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  1. SlowElk

    Let's see whatcha got!

    Since I don't have any tags for this year, let me live vicariously, share some photos of your success in Arizona this year, please.
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    Better get a bucket!!
  3. SlowElk


    And, memories make us rich!
  4. SlowElk

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    If you are in Arizona, Timney is in Phoenix, and, pre-Covid, would install a trigger assembly while you waited. I'd call and find out if they still do.
  5. SlowElk

    Utah Pronghorn on the ground

    That's a great "representative" buck! Congratulations!
  6. SlowElk

    Altitude sickness question

    Ginko biloba??
  7. SlowElk

    Altitude sickness question

    Look up wilderness athlete, they have/had something to take starting about two weeks before your hunt, supposed to help with altitude. A friend of mine had a son who played football, went to Flagstaff for a game,who was using it. He was one of a few players that was able to play well the entire...
  8. SlowElk

    It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go ' Jack's! NAU!
  9. SlowElk

    Vaccine experience?

    No we're not in charge, but we sure are"responsible!" 😉
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    Road Hunter’s

    Isn't that what kids/ grandkids are for, they can make good pack animals? Trouble for me is, I'm in better shape than they are, or just too stubborn. But yeah, we drive to an area,hike a hill and glass, repeat as necessary.
  11. SlowElk

    AGFD -- It's Almost Time Again

    Finally!!!! Family account, maybe we'll be able to get the group put in with less hassle than previous draws.
  12. SlowElk

    AZ 19 points ideas?

  13. SlowElk

    Route 60 Detour

    So.... The drought is over?
  14. SlowElk

    20c Youth

    Just outside of Date Creek ranch, up in the hills. Watch out for rattlesnakes!
  15. SlowElk

    I want to hunt Coues Deer! Now how do I go about doing that?

    I think my daughter bought the last new copy on Amazon for me for father's day. I'm waiting to read it, my grandson took off with it!
  16. SlowElk

    Just got bad news

    Praying for you and your family. From a boomer! Went through the same thing with my Daddy. Memories make us rich. Hope and pray you get better and make a lot more memories!
  17. SlowElk

    Kaibab Update Monsoon '21

    Williams got a good soaking this afternoon, then a little sun. The forest looks green!!
  18. SlowElk

    300 mag 2.5" high 100 yards, 3" high 200 yards?

    I cut my teeth reading Jack O'Connor, guess I'm as old as dirt!
  19. SlowElk


    I'd like to have a Savage 223 re- chambered for 5.56 or 223 Wylde. Anyone recommend a gunsmith in Phoenix area who would do the work?
  20. SlowElk

    Come on monsoon!??

    And tags are better yet!
  21. SlowElk

    Come on monsoon!??

    I'll let you know. I'll be there in about 2 weeks.
  22. SlowElk

    Come on monsoon!??

    Sunday afternoon in unit 7. Rained like this for over an hour.
  23. SlowElk

    bonus point averaging, up or down?

    The 2021 deer regs have the information on rounding up or down. I don't have them handy, but 0.5 is rounded up, 0.49 rounded down, if memory serves.
  24. SlowElk

    Sheep and deer draw results

    Duh! I just realized that, those were 2020 results posted, I looked at 2021 regs. Math is hard!
  25. SlowElk

    Sheep and deer draw results

    Im confuzzled! I just looked at the hunt regulations, hunt #1015 is 12 A East, late hunt, Toprut says 12 A West, early. Hunt #1016 is 12A West, early. The amount of tags shown between NR and R add up to 89, doesn't match any of the hunts. Please help me understand, I have 9 points as a...
  26. SlowElk

    Trail Cameras

    Anyone have a trail cam that's solar powered, with automatic sends of photos to your android phone? I've got a little cabin build going, and that would be a good thing to have to catch trespassers. I figure the cameras will be cheap, since they're going to outlaw them. And I mean two legged...
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    I've been finding a box here, a box there, stopping at various stores. I'm trying not to pay "scalpers prices", so Walmart seems to be the best place where I find ammo. I'm paying $18 a box for factory .243, $11 for 350 .22LR, when I find it. Haven't found 30-06, or .223 soft point. Coyotes "up...
  28. SlowElk

    Put A Caption On Me Please...

    " So there I was,.........."
  29. SlowElk

    What unit?

    I was told that there's no Math!!!
  30. SlowElk

    WTB Unit 22 cow elk voucher

    Which state, that would narrow it down, I would think.
  31. SlowElk

    I've got a bone to pic.

    So.... I'm old, and old school. I've always gone by 1500 ft.-lbs of energy for elk, 1000 ft.-lbs of energy for deer/ antelope. So, I've checked ballistics for my rifle/ cartridge combinations, and used that distance as maximum for that combination. None of my setups go beyond 500 for either...
  32. SlowElk

    Return to the Kaibab

    Did you see any water in the tanks? Was it green or dried out? Thanx!
  33. SlowElk

    Well shucks, any ideas?

    Have you looked at 3A/3C? Seems like that unit takes a bucket of points, and several big bucks come out of there every year. I didn't realize it was a hard to draw unit until I heard a friend complain he couldn't draw there with 9 resident points.
  34. SlowElk

    AGFD-- Get In On the Raffle

    So.... I've got two chances.... Slim and Fat!
  35. SlowElk

    AGFD-- Get In On the Raffle

    About 1 in 6000. Typically 6000 people put in for sheep in the raffle, but go to the website and get the accurate chances.
  36. SlowElk

    Tiny House/Shipping Container/Cabin for Hunting???????

    Was going to do a "cabin in a can", but, when we finally found some land, it was in a rural neighborhood, and wouldn't have looked right. So, we're framing inside a steel building. Spent a lot of Sunday morning breakfasts with my Daddy, planning the cabin in a can. Think Murphy beds, composting...
  37. SlowElk


    Awesome Man Cave! Replace the dirt bikes with full body mounts, maybe add a pool table, make the bar "self-serve". And let us know when you're ready, and invite us to the inauguration!
  38. SlowElk

    Poacher fined-big time

    I think you meant justice served, not severed, right?
  39. SlowElk

    Bison at Grand Canyon

    Hi Tony. 12 years ago, during a junior doe hunt, we went to Jacob Lake for gas, stopped by the checkout station. We saw a full sized Dodge 4X4 there, looked like a low rider, due to the buffalo in the bed of the truck. Wish I'd had a camera.
  40. SlowElk


    Unless the headline is " Poachers killed by wolf pack"
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