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    AZ Coues 1st Timer

    Posted this story on one other forum where a few forum members gave me some information. Thanks to one of MM's members for the same courtesy. As I've grown older sometimes it's hard for me to decipher quite how a hunt gets planned. What I mean is this - it's tough to differentiate whether...
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    2 States/2 Tags - Father/Son Muley Hunt November 2018

    BIG thanks to a couple folks whom I reached out to for intel on our tags. I've already been in touch via PM/text/call with those individuals, you know who you are - thanks again. Back in spring, I put dad in for a host of low % odds tags in New Mexico across species. Put myself in for a...
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    New Member Intro

    Long-time lurker, first-time posting. Been impressed with some of the detailed knowledge that forum members are willing to share, and there are simply a lot of contributors that spend a lot of time on the mountain. If anyone wants information on NW Montana spring bears, SW Colorado OTC archery...
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