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  1. Sparks Shooter

    Wipe out

    I've done thorough cleanings several times. Often, accuracy increases but only after several fouling shots.--SS
  2. Sparks Shooter

    Bookcliffs Muzzleloader Buck

    That's a really nice, old buck. Glad you had a good hunt and thanks for sharing it with us. ------SS
  3. Sparks Shooter

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    That's a great buck for sure! I've had the same experience with CWMU's. I've hunted or been along on hunts on over a dozen and never had a bad experience.------SS
  4. Sparks Shooter

    Early Utah rifle buck

    Great buck! I've always liked the high-n-tight 4 points. I shot one last year that was 24" outside and 8" tip-to-tip.-----SS
  5. Sparks Shooter

    Daughters Southwest Desert Antelope

    Great looking old warrior buck for the young lady! Great shooting too.------SS
  6. Sparks Shooter

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    He's a beaut! About as pretty as antelope bucks get. Congrats!-----SS
  7. Sparks Shooter

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    Mega congrats! That is an awesome buck! Old and thick. ----SS
  8. Sparks Shooter

    Small Moose

    Congrats on your hard-earned success. Lots of meat and a cool trophy!--------SS
  9. Sparks Shooter

    Antelope success

    Looks like fun! Congrats on your success on a couple nice speedgoats.----SS
  10. Sparks Shooter

    Unit 11 Whitetail - Craig Mtn

    I just got back from my hunt in the region and, unfortunately, don't have a good report. EHD has hit the whitetails really hard in the region and I estimate that 50% of the herd is gone in the area I hunt compared to what I saw scouting this summer. I found at least a dozen carcasses, both bucks...
  11. IMG_2636 (2).jpg

    IMG_2636 (2).jpg

  12. Sparks Shooter

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    Great looking Idaho buck! Just looking at that pack makes my knees cringe from the memories of similar single-trip pack outs. For some reason, the single trip always seems to trump the idea of multiple trips. ------SS
  13. Sparks Shooter

    2021 Buck…

    That buck has an extra serving of cool factor. Even during a down trend, Wyoming is an amazing place. ----SS
  14. Sparks Shooter

    2021 Utah Muzzleloader Antelope success!

    Awesome job! Getting to within 60 yards of an antelope can be quite a feat. That's a nice mature buck with a dark black face.-----SS
  15. Sparks Shooter

    2021 Vernon muzzy buck

    So AWESOME!!1 Congrats to you all on a great hunt together.----SS
  16. Sparks Shooter

    Falsely obtaining Wyoming hunting licenses.

    I think an appropriate punishment would be loss of hunting rights in all states for the same number of years he illegally hunted in Wyoming.----SS
  17. Sparks Shooter

    Video: Daughter’s 1st Antelope, WY

    Nice! She made a great shot and you guys get to enjoy some great table fare. Best wild game meat in North America as far as I'm concerned. ----SS
  18. Sparks Shooter

    71-79,91 early deer

    7's are great. You should have a fun hunt with a chance at a great buck. Congrats on a great snag. -----SS
  19. Sparks Shooter

    Southwest Desert Pronghorn Help

    Great buck! Looks mature for sure. Also happy that someone helped you out. -----SS
  20. Sparks Shooter

    whats your favorite tree ?

    1. California Redwood 2. Sugar Pine
  21. Sparks Shooter

    Antelope 57

    One of the prettiest I've seen. Great buck!----SS
  22. Sparks Shooter

    Hello All

    Shooting a 280AI does give you some serious credibility in my opinion. ------SS
  23. Sparks Shooter

    Hello All

    Welcome! What part of CA do you come from? I've got deer hunts in Idaho and Utah lined up this fall and have already done a great pronghorn hunt in NV. ----SS
  24. Sparks Shooter

    012-014 Antelope

    Congrats!! Glad you were able to make good on a golden opportunity. -------SS
  25. Sparks Shooter

    Fcfs Antelope Buck

    Way to make the best of a great opportunity. Rewards come to those who are willing to hunt!---SS
  26. Sparks Shooter

    Archery deer any thing dropping

    Dang nice buck!-----SS
  27. Sparks Shooter

    012-014 Antelope

    Nice! I hope you are able to make good on an awesome opportunity. I don't have any recent experience in the unit but I have seen lots of antelope while traveling through there over the years. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a nice pronghorn in a couple days. ----SS
  28. Sparks Shooter

    012-014 Antelope

    Did you get a FCFS tag?
  29. Sparks Shooter

    And I thought wolves were magical, mystical, and all powerful

    Getting mauled by a cougar doesn't sound so bad sometimes. Especially during a cold winter. -----SS
  30. Sparks Shooter

    Vaccine experience?

    I personally chose to get vaccinated. BUT.....I believe that the the threat to freedom is worse than the threat from COVID. I fully support and stand behind anyone who choses not to get vaccinated. Forcing someone to make what should be an individual choice, even with good intentions, is a...
  31. Sparks Shooter

    A Sign From Above :)

    Can't beat it......simple and delicious. ------SS
  32. Sparks Shooter

    Cameron’s biggest buck yet.

    Awesome buck!--SS
  33. Sparks Shooter

    First come first serve tag punched(first arc

    Great story! In a time when hunters are screaming for more opportunity its great to see someone taking advantage. Sure it was short notice and probably smoky but you went out and made it happen anyway!-----SS
  34. Sparks Shooter

    Archery Antelope Success

    Great adventure! Looks like a great buck too. ---SS
  35. Sparks Shooter

    Nice Speedgoat Score for Paul

    Awesome pronghorn! Way to stick it out through the smoke and get it done!-----SS
  36. Sparks Shooter

    guide draw

    Nope, they can't "go away" If they do, you can no longer legally hunt with your tag.
  37. Sparks Shooter

    2nd draw results

    Not selected for me.
  38. Sparks Shooter

    Dixie Fire and surrounding areas

    I live on the Nevada side just south of Pyramid lake and the smoke here is thick and terrible. I'm assuming you have X3b, X5b, or X6b? Any of these will be extremely smoky and glassing will be difficult. I have been antelope hunting in the area and it is very challenging. I have seen some...
  39. Sparks Shooter

    Dixie fire

    My 7 acres at Canyon Dam is burned. We haven't been able to get in yet and assess the damage. There were a couple dozen huge yellow pines that I sure hope survived but it's doubtful. Always planned on building a cabin up there when I retired. While we only lost recreation property, others are...
  40. Sparks Shooter

    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    We have shot over a dozen deer, antelope, and cow elk with 100 grain etips out of a 25-06 AI. performance has always been great and we never got a bullet back until my daughters mule deer last year. The shot was 360 yards quartering slightly toward us. She punched it in the onside shoulder...
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