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  1. CA_Wapiti

    2020 Trophy Photos Contest ... Beyond Mule Deer and Elk

    California 2020 season was good for my wife and I. My wife was able to get her first buck and I managed to take a cool California Blacktail and a nice Southern California Mule deer with my bow.
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  6. CA_Wapiti

    Not many Blacktail Buck pictures?

    Got this guy last weekend
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  9. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Photochromatic Shell

    I didn’t really notice any issues with the pin lighting being too dim or too bright. Just realized the shell was no longer changing colors as dramatically as it had before. Regardless, it didn’t bother me much this weekend when I got this guy.
  10. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Photochromatic Shell

    Fortunately, I haven’t had any issues with a halo effect midday yet but I’m not too fond of the idea of it happening in the field at full draw lol I’ll let you know what the folks at Black Gold have to say. I only noticed because I was watching my wife shoot and then looked at my bow and...
  11. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Photochromatic Shell

    Any Black Gold sight owners out there ever experience a lack of “tinting” or color changing on the photochromatic shell of their sights? I noticed a few days ago that mine hasn’t been changing to that deep purple in direct sunlight like it did originally. Any ideas what could cause this to...
  12. CA_Wapiti

    Could You and Would You Take the Shot?

    Full send. 60 yards is probably my favorite shot (obviously no complaints if they are closer) but I practice for that scenario daily. In my experience 60 is where things tend to go sideways on a stalk so I try to be comfortable out to 80. Only concern would be him dropping at the sound of the...
  13. CA_Wapiti

    Fresh Post

    This buck was pushing a doe away from two spikes when I found him. He pushed the doe right by me at 28 yards and had no idea I was even there. Gave me a slightly quartering-to shot and I let him have it. Went about 12 yards before stopping and tipping over
  14. CA_Wapiti

    Fresh Post

    Here’s a picture of the buck I took on September 19th. Not the biggest buck in the state but a nice representative for SoCal. Figured that a new deer pic is always fun to come across. Anyone else have any success they want to share?
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  18. CA_Wapiti

    A zone pics

    What are the odds some of these are hybrids? Just based on my little knowledge of blacktails; the frames look more Mule deer-like.
  19. CA_Wapiti

    Ca posted

    Yeah, our hunt last year got pushed back to October so it was less than exciting and more frustrating than anticipated. Such is hunting but when you plan on a rut hunt and wind up with a post-rut archery hunt it’s a bit of a let down. However, I enjoyed the hunt and learned a lot about the area...
  20. CA_Wapiti

    A zone pics

    A few South Unit bucks. One was staying in the campsite next to us.
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  24. CA_Wapiti

    I drew A Zone...

    I guess if you’re not one of the following it’s not public. FHL would be easier to access if you can’t manage one those criteria. ELIGIBILITY To be eligible to hunt on Vandenberg AFB you must fall under one of the following categories: Military- Active Duty Military- Retired Military-Reserve...
  25. CA_Wapiti

    I drew A Zone...

    Vandenburg AFB and Knoxville Wildlife Area
  26. CA_Wapiti

    I drew A Zone...

    My wife and I will be hunting the South Unit to get started this year and I’ll be doing some scouting for A-33 while we are out there. Can’t wait to get it started with the bow in July! Got the rig dialed in and now I’m just debating customizing some arrows or just shooting the “out of the box”...
  27. CA_Wapiti

    Wild Pig Hunt

    Haha thanks! Yeah, both were on public land. Definitely had to work for them but they are out there
  28. CA_Wapiti

    Ca posted

    Had the tag last year. Let me know if you have questions. Pray that your hunt doesn’t get bumped due to training. Lots of backlogged training evolutions due to the restrictions caused by COVID. If you get the hunt at the right time during the rut; the hunt will be a lay up. If it gets pushed to...
  29. CA_Wapiti

    Wild Pig Hunt

    Was able to get two in 2019. One with bow and one with the rifle. Fun animals to hunt!
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  32. CA_Wapiti

    Tick tock.....

    Looks like I may get my chance at a nice blacktail buck with my bow during the rut. A-33
  33. CA_Wapiti

    Tick tock.....

    Military time....yes, 5 (1700) and 5:59 (1759)
  34. CA_Wapiti

    Tick tock.....

    I’ll be moving up your way around February next year. Most likely Gardnerville or Carson Carson City area. I’ll be working near Bridgeport. How are the draw odds for antelope and mule deer in Nevada?
  35. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Pro (5 Pin)

    I’ll have to rearrange my pins and start with moving the sight housing to where it clears 100 and restart pin by pin at 20 to see if adjusting the peep sight up or down does the trick
  36. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Pro (5 Pin)

    That would make sense. Would you move the peep down or up to allow for more clearance?
  37. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Pro (5 Pin)

    Hello everyone, I hope you got your applications in and are beginning to plan out your seasons as results come in. In the mean time I suppose we are are all practicing. My question is for any Black Gold Pro 5 pin sight owners who have managed to get the bow set up to shoot 100 yards. I want...
  38. CA_Wapiti

    Did California Today

    Update: A simple email to with your amendments is all it takes. Expect about 3-5 business days for a response. Too late now but in case anyone needs to know for future reference.
  39. CA_Wapiti

    Did California Today

    Was there any verdict on the ability to modify CA apps?
  40. CA_Wapiti

    Did California Today

    Still awaiting orders. Wife wants to go back to the East Coast. I’d prefer to stay out West (better hunting) but we will see what Uncle Sam says next month
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