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  1. Torq

    Utah Axis Deer Taxidermy Recommendations

    Hey everybody I am doing an axis deer hunt here in October. I am wondering if anybody has any Utah taxidermists that have done these before that they would recommend. TIA
  2. Torq

    Transporting Skull on a plane

    Well, I have a buddy in Oklahoma who has talked me into going out there and shooting a white tail this year. If I do end up getting a buck I am curious as to how to transport the skull back to Utah. The meat seems easy enough to freeze and put in a cooler and pay for the extra checked bag. But I...
  3. Torq

    Antelope Euro Mount Stinks

    Hey everyone, I shot an antelope last year and took it to a guy to do a euro mount on it. He took the horns off and cleaned them out then glued them back on. When I got it back the mount smelt fine, but after a bit I noticed a definite smell of death on it. I pulled the horns off and sure enough...
  4. Torq

    Anadarko Land Access

    Hi guys, I have been scouring the internet and having trouble finding a solid answer. I have heard that in the past Anadarko allowed public access for hunting on their property. I know ownership of Anadarko has changed. Does anybody know if it is still ok to be on Anadarko land? I have reached...
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