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  1. WeminucheWapitis

    Need 7mm 168 Berger’s

    Have lots to trade 270 140 Berger VLDs Lots of 9mm, 40, 45 and 5.56 Federal premium match 308 in 168 I thought I had plenty of 7mm but have several boxes of 270 in the Berger’s instead.
  2. WeminucheWapitis

    NR youth hunting

    Looking for info/clarification on a few things. My son is turning 8 and I know he’s eligible for big game as long as he has a hunter safety. My question/s are, for a non resident youth are tag costs the same as an adult, there’s nothing I can find in regs to explain that and do the same draw...
  3. WeminucheWapitis

    SW Colorado deer or elk

    I have a few options to trade. 3rd rifle deer with voucher realistic chance at 170+ for one. Also have horse pack in for any weapon for any season for elk or deer. This can be for two and will be in areas that you will see and have chances at game and if you put work in can realistically kill...
  4. WeminucheWapitis

    Does this count?

    Shed hunting from a tractor counts...right??
  5. WeminucheWapitis

    Some good fun when nothing else to be hunted

    West Texas free range
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