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  1. shedneck

    SxS vs Tacoma

    Has anyone made the switch from a SxS to a Tacoma? If so, thoughts?
  2. shedneck

    Are they ready to hit the go button?

    I think AZDGF is ready to rock n roll. I’m confident I’m in line for my second random Kaibab tag! Good luck everyone.
  3. shedneck

    Looking for Nevada Landowner Deer Tag

    A friend is looking for a Nevada landowner deer tag. Anyone know of any that are available? Thank you.
  4. shedneck

    Kodiak Bears

    I’ve hunted in Alaska in bear country, but I’ve never hunted on Kodiak with their famous big bears. A group of friends and I are headed to Kodiak in November for a deer hunt. Admittedly, I’m not familiar enough with hunting on Kodiak to have a real understanding of the threat those bears pose...
  5. shedneck

    Argentina Dove

    Anyone here ever hunted Dove with David Denies in Argentina? If so, how was it?
  6. shedneck

    5B N Archery Elk

    A buddy and I have a decent shot at drawing the archery bull tag as non-residents this year. 16 points was bonus pool last year with later archery dates, so I’m guessing that may fluctuate a bit with normal dates. A two-point fluctuation might be a bit of a pipe dream, but we will see. From...
  7. shedneck

    Diamond Creek Elk

    After a few unsuccessful applications in various states, it feels like a win to have grabbed a Diamond Creek elk tag today when the 16 returned tags went on sale. I’m on the board.
  8. shedneck


    Has anyone heard how many points it took to guarantee 5BN archery elk this year? It was obviously more than 13.
  9. shedneck

    Thank you and Good Luck

    A couple years ago I drew a non-resident 16D rifle elk tag. I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the New Mexico MM members who were kind enough to help a stranger out. Everyone that I interacted with was wonderful and true examples of sportsmen. The Gila is a special place - kind of...
  10. shedneck

    After the Harvest

    Do you have a post-harvest ritual? What it is? Do you cheers with your favorite beverage after the harvest or pack out? What’s the drink of choice?
  11. shedneck

    Nevada to Alaska

    It took a little over two years to save the money, but a dall hunt in Alaska was worth every penny and more. This was the hardest hunt I’ve ever done. The rocks, the glaciers, and the weather made it interesting, but keeping my sanity and my head in the game as the days of the hunt flew by...
  12. shedneck

    New Non-Resident Draw Date

    Do you all think some of the odds will get a bit better for elk hunts, especially in the special draw, now that Wyoming will be hanging onto $1300 for almost 4 months for non-residents?
  13. shedneck

    5B North Elk Archery

    I know this was discussed before, but I think we lost the thread with the new forum update. Anyways, a buddy and I are in for 5BN with 13 points. I think that with the new dates it’s going to get some attention from at least a couple people with more than 13. Thoughts? Anyone been in this unit...
  14. shedneck

    Unit 25 4th season elk

    I hunted 25 4th season last year for deer on a reissued tag. I used my points this year to get the same tag. Last year we saw a few elk (cows and very small bulls), so I picked up a bull tag and a cow tag for the same season. Is anyone willing to chat with me about their experience hunting elk...
  15. shedneck

    Places to Stay Near Lima

    Any recommendations on where to stay (hotel or cabin) near Lima for a unit 330 antelope hunt? I don't mind driving 30(ish) miles to the unit. Thanks.
  16. shedneck

    Antelope Results Up.

    They are up - hope you all got what you wanted. I drew 330-20. Looking forward to a fun hunt. Good luck.
  17. shedneck

    6B Late Deer

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-01-19 AT 12:12PM (MST)[p]A buddy of mine got a CC hit for deer. His first choice was 12A West late and his second choice was 6B late which runs from December 13-31. This is the unit with the rotating late season, so there isn't much information out there about the hunt...
  18. shedneck

    Antleress CC Hits

    Anyone know or think we will start seeing hits this Friday?
  19. shedneck

    Goat, Moose, Sheep?

  20. shedneck

    Active Products Show Results

    My account was updated under Active Products to reflect my deer tag. Unit 25 4th season.
  21. shedneck

    Any Ideas?

