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  1. HuntnProf

    Beetle Kill Logging in Unit 80 Wy

    Hi Folks, Anyone have any experience with the effect the logging has/had on deer/elk in Sierra Madres in WY unit 80. Seem pretty extensive from NFS maps. Waiting to hear from Biologist after this 3-day weekend. I hunt areas where recent or currently active logging occurs, but was curious if...
  2. HuntnProf

    Sierra Madre Logging Unit 80

    Hi folks. Taking wife/daughter to Saratoga area (will be daughters 1st deer hunt—she’s gotten antelope so far), and just read about the logging occurring in the NF....seems pretty extensive. It was going on last year too I now realize, wondering if anyone had any experience with the effect it...
  3. HuntnProf

    6a Success

    After waiting for 6 years, my wife drew her 1st X X6a tag (she started hunting 6 yrs ago). She had a goal of getting a 4x4 (her 1st was a fork, 2nd was a 3x, so she set a 4x as a goal this year). With the Walker fire closure, there was more pressure where we had scouted in August. Deer...
  4. HuntnProf

    Luck Buck is Back

    I received my 2017 buck back from the taxi and wanted to share. This is my 1st pedestal mount. Cool to have my friends at Hunter?s Choice Taxidermy and Mcgrath Woodworks create this for me.
  5. HuntnProf

    X Zone Success

    My daughter harvested this buck opening weekend. It was the 2nd deer she has ever taken, and got it 6 years to the day from when she got her last deer. She is a happy camper! Dad is very proud of her!!!!
  6. HuntnProf

    Luck Buck Monster

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-17 AT 11:49AM (MST)[p]Longtime guest on here, and I enjoy reading stories and checking out the pics people post. Well, I believe I have a pic others may enjoy?..but gotta work on the story. Got the 1st week off in October from my teaching job and my wife and I headed...
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