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    Starting to clash

    Wife and I were out Bowhunting some deer here in AZ when I heard some antlers clashing…..we stalked in on these three mature bulls……two of them were pushing each other pretty good for August. (Turn up your volume)

    They're Growing

    Timely moisture is a major necessity for good Coues antler development here in Arizona........we're finally getting some excellent moisure at the perfect time.........this one seems to be growing right in the rain. :)

    MT 2021 Spring Bear Hunt (pics)

    Mrs. BOHNTR and I headed to MT for a spring bear hunt the end of May/first part of June. After 4 days of blown stalks due to swirling wind, it finally came together and she arrowed this fine Bruin.......her first. One arrow did the trick and he was down 40 yards later. Not an easy pack out...

    New Pope and Young World Record Non-typical American Elk

    The Pope and Young Club has a newly crowned world record non-typical American elk. This incredible animal measured 449 4/8" net! Here's a link to the official press release (below). P&Y World Record Link

    2021 AZ Elk/Antelope Regs Are Out

    Man those early archery dates suck!

    Unicorn Elk?

    This one is defintely unique!

    P&Y Announces World Record Velvet Typical Sitka Blacktail

    Special Panel declares a velvet world record Sitka!

    P&Y Club Announces New World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer (324 3/8")

    P&Y World Record Link

    2020 AZ Archery Antelope (pics)

    I REALLY like retired life in Arizona! Very blessed to have a 40 yard opportunity at this fine pronghorn. Of course sitting in a blind when it's 103 was not fun! :) Now, off to Kaibab to chase deer with my bow!
  10. BOHNTR

    BREAKING NEWS: P&Y Policy Change on Velvet Animals

    Major policy change on how Pope and Young treats velvet entries........they are now eligible for world record status within their respective category.
  11. BOHNTR

    P&Y Youth Membership & Drawing

    Here’s a great opportunity at at even better cost to get our young archers involved. Who knows, they may also win a great hunt! Sign them up for $10 and they’re automatically entered in the drawing for some great hunts!
  12. BOHNTR

    2019 Last Day Bull (pics)

    Here's my last day, Arizona bull elk I arrowed in the rain. It was a tough hunt where I was at, with almost no bugling for the entire hunt. This bull bugled twice at I headed in his direction and eventually caught up to him (pure luck) while still hunting the cedar/pine mix...
  13. BOHNTR

    Wife's First Javelina (pic)

    When my wife and I officially became AZ residents, we visited the Pinetop G&F Office and purchased our resident archery deer tags and everything else we could buy OTC (bear, lion, turkey). I picked up a leftover HAM (Handgun, archery, muzzy) javelina tag for her, as the archery only tags for...
  14. BOHNTR

    New P&Y World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer

    A special panel convened and verified a new P&Y world record mule deer (non-typical). 291 1/8" net. What a cool looking buck. Congrats to the hunter! BOHNTR )))---------->
  15. BOHNTR

    Kansas Archery Hunt (Pics)

    I took my wife (Anne) on her first whitetail hunt in Kansas this past week. We stayed with some gracious friends and hunted some really neat ground (both private and public). Anne was able to arrow her 4x6 buck at 35 yards while on the ground after I grunted him in for her. He was heart shot...
  16. BOHNTR

    Bear Mauling Post

    Hopefully this one can stay civil and Brian or I won't have to remove. The hunter is an experienced bowhunter who I know (not a friend just acquaintance in the archery world) that I've been told waited 30 minutes......probably should have waited longer with a single lung hit. Hindsight is...
  17. BOHNTR

    Massive Coues Buck Ties P&Y World Record

    Congratulations to Wes Ely who arrowed a giant non-typical Coues deer in Arizona last August. It ended up sharing the World Record spot! BOHNTR )))---------->
  18. BOHNTR

    2017 CA Archery Bruin (pic)

    I was fortunate enough to come across this big ol' bruin while bowhunting bucks in Northern California yesterday. It took three trips with HEAVY loads to get the meat and hide out......I was wishing he was smaller half way through it! Hope you enjoy. BOHNTR )))---------->
  19. BOHNTR

    Got Potential?

    I drove 500+ miles for a bonsai four day scouting trip to Northern Arizona in anticipation of drawing an archery tag for the unit. I photographed this 8x6 guy on July 9th......looks like he's got the potential to be a pretty good one. Hopefully I can catch up with him again in 6 weeks (I drew)...
  20. BOHNTR

    Wife's Frist Deer (pics)

    Well, the BOHNTR family started the New Year off okay. My wife (Anne) arrowed her very first deer at 45 yards on January 1st in Arizona. To say she was excited would be an understatement! It's been over 23 years since she bowhunted with me. Now that the kids are grown up, she's back at it...
  21. BOHNTR

    Lunch With a CAT

    Well, while my Book Cliffs archery mule deer adventure got a bit western with a few blown tires on the trip to and from, damaged truck and trailer, broken bow parts, and darn near colliding with a herd of cows on the roadway at night.......a Sunday afternoon lunch with the legendary CAT was...
  22. BOHNTR

    Opening Day Speedgoat

    My hunting partner sent me his opening day CA pronghorn (Lassen). Congrats to Fred for arrowing a record class antelope on public land. BOHNTR )))---------->
  23. BOHNTR