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-04-19 AT 08:47PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jun-04-19 AT 08:39?PM (MST) I just got a hit for $396.75. My antelope points increased by one today, so I know it's not that. It has to be deer, but my first choice was 25 4th season with only 4 points. It took 5 points for a chance at...
  22. shedneck

    Reduced Doe/Fawn Antelope

    If you apply for two reduced price doe/fawn antelope tags, I have to believe that you would only get one of those (assuming demand is not greater than supply, of course) unless there are enough tags left after everyone who applied gets one, but I can't find that in the regs. For example, I...
  23. shedneck

    Bonus Points Lookup

    What happened to the web page with our bonus points and application history and such? I can't find it. Can someone please post a link?
  24. shedneck

    Deer Region G

    I expected to draw a Montana elk tag, but results posted today and I wasn't lucky. Usually by this time of the year I have a couple of tags in my pocket - not this year. So, I am considering cashing in my Wyoming deer points for a G tag. I held off in the past due to harsh winters and...
  25. shedneck

    Results are Up.

    Good luck. I didn't even draw the elk/deer combo with a point. Montana is getting popular.
  26. shedneck

    Results Are Up

    They are posted!
  27. shedneck

    Another Week?

    Well, are we going to have to wait at least another week for results, or do you think that they will surprise us with an early release? This is my first year actually applying for elk (not just points), so I've never been anxious about elk results being released. Good luck to you all. I...
  28. shedneck

    201 4th season Cow

    On normal precip years, is 201 fairly accessible during the 4th rifle cow season? Do the cows tend to stay in that unit or do they migrate out? Thank you in advance.
  29. shedneck

    Bear Hits

    When are we going see the credit card hits?
  30. shedneck

    Draw Results

    Good luck to everyone in the draw - only a couple of days left. Let us know what you drew!
  31. shedneck

    Snow in 25/26

    Can anyone give an update on the amount of snow on top? Thank you.
  32. shedneck

    ISO CO 25 4th LO DEER TAG

    Anyone know of someone selling one? Thanks.
  33. shedneck


    A buddy of mine is looking for a Colorado unit 25 4th season deer tag. Anyone know of someone selling one? Thanks.
  34. shedneck

    Colorado Reissued Tag!

    I'm a big fan of the reissue process that Colorado has. I was able to get a unit 25/26 4th season deer tag today after many unsuccessful attempts. People are quick on the keyboard!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the hunt. Like always, I'm not looking for spots to hunt, I would just...
  35. shedneck

    Reissued 4th Season Deer Tag!

    I'm a big fan of the reissue process that Colorado has. I was able to get a unit 25/26 4th season deer tag today after many unsuccessful attempts. People are quick on the keyboard!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the hunt. Like always, I'm not looking for spots to hunt, I would just...
  36. shedneck

    Unit 53 Dead Antelope Buck

    While hunting in 53 last week, I found a dead antelope buck that appears to have died weeks prior. It is very possible that it was shot during the archery season, although the body was too decayed to see any evidence of it being shot. I went through the entire process to make sure that I...
  37. shedneck

    Your Favorite ID Muzzy Setup

    What's your favorite Idaho legal muzzleloadter setup?
  38. shedneck

    47 Muzzy Antelope

    I drew this tag this year. Is there anyone on here who would like to share their story and pics from this unit? I live close to the unit in Nevada and deer hunted the unit a couple of years ago. We saw plenty of goats. As usual, I'm not asking for slots to hunt - just wanna see some pics and...
  39. shedneck

    Points Versus No Points

    I thought I'd share my thoughts on what became the unintended major topic of another recent thread - points versus random versus hybrid. I used to be very vocal against Idaho's draw system and folks didn't hesitate to call me out on it. I was sure I was right. Over time I've formed a different...
  40. shedneck

    Montana Antelope Apps

    This is my first year applying for Montana antelope. I saw that results posted near the very end of July last year. Does anyone have any reason to believe that the results will be posted any earlier than that this year?
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