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  1. Shedz

    Eye Guard Length

    Found this nice side by side set with killer eyeguards this spring!
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  6. Shedz

    Joys of hunting in the south...

    Horse took this one out by stomping his neck!! Went and fed in the morning and there was no snake. Came by there later and saw what I thought was a big stick the rain had washed into the corral area. Wrong!! Rattles were broke off though. 🤔 Growing up on the ranch we would flood irrigate our...
  7. Shedz

    Tip Etiquette

    If you know or have guys wiring houses that aren't electricians you have some real issues. How can you even say that bro?!?! That was a dick statement SS...
  8. Shedz

    Old cars

    Thank you Homer, I've wanted one of these trucks since forever!!😜
  9. Shedz

    Old cars

    Just bought me a nice project! 1969 Chevrolet K20, 4x4, 4SPD, PS, PB 350 cid.. it runs great but it's very low geared.. I'm super excited tho! 🤠
  10. Shedz

    This is beyond funny......

    I heard he does his painting with a straw..
  11. Shedz


    Pathetic! Couldn't believe it when the wife told me she saw this on FB but here it is.....
  12. Shedz

    Old cars

    How much to part with that truck Bluehair?
  13. Shedz

    What kind of tree is this?

    Eunuch - no nuts!
  14. Shedz

    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

    Chiefs vs GB.. I teally just want my squares to hit!! 😜 Go chiefs!!!
  15. Shedz

    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    The only shed I've ever found with a drop tine. My friend found the bucks left side about 10 years before I found the right side. He was a double dropper but broke off the left side drop.
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  21. Shedz

    Unicorn Elk?

    Check out the one I posted on BLooDTRaCKeRs post "Ever seen one of these" post!
  22. Shedz

    Ever seen one of these??

  23. Shedz

    GOUGING II !!!

    I'm trying to replace the deck on my 18' flatbed trailer and couldn't find 2x6x18 boards anywhere but one place and they wanted $65.00 a board for yellow pine.
  24. Shedz

    Just lost my job to this virus crap

    LANL needs mechanical engineers, if you're interested in working for the gov.
  25. Shedz

    Newburg: Death by Dysentery

    I love that he is down to earth and seems to be a DIY hunter without guides! He is also a great story teller!
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    20200322_141113 2.jpg

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  29. Shedz

    2020 Mule Deer Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    What we all dream about!! My Partner tore it up!😁
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  31. Shedz

    2020 Mule Deer Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    Haven't found many like this one with the "acorns"!!
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  33. Shedz

    2020 Elk Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    Nice road shed!
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  35. Shedz

    2020 Elk Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    Before heading back to the Jeep, my son and I sat down to have a snack after a long day of shed hunting so I started to glass and found this shed at about 700 yards in the nastiest, steepest place I have ever found an antler in! I almost didn't want to go get it but my boy convinced me...
  36. Shedz

    2020 Elk Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    I was walking by this blow-down when something caught my eye.......!!
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  40. Shedz


    That's a lot of horn!!
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