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  1. CFMuley

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Ended up killing this buck mid day yesterday on my Idaho tag. I’d never hunted this unit before, but bought the tag off of the leftover list at the recommendation of a friend. We saw a decent amount of deer, but few bucks, and only 3 bucks bigger than yearlings between the last couple weekends...
  2. CFMuley

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Full write up is in the hunt adventure challenge section, but I figured I’d share some pictures of my bull here.
  3. CFMuley

    2021 HAC

    This year started off differently than any other for me. I was presented the opportunity to hunt mule deer in Sonora with a good buddy, his brother, and his dad. We were going with an outfitter that’s a good friend and someone they hunt with multiple times a year. My buddy and his dad had taken...
  4. CFMuley

    Variflame Adapters

    Anyone ever have a primer go off while using the priming tool? I’ve primed a couple hundred adapters over the last year and a half with no issue, but I had 2 primers in a row go off the other night. I checked everything thoroughly and can’t see anything out of the ordinary, and I’ve primed...
  5. CFMuley

    Little Brother Got It Done

    My little brother got it done last night on his 2 doe tag. He made 2 solid shots at 250 yards and they both dropped on the spot.
  6. CFMuley

    Pictures and Scores

    Could you guys post some pictures of bulls you’ve taken with actual scores? I drew a decent tag and I’m not the best at judging elk even though I’m normally within a couple inches on deer. I feel like it will be obvious when I see the bull I decide to shoot, but I’d like to get a little more...
  7. CFMuley

    Blackhorn 209 for Large Rifle Primers

    I have some blackhorn that will be delivered by the end of this coming week. I’m looking for someone that might want to trade a can of powder for some large rifle primers. Located in Salt Lake.
  8. CFMuley

    Blackhorn 209

    Anyone seen any in stock lately? I’ve been looking everywhere without any luck. I have a while before my Wasatch bull tag, but I’d rather not have to worry about finding powder as the hunt gets closer.
  9. CFMuley

    Montana Spring Bear Success

    Currently making the 11 hour drive home and am pretty bored so here’s some bears we’ve taken in Montana over the last few years.
  10. CFMuley

    Transporting Velvet Antlers

    I’ll be going on a caribou hunt the last 2 weeks of July and I was wondering what the best preservation option is for treating antlers when you don’t have a lot of time to let them dry before they’ll be shipped home.
  11. CFMuley

    What tripod?

    I recently picked up a Swaro ATX 95, and I need a tripod/head for it. I’m not extremely worried about weight, but the lighter the better.
  12. CFMuley

    Wanted Looking for 30-30 bullets

    My buddy bought a 30-30 a couple months ago and hasn’t been able to find any ammo. He’s headed to Texas hog hunting in a few weeks and wants to take the 30-30. Anyone in the Salt Lake area have a couple boxes they could part with or know of anywhere that has some in stock?
  13. CFMuley

    Getting into Mexico

    I am currently waiting on a passport, but I need to be in Mexico yesterday. Anyone know about crossing in Nogales with a drivers license and a birth certificate? I’ve heard no, but I’ve always heard people say they do it all the time and it’s no big deal.
  14. CFMuley

    Smoked Turkey

    I have my bird spatchcocked and ready to go in the brine Wednesday morning. I’ll be smoking it on my Traeger. What temp would you guys smoke at and how long would you figure to get to temp? I was thinking roughly 5-6 hours at 225-250?
  15. CFMuley

    Suppressor Wait Time

    I’m working on ordering a Silencerco Harvester through a local dealer here in Utah, and I’ll go in next week to fill out paperwork. Anyone gone through the process lately? If so, how long did it take?
  16. CFMuley

    Free Bear Bait

    I have 200 lbs of dog food, a tote full of popcorn, cookies etc, and a GIANT chest freezer full of frozen bread I need to get rid of. Located in Draper, Ut. Must take all. I’m moving and I just need it out of the way.
  17. CFMuley

    OTC Tags

    Anyone have any recommendations for any OTC or semi affordable landowner tags still available for this year? I put in for over 40 different hunts this year and didn’t draw a single tag. I’ve filled my Montana bear tag and my general elk here in Utah, but now I’m done for the year. Can be any...
  18. CFMuley

    Score guess?

    What do you guys think these bulls would score. I have a pretty good idea, but I’m curious what you guys think.
  19. CFMuley

    Best Advertising

    For those of you that go on guided hunts, what’s the first place you look to book a hunt? Social media, hunting forums, email lists, expos, etc...?
  20. CFMuley

    Free Bear Bait

    I have more bread than I can store right now, and need it out of my garage. Located in Draper, Ut.
  21. CFMuley

    Utah Emails Are Being Sent Out

    I received my unsuccessful email around 11 today which means the $285 charge I saw has to be for my 14 year old little brother. I’m chomping at the bit to get his email so I can finally confirm it 100%!
  22. CFMuley

    Groups Charged at Same Time?

    Myself and a family friend applied for the late Manti tag as a group, with both applications having my card on file. I applied my 14 year old little brother in for the San Juan early hunt also using the same card for his app. I have one $285 charge so I know we have one elk tag. Is it safe to...
  23. CFMuley

    4 Point NR Antelope

    I hate to be this guy, but does anyone have any recommendations on units? My biggest stipulation is the amount of public land available to hunt. I want to shoot a nice goat, but I’m not real concerned with score. I figure that if you look over enough goats in any unit in Wyo, you’ll eventually...
  24. CFMuley

    Double Pedestal Mule Deer Mounts

    Yeah have 2 bucks and capes ready to be mounted right now. I’m thinking about doing a double pedestal mount. Anyone have any pictures of double pedestal mounts to give me some ideas?
  25. CFMuley

    Montana Spring Seasons Suspended

    So far this year I’ve had to cancel a Nebraska turkey hunt, Idaho turkey hunt, Alaska caribou hunt, and now Montana spring bear...
  26. CFMuley

    Old School Book Cliffs

    My dad grew up hunting the book cliffs with his family back when it was an otc unit. They always were the “meat hunting” type and killed the first bucks they saw, but my grandpa eventually managed to run into a good one. He killed this buck on Monument Ridge in October of 1978. He skull capped...
  27. CFMuley

    Swarovski Atx or?

    I’ve been saving up for a Swarovski ATX, and am planning on buying it in the next few weeks. I like the ability to change out the objectives depending on what my needs are at the time. I know you can’t go wrong with a Swaro, but I’m wondering if the atx/stx are really worth the extra money over...
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