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    Who's gonna be Javi huntin?

    Headed that way after Christmas, my son has a youth tag. Gonna start out somewhere around Deming. Have a few days to scout prior to the first. I"m gonna get a fur tag and try to call up a Bobcat and would love to get a Badger.
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    UNIT 27 Weather

    I have a Dec.7-15th Coues tag in 27 and come the first of the year my 15 y/o son and I will be trying to fill a couple of Javelina tags.Wondering what kind of weather/Temps to expect? trying to plan sleep systems. Coues hunt will be backpack Shrek style. Javi tags will be big tent/vehicle...
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    NM Unit 27 Weather/Temps

    I have a Dec. 7-15th rifle Coues tag in this unit and was wondering about weather and temps during this time. trying to figure out my sleep set up. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thx.
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    Bear License Qu??

    Taking my 15 y/o son for spring bear South of Bozeman for the last week of the season. He will be taking a Marlin 1894 Lever in .44 mag. and I will have my 700 in 300WM. I plan to let him shoot IF we can close the distance on one to inside 100 yds. He can shoot pretty good, just not experienced...
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    Russian Hunting Agency

    Anybody have experience with these guys??? Looking at an Ibex hunt.
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    Anybody get lucky? Wondering if they were out yet?
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    Fishing/Late May

    Gonna be in Boise, Ketchum and West Yellowstone for a couple days ea. the last week of the month. Any suggestions on what to target, and what flies, lures, do's-dont's, etc.????? Not planning on keeping anything as we're on the road/hotels. Just looking to catch some fish and make some memories...
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    Juneau fishing

    Headed up to Juneau next week with hopes of getting myself and 10yr. Old boy on some fish. Rivers, creeks, streams, etc... Happy to catch whatever is biting! Ideas?
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    Thanks NM

    For putting the screws to us Evil NR's. For if you had not, I would not have drawn my Idaho Bull Elk (rifle) tag. I also would not be buying OTC Mule deer, Bear and Wolf tags which are also in season. If I hadn't dropped NM like a cheating girlfriend I probably would not have even applied to go...
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    Screwed one last time

    By nmdfg. Deleted my apps and got my credit card statement today with credit back for Barbary, elk, and ibex. It seems however they're keeping my bighorn sheep app at over $3k. All apps show unsuccessfull / deleted. What gives?
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    Got my apps in

    and 4 species was $6,035.00. DAAAAAAANG!!!!!! Venting over. Carry on.
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    1st ever app. in Kansas and drew the either spp. Whitetail/Mule Deer tag + whitetail antlerless. This really changes my plans. Unreal!!!!!
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    Caliente & Winnemuca

    Hello all, Just wanted to hear what I could about the two mentioned towns. Whats the hunting like?, schools,cost of living, housing, weather, amenities or lack of, distance to other towns, ...whatever you know. I live in a hell hole rat race place and looking to get out!!!! thanks.
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    I hope the .300WM will work!!

    I was loading up some rounds for my upcoming Brown Bear hunt yesterday and had some problems. They were for my new .375 Ruger Alaskan I bought just for this hunt. Everything was fine with those I loaded with the new brass, but the re-loads with the once-fired wont chamber!! They get stuck about...
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    NO NM apps for me this year

    Because I booked my AK Brown Bear Hunt!!!!! Sept.21-Oct.2nd with Wade Renfro out of Bethel, Ak. Why post here? Because here is where I get the most harassment(feels like home). And NM is about the only state i apply for anymore.Too old for the points game. I turn 45 this year and been dreaming...
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    I did it!!!!

    I booked my Brown Bear hunt last friday the 7th of Jan. Will be hunting with Wade Renfro out of Bethel, AK. Sept.21-Oct.2nd this fall!!!!! Want to hear all advice on anything and everything. I have an equipment list but would LOVE to hear from others on this matter especially. Do's - Donts...
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    Outfitter recommendation

    Looking at a 2011 fall Brown Bear hunt on AK peninsula with Revelation Mountain Outfitters (Tony Dingess). I'm finding some good (mostly sheep) and some bad/good (bear) opinions on this outfitter. I'm not much on reference lists as they can be manipulated and filtered. Expensive once in a...
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    My Deer Tag Came!!!

    My unit 31 deer license came today!!!! A nice addition to my oryx tag. You all may now bask in my glow. I'm just soaking it all in guys. I'm very blessed. Good Luck to all this coming hunting season. Even you "Rolls on Floor Laughing", OutnAbout, Hazmatt,and all the rest. Exercise all the...
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    What bulley for Oryx??

    I have a WSMR-Rhodes Canyon Oryx tag for Feb, 26-27/2011. I just got my 300 Win Mag and am I the process of working up a load for this hunt. I like the Accubonds on deer out of my 25-06 but the guide i have hired said "no Accubonds" as they tend to blow up on the thick skinned/heavy boned...
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    AH CRUD!!!!!!!!

    Things aren't going well for my brand new rem.700 300Winny: I had a set of talley bases and Q/R rings- all in stainless. I am putting a Leupold 2.5-8X36 on this gun which I did not know needed an extended front base. So I ordered a new set of extended front bases. Everything was going great...
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    Talley Mount ????

    I just got my Talley Q/R mounts for my new rem.700. The gun hasn't arrived yet but I was looking at the mounts bases/rings and noticed that when assembled the rings appear to be off center from the center of the bases. The seem where the two vertical rings come together are off-center from the...
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    What cartridge?

    My WBY MkV in 7mm just isnt performing to my expectations (at best 2-3" 3-shot groups) so I'm retiring it after 3 yrs of trying to get it right. I have drawn a Rhodes Canyon Oryx hunt and I am going to buy a new rifle - an old faithful Rem.700. My ??? is what caliber? It will be used for Oryx...
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    I'm eyeballing me a pair of them there Leupold 12X50 Mojave's priced right at 500.00. Just returned from a family vacation at the Grand Canyon / Hoover Dam / Vegas and have hunted in NM and TX a few times. I always feel under-gunned with my 10X42 Wind Rivers when I go out west. Got at least...
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    WBY problem

    Long story short: had this gun less than 2 years, just now getting around to seriously working/hunting with it. It's MKV 7mmWBY and it has a 2.5 x 8 Leupold variX3. I have replaced the original Lasermark stock with a B&C composite. The problem is this: First shot, dead on the money @100 yds...
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    unit 41

    Hello all, Longtime lurker, 1st time poster. First of all let me say that I have gathered mucho entertainment, knowledge and philosophical ponderings since I found MM. So I'm hoping I may acquire just a bit of useful knowledge regarding an upcoming hunt. Here's the deal, as an evil...
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