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  1. 1989Cohunter

    Can am atv

    Who has had one? And what experience did you have? Looking at getting a outlander 650 or 850
  2. 1989Cohunter

    Jeep back for sale
  3. 1989Cohunter

    Childhood diabetes

    My 5 year old was just diagnosed. We are now spending a few days at children’s hospital to level him back out. I’m wanting to know other peoples experiences with this. It’s a huge learning curve.
  4. 1989Cohunter


    Anyone watch it?
  5. 1989Cohunter


    How’s everyone fairing on the west slope?
  6. 1989Cohunter

    Baby pack

    Anyone know of a decent one?
  7. 1989Cohunter

    WTB 300 win mag ammo

    Looking for whatever you got. 180 gr preferred, let me know what you have.
  8. 1989Cohunter

    Creede camping

    Planning my first trip to the area in the next two to three weeks. Any recommendations for camping?
  9. 1989Cohunter

    North Idaho

    Looks like my wife and two kids are going to make the move. Curious if there is much in the way of Jeep trails?
  10. 1989Cohunter

    61 bear

    Drew a tag this year got my butt kicked year before last. Glassed a lot of country and didn’t see much. It was a super wet winter before which I’ve heard is troublesome for bear hunting.
  11. 1989Cohunter

    Hard draws

    Anyone gunna draw anything good?
  12. 1989Cohunter

    Coeur D alene

    How is the area? Job may move me there.
  13. 1989Cohunter

    Northern idaho

    Planning a trip this spring to Coeur d’ Alene. Any recommendations?
  14. 1989Cohunter

    Rock crawlers

    Anyone have one? This one is mine, almost as fun as huntin.
  15. 1989Cohunter

    How big?

    Any guesses? Saw him right before thanksgiving on my way to work.
  16. 1989Cohunter

    Unit 76 colorado

    I debating on burning my points next year. Looks like with 7 going in for 1st season, I may draw? Curious what others have drawn out with.
  17. 1989Cohunter

    3rd and 4th

    Curious how everyone did? I was out 2nd and 3rd and it was rough. Lots of people and pretty low animal numbers. Did manage to suss up a couple decent bucks but no connection.
  18. 1989Cohunter

    Colorado cow tags

    Anyone have anything for late season?
  19. 1989Cohunter

    Best state to live In

    With all things considered for Colorado which I live in. I’ve been thinking about a move. Opinions?
  20. 1989Cohunter

    First season

    Pretty tough this year. Saw a lot just not moving all that great. How did everyone else do so far?
  21. 1989Cohunter

    Bow season

    Everyone ready? I sure am!
  22. 1989Cohunter

    Western co fires

    Lookin pretty nasty out this way.
  23. 1989Cohunter

    WTB sportsman tripod.

    Looking for new or used let me know what you have.
  24. 1989Cohunter


    Any advice for a tripod for 15x56 swarovskis?
  25. 1989Cohunter

    Deer draw?

    When does it happen?
  26. 1989Cohunter


    I finally got an app for coues deer this fall. Here’s to hoping now
  27. 1989Cohunter

    WTB 15x56 swaros

    As it says, looking for the HD’s.
  28. 1989Cohunter

    07 Jeep jk

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-28-19 AT 04:59PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-28-19 AT 04:59?PM (MST) Selling my 07 jk. Has around 85000 miles. Haven?t had odometer since axle swap. This Jeep is a trail Jeep. It can run down the highway but wouldn't recommend it at high speeds. Mods are as listed. -5 1/2...
  29. 1989Cohunter

    Future hunt

    I'm looking at doin a hunt in Arizona. I'm just trying to narrow down what unit. Thinkin 31 or 33. Any info would be awesome.
  30. 1989Cohunter

    Co cow moose.

    Looking at doing the hunt on grand Mesa. Read it's fairly tough. Just curious what people have been drawing with points wise.
  31. 1989Cohunter

    4th season

    Been seeing some good deer activity the last day or so. Curious how everyone is doin.
  32. 1989Cohunter

    Colorado cow moose.

    I have 4 points for cow. Been puttin in for grand Mesa. Been wondering what others have been drawing cow with?
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