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    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    I haven’t been on here in a long time, thanks to certain viewpoints. But I read an article, stating that some New Mexico ranchers are suing NMDGF for elk herds eating their grass and damaging a few fences. What are your viewpoints on this? I have one, but will wait to share it.
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    Looks like it is finally here!!!
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    6.5 Creedmoor powder combo

    Just got a 6.5 for deer. Reloading my bullets, but am running into a snag. Only powder I’m finding to work with it is Hybrid 100. I am shooting 140 grain bullets. Looking to pick up the speed a little, and bought 120 grain tsx. Only problem is, I cannot find a load recipe for hybrid, and cannot...
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    Fire in Las Uvas

    What’s the word on the fire burning in the UVas? Can we it from my house on the East Mesa in cruces, but can’t find any info on it anywhere.
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    Turkey hunting

    Who will be headed to the woods in a couple weeks to Turkey hunt? That is, if we're still able to.
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    Cabins for rent near bear canyon lake

    Hello all, We are going to take a trip to bear canyon lake this weekend. Were going to camp, however need a new tent. After looking at tents, decided maybe just rent a cabin this trip. Problem is, we can't find any near bear canyon lake. Does anybody know of any? *We are all in the same...
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    E-tag system

    I was one of the ones that went for the e-tag system. How in the world do you access it? I spoke to someone in April, and they said it would be ready by mid may. i cannot find any info regarding this. *We are all in the same boat, just wishing to be hunting right now!*
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    Once upon a time...

    This website used to be fun. Used to be awesome to get on during hunting season and see dozens of new posts every single day. I have enjoyed this place for a long long time, at least ten years. Now, there is nothing to get on here for. People arguing constantly, name calling, and acting like...
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    Know Its a longshot, but......

    Im looking for a 21b unit wide cow tag. close to home for me and since i didnt draw anything, id like to be able to do some kond of hunting. if anyone knows of any, please let me know. *We are all in the same boat, just wishing to be hunting right now!*
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    Hello all. We have been hunting the statewide javelina tag. Have found good numbers of them in particular areas. The only problem is it is THICK. We have tried sitting trails, problem is there are so many different routes that it would be like hitting the lottery to be at the right one. Even got...
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    Day 1 2017 Deer Hunt

    Day 1, muzzleloader deer hunt! I do not have a tag, but my dad does in unit 21. Heading out, the disco has been fired up for red Chile meat, burritos made, let's see if we can find a buck! *We are all in the same boat, just wishing to be hunting right now!*
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    Good dove recipe

    With dove season right around the corner, I was wondering hiw everyone makes their dove. I prefer quail, by far, but am looking for a good dove recipe. *We are all in the same boat, just wishing to be hunting right now!*
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    Just my luck!

    Have a hunt this weekend and it looks like it's gonna be darn near 90 degrees!!!!!
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    blue gills near las cruces

    Hello, im trying to set some trot lines this weekend, but need bluegills. Does anyone know ehere to catch some near las cruces?
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    looking for unit 17 cow tags

    Hello all. Did not draw any tags this year, so i am looking for some unit wide cow tags for 17. If any one has any info, i would greatly appreciate it.
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    New PSE Bowmadness

    Hello all. I am looking at the New PSE Bowmadness 32. I have a Bowmadness II that I love. I have no problems with it, but am looking at a New bow. Does anyone have any experience with the new Bowmadness? I do not have an archery shop in the area that carries them, so shooting one before buying...
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    Ruger M77 Mark II 300 wsm

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-02-15 AT 05:47PM (MST)[p]Hello all, I have a ruger m77 mark II all weather stainless, IN 300 WSM. I purchased a new rifle, and no longer use it. It has been fired a total of 200 rounds at most. Has a muzzle break, topped with a Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40. The gun is in great...
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    Ruger M77 MarkII in 300 WSM

    Hello all, I have a ruger M77 MarkII that I am contemplating on selling. It has a muzzle break installed by Custom Cartridge here in Las Cruces, as well as a Nikon Monarch 3-9x40 scope. I do not rifle hunt very often at all, and it does not get shot as often as Id like. The gun is in good...
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    German Shorthaired Pointer

    Hello everyone, I am going to be in the market soon for a German Shorthaired pointer. The problem is, I am having trouble finding any gsp puppies in the area. I live in las cruces, and would like to find one nearby. Does anyone know to find them?
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    I drew second archery in 16e. I think i know where i am going to stay. Has anyone been up in the unit? I will be going scouting next month, but have a quick question i would like to confirm.
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    Daughters 16c Hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-13 AT 01:53PM (MST)[p]I want to start this by saying thanks to nmdgf for doing something right with the mentoring program. That allowed my daughter, who turned nine on Thursday, to be able to hunt this year. Needless to say when my brother and I drew 16c for first bow, and...
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    16c for daughters hunt!