    2015 Kansas Whitetail (pics)

    Well, I finally did it.........I actually hunted whitetail deer. It's been on my bucket list to do for a few years now, but for some reason I've always veered back towards the mule deer. Well, after getting an invite from a good friend that I know from Pope & Young, my buddy and I (Ed...
  24. BOHNTR

    2012 Elk (pic)

    I arrowed this bull in AZ a few days back at 33 yards raking a tree and fending off satellite bulls. He's a freaky old bull bthat G&F estimated to be 8.5 years old. Absolutely the Biggest bodied elk I've ever arrowed. I'm still here (AZ) helping my two partners get in on elk, as the season...
  25. BOHNTR

    CA Bobcat Mount

    I arrowed this bobcat in November of 2010 in the Eastern Sierras of California. Since it had beautiful spots on its belly, I wanted a mount that displayed them properly. Decided on this pose. I used a taxidermist I don't normally use that had a reputation of doing quality work, especially...
  26. BOHNTR

    CA Turkey (pics)

    I had the honor of being invited by two VERY seasoned archery turkey hunters in the Northern half of the Golden State to try and get this ol' BOHNTR a gobbler that would be big enough for the California Bowmen Hunters record book. You see, a book turkey is the only specie in the state I needed...
  27. BOHNTR

    CA Bear

    Had to post a photo of my hunting partner's bear he arrowed this morning in the Southern California mountains. This is a HUGE beast of a boar that should easily make the record book. Congratulations to Brad! BOHNTR )))---------->
  28. BOHNTR

    AZ Mule Deer/Javelina Hunt (pics)

    Just got back from my annual Arizona archery desert mule deer hunt. Since I had a 2010 tag, I headed over a few days early (27th) with the hopes of tagging a buck before the end of the year. After a few close encounters, I ended up arrowing this 24? wide 3x4 on the last day of the season...
  29. BOHNTR

    CA Desert Coyote (pics)

    Went out this morning in Mojave desert near my house with the hopes of calling in a coyote close enough to take with my bow and arrow. Figured it would be a good tune-up for next week's Arizona archery deer trip. At the second stand area, this male yote came trotting on in looking for an...
  30. BOHNTR

    2011 California Bowmen Hunter Banquet

    If you've ever wanted to attend a CBH Big Game Awards Banquet now's your chance. See some of the best animals taken in the last two years throughout the some great door on some phenomenal wildlife paintings....and so much more. It's a great time.....hope to see you...
  31. BOHNTR

    CA Bobcat (pic)

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-28-10 AT 07:49AM (MST)[p]I spent the week camping with my wife & kids up in the Sierras photographing deer and having Thanksgiving dinner in the trailer. Brought the bow and call along for some mid-day calling with the hopes of FINALLY arrowing one here in California. Well...
  32. BOHNTR

    Son's First Yote

    While out blacktail deer hunting this morning, my son (Cody) and I were able to sneak in on this ol' coyote. One arrow did the trick and Cody had his first coyote with a bow! He was pretty pumped, as we've been calling them during the off-season and he hasn't been able to connect. Right place /...
  33. BOHNTR

    09 CO Archery Mule Deer (pics)

    Just got back from 11 days in the CO wilderness chasing those velvet covered alpine mule deer. Ended up with this old massive buck with short tine length. He's 29.5" wide, 20" of mass per side, 4" eye-guards, and a nice little cheater on his left side. My hunting partner's buck is a narrow...
  34. BOHNTR

    Son's CA Wild Hog

    Took my son wild hog hunting with his bow and arrow this past weekend here in the Golden State. He ended up arrowing his first hog ever at 30 yards. He made a pretty good shot, as one arrow is all it took. He was pretty excited after trailing the hog up! BOHNTR )))---------->
  35. BOHNTR

    2009 P&Y Convention-Denver

    Anyone going to the Pope & Young Convention in Denver, CO this year from April 23-26? It looks like an awesome event planned with some new World Records to be unveiled. I'll be there during the event.....if anyone from here goes, let me know.......the first round of diet-pepsi is on me! :)...
  36. BOHNTR

    09 AZ Archery Hunt (pics)

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-10-09 AT 09:05AM (MST)[p]Well, I just got back from my annual trek to the Arizona desert.......saw a lot of deer.....most were broken up from fighting except for the immature bucks. The best buck I saw was about a 165" net typical 4x4. He was nice but had no mass to speak...
  37. BOHNTR

    Colorado Deer

    Awesome buck Bryce......way to hang in there and make it happen. BOHNTR )))---------->
  38. BOHNTR

    Son's Archery Hybrid Buck (pics)

    Here's a photo of my 14 year old son's (Cody) first buck that makes the minimum for the state archery record book (Pacific Hybrid Deer). He arrowed the 17" forked horn on Saturday afternoon about 1/2 hour before dark. It took him a few arrows, as buck fever was definitely present but he got...
  39. BOHNTR

    2008 AZ Strip Buck (pics)

    Well, I never expected to be back this early......I'll actually have a few days to relax before Fred and I depart to Colorado for our backpacking trip. As you know, I didn't know I drew the Strip tag until late in the summer since the results come out so late for Arizona. To make matters...
  40. BOHNTR

    Bear up close

    Here's some photos of a CA bear my son and I put the neak on with the camera. Hope you enjoy: BOHNTR )))---------->
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