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  1. Snoopdogg

    Wild pig mole

    Tonight I had to make some pork mole. I had pressure cooked all the scraps from this tasty sow: leg bones, spine, neck, pelvis. Once cool, I picked off all the meat and what was left of the connective tissue and chopped / shredded while discarding bone and tendon's that didn't render down...
  2. Snoopdogg

    Huevos ahogados

    Literal translation: drowned eggs. I took fire roasted diced tomatoes in can (so much more convenient), added garlic salt, red onion, chopped grilled potatoes and broccoli leftovers, from blacktail tenderloin taco night, chopped up some serranos and let them simmer to mix up flavors...
  3. Snoopdogg

    Blacktail tenderloin tacos

    So I fired up the griddle, accidentally used bacon grease on my seared tenderloins--clumsy me, and added some Montreal seasoning to that delightful meat. I then grilled the green onions whole, red onion sliced (with olive oil) and seasoned with garlic salt and set those aside. Separately I cut...
  4. Snoopdogg

    Dad again.

    So my daughter was born tonight. Healthy, chubby, cute as f^ck. This will probably be our last baby. All good. Cabela's has cute baby girl hunting clothes.
  5. Snoopdogg

    Steak and eggs for breakfast

    So Tony made me buy steak last night. So what's better for breakfast than steak, eggs with mushrooms and a Corona? Steak had black pepper, salt, and Chipotle and roasted garlic seasoning. Damn good.
  6. Snoopdogg

    Cool MeatEater article

    From the Washington Examiner:
  7. Snoopdogg

    Salmon Tacos

    So wifey bought me salmon burgers, very nice. But I decided to pan fry with a little oil and lemon pepper. Separately, I lightly fried some corn tortillas and set them aside. For the dressing, I chopped green onions and cucumber. I then added them to cucumber dressing, Dijon mustard, mayo...
  8. Snoopdogg

    Beef Ribs

    Put a rub on them, baked in oven for 50 min and then out out manzanita/oak fire to finish with some Sweet Baby Ray's on 3 biguns, the the rest with Veri Veri Teriyaki.
  9. Snoopdogg

    Closing Northern California to hunting

    With this order, they have basically closed all hunting down. It says only through September 6. And then they'll extend because of conditions and "fluid" situations, limited resources, foxtails on my socks, a lunar eclipse...
  10. Snoopdogg

    If this doesn't piss you off even more.

    Check out this article and accompanying videos from an investigative Sacramento TV station on Newsom/PG&E. Infuriating! Yeah, I was amazed it came from Sacramento too...
  11. Snoopdogg

    Hey SS - you okay?

    I read this and was thinking, "Oh sh!t, that was close!"
  12. Snoopdogg

    Another Grizzly fatality - Montana

    Damn, another one.
  13. Snoopdogg

    Forest closures coming to a Western state near you!

    Well, I don't know if this is good or bad, but Kali's (Pacific Region) supervisor just got appointed to head of US Forest Service. He's come to the table for meetings with CDA/MDF/RMEF/MCBA/etc., over the years. But, he was the man who closed EVERYTHING down last year. His staffers told me he...
  14. Snoopdogg

    Deer shanks

    Okay Blank and OutdoorWriter, I found a few food pics in my phone. These are deer shanks that seared then slow cooked (in crockpot) with veggies added at end. Looks like there is some store bought insta-rice on the side. Son posted on some social media a couple years ago, hence the title on pic.
  15. Snoopdogg

    I'll second that!

    Candace Owens on why she doesn't watch sports anymore. Sound familiar?
  16. Snoopdogg

    2020 Big Game Stats are up--FINALLY!

    I think all of our attention got it done. Thanks everyone for helping hit them up. I was emailing the CDFW director today, but decided to check one last time before I did. Glad I did... Here's the link.
  17. Snoopdogg

    Rush - RIP

    Sorry if I duplicated another thread, but what a bummer that Rush loses his fight with cancer. RIP big man...
  18. Snoopdogg

    Anti-Bear Hunting Bill Pulled!