    Hello all, After a month of grueling work, will be back in 16c for my daughters hunt this weekend! We were there for first archery, saw quite a few, just couldn't seal the deal. Does anyone know if they are finally talking? Or did the rut already come and go? We heard a few bugles while we were...
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    Powder for Daughters hunt

    Hello all, My daughter, who is eight, has an elk hunt in October for 16C. We reload our own shells, but are out of powder at this point. We cannot find any ANYWHERE. We have checked online for several weeks, cut the practicing completely out, because we have no loaded shells. I do not want to...
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    Fishing at elephant butte

    Hello all, I will be taking my kids and dad out fishing at elephant butte. Do have access to a boat, and am not familiar with the lake for fishing. I do fish caballo, but not the butte. Can anyone give me some good spots tiger the kids on some good fish? Thanks in advance.
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    Elk Landowner Tags

    Hello guys, Just got back from our unit 33 deer hunt, and we still have that itchy hunting feeling. We are interested in two cow elk tags, preferrably in the Southern end of the state. If you know any, at a decent price, let me know.
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    Unit 33

    Hello all, Hope all hunting, and life, experiences are going great! My brother, father and I have a hunt in Unit 33 starting next week. I have done my research, but have not been able to scout, as I work 60+ hours a week, and have three children. I have found the Mescalero Sands hold the most...
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    Well, just wanted to let this out. NBA just lost a fan who loved the game. The officiating has degraded that sport so much.Ever since "king" james has come into the league, they have een hell bent on getting him a ring. Now, they finally did it, he finally got all the calls he needed to get one...
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    Other Forums

    Hello all, I have noticed that in all the other forums, Mule Deer, Elk, Campfire, people belittle and put down others' on a constant basis. It is amazing, that this New Mexico forum does not do that. It is like it's own site, without all the negativity. It amazes me. I guess that is just due...
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    Gun to Buy

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase a rifle. I already know I either want a 7mm or 300. The caliber is not what I am asking. I am asking what brand and model. I have looked over a few, a Remington Model 700, and a Weatherby Vanguard. What has been your best rifle?
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    How much snow are the mountains getting? I am in Cruces, and we got about 3 or so inches. I do not remember, growing up, getting snow this much in a year. I am just curious as to how much the mountains are getting?
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    Christmas Tree Cutting

    Hello all,its almost that time again! I am gonna be starting a new tradition with the family, and would like to cut our own tree this year. We are going to go to the Cloudcroft area next Friday. Does anyone know a good spot for Douglas Firs? We will be purchasing a permit, and looking for a nice...
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    Computer Issue

    Hey guys, I have a Windows Vista computer at home, it has been behaving very funny. When I try to play a video, I get very choppy playback, and the sound is just as choppy. Occurs with any video, DVD movies, videos from here, sports sites. the only videos that behave normally are youtube...
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    Wow, Animal Control is OUTTA CONTROL

    So, we have two dogs. A puppy, and a two year old chihuahua mix for our daughters. I was in the shower yesterday morning, getting ready for work, and I hear the puppy whining, I get out of the shower, look out the window, and there is an Animal Control officer in our yard! I get outta the...
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    Here Comes The RAIN!!!

    Well guys, looks like the monsoon is kicking in. We've gotten rain two straight days here in Cruces, and the radar looks like the whole region is getting hit. We need this, and lots of it, to put out all of the fires. Let's pray that we get more of it!
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    Hello all, My parents, and their friends, recently went into a partnership, on a restaurant in Truth or Consequences, and I just want to let everyone on here know that you are all welcome to com in and talk hunting, fishing, or shoot BS with them, or myself and fiancee, when we are there on the...
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    Am I wrong... Part 2

    Well seeing Stinkies post, thought I might put out my own, and get some opinions. This weekend, my fiancee, our kids and I went to her parent's house, which is 220 miles away, to help them move. They were moving another 250 miles away, so total to get to their house, and then the new house, it...
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    Dad's Bull

    Well my dad just got back from Unit 16, Mobility impaired hunt. He shot his first bull elk ever! It is the biggest one they saw, and will be great eating. Now my brother goes back up there for his hunt. I AM THE BEST!
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    Well, My Lakers are defending champs, back to back I might add, my Reds are actually doing something this year, Ohio State opens up tomorrow at #2, looking really good, and my Eagles are ready to rock! Should be an exciting year of football, finish up baseball, and then look for a Lakers Three...
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    Third Wolf Found Dead

    Well, the local paper shows that the Forest Service and Federal authorities found yet another wolf dead. And they are "Looking into it." So they spend our tax money on this, but won't on things that will actually help the people of the State of New Mexico. What is wrong with our government when...
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    Hello, I am having a problem with my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is the only car between my fiancee and myself. We use it to get our three kids around, and it is having a major problem. When we were leaving Wal Mart yesterday, it would not shift. I t is stuck in either 1st or 2nd. It gets to 30 MPH...
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