hard earned bull!
  32. CFMuley

    3030 winchester ammo

    Interested, but your other listings definitely have me nervous. Where are you located?
  33. CFMuley

    Massive Wild horse roundup set to begin.

    Sounds a lot more expensive than a few cases of ammo...
  34. CFMuley

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Full write up is in the hunt adventure challenge section, but I figured I’d share some pictures of my bull here.
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  39. CFMuley

    2021 HAC

    After killing my bull we had driven to get service to coordinate the rest of the packout. Where we got service we had seen a bachelor herd of bucks earlier in the week. As we were sitting there making calls, the bachelor herd started feeding up the spine right to the road. We watched them for...
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