    Hey everyone, great news; the anti bill was pulled due to your overwhelming response. Thank you to all who called, wrote, and signed the petition to let them know how bad of a bill this was and we were NOT supporting it. We are not out of the woods, but I think we are for this legislative...
  19. Snoopdogg

    Kalifornia proposes bear hunting ban
  20. Snoopdogg

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia
  21. Snoopdogg

    California would ban bear hunting under new legislation, even as wild population rebounds

    This is making me really upset. Not good. Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, etc., please take heed--if you folks don't stop the incremental decimation of hunting rights, methods and the...
  22. Snoopdogg

    Surprise! New admin targets NRA, specifically.

    From the Dailywire:
  23. Snoopdogg

    ALL California forests closed through Sept 21?!?!?

    Due to fires, close everything? They said they'll re-evaluate day-to-day last week through today, then at the last minute, extend a week? Yeah, right. So the press release lists Jonathan Groveman, (707) 562-8995 from the Forest Service as a contact.
  24. Snoopdogg

    Big game booklet online
  25. Snoopdogg

    2018 Big Game Booklet

    So I got my today at Walmart, my buddy got his in the mail today, but I still can't find it online. Funny, but whatever--time to draw my sheep tag!
  26. Snoopdogg

    It's still Colorado

    My bro, son, and I, along with 2 friends, drew an easy unit so we can hunt muleys. We burned our points previously and want to hunt deer without the wait. With that said, I set the level of expectation accordingly: fill your tags with any legal buck you see fit. But, this is still Colorado and...
  27. Snoopdogg

    Big game booklet is up.
  28. Snoopdogg

    New Big Game Booklet is up!
  29. Snoopdogg

    Sad to say, but the wolves are here. We can mange the prey (mostly) but we can't manage the predators. Cue Taps...
  30. Snoopdogg


    Now bobcat trapping has been banned. The 2 new commissioners were with Baylis to outlaw.
  31. Snoopdogg

    Warriors in 6!

    Called it.
  32. Snoopdogg

    Grizzlies in California--coming right up!

    Oh yeah! Protected lions, wolves and now, let's bring on some grizzlies!! California needs more apex predators on the loose without the ability to SCIENTIFICALLY manage them, including hunting. Lions, check; wolves; got you covered, grizzlies--coming right up! I wonder how many folks will get...
  33. Snoopdogg

    Wolves - Endangered Species Soon

    Yeah, the Fish and Game Commission voted to move for consideration. There are no wolves here to consider endangered, but why quibble over technicalities... So, all that work the groups (anti's, hunting, farming, ranching alike) are doing with the department on a wolf plan (the appropriate...
  34. Snoopdogg

    New organization! APECS Foundation

    Man, I'm glad someone is back fighting for us.
  35. Snoopdogg

    Oh hell no!

    HSUS hosted a "web conference" yesterday. Check out the following statement. As Fish and Game Commission president Mike Sutton pointed out during the panel, California's wildlife face other threats in addition to poaching. In some cases, said Sutton, actual legal hunting or harvesting of...
  36. Snoopdogg

    Wilderness Buck

    Went to my favorite wilderness again this year. As with many of my fellow hunting buds, I was happy that we were going to get weather. However, the weather was cold/rainy, but on the downside, cloudy/foggy. The weather and conditions (trail) were pretty brutal and to add the weather...
  37. Snoopdogg

    Thank you from California!

    I just heard you Coloradan's booted two sorry-ass senators out of office in a recall for ignoring their constituents and voting in gun control measures. No, doesn't affect me directly, but it can later on in the long run. Please keep California-type influence in check in your state. Great...
  38. Snoopdogg

    California Results Up

    Who's going where? I'm headed to Modoc County-x3b.
  39. Snoopdogg

    Colorado 2013 regs are up!

    Here's the link.
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