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  1. Gator

    SxS vs Tacoma

    Yes today.
  2. Gator

    Will there be snow in the Vernon?

    Hope you have a snow white covered hunt. Spotting them will just get easier. Good luck have a great hunt.
  3. Gator

    2021 Buck…

    Good looking buck. it's Awesome to have the young hunter with ya so he can learn for ya.
  4. Gator

    Backpack suggestions for Christmas

    I got a pack just big enough for a frying pan and a book of matches. NOT packing out nothing. LOL
  5. Gator

    Big muzzy bull for my son

    Very nice Bull, I bet it was off the hook seeing the herd coming toward him.
  6. Gator


    Now where can I get a truckload of apples. LOL
  7. Gator

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    Awesome Ca Buck .
  8. Gator

    Birthday Buck - Paunsaugunt Utah

    He is a good one.
  9. Gator

    First 2021 Milestone...

    Wow that is awesome. Got friends who say I been married for 30 years and tell them BUT it with 3 different women so it don't count. Hit 43 this July.
  10. Gator


    We went back to the Dakota's when my daughter was 3 as we down the road at night to my sister place she leans over as says Grandpa it sure is dark out here. Nearest farm with a yard light was still 7 miles away
  11. Gator

    current video of wolves Colorado

    Take them as you can.
  12. Gator

    Two Guns

    I like shooting the 1100 20ga. But on pheasants I move up to the 12 ga Beretta or the 1100 12 ga That SD wind move those birds fast. Some days you need a long poke at them.
  13. Gator

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    WOW that is a Awesome buck, would love to hear the story of your hunt. You sure made the most of that tag. Going to be a awesome mount for sure.
  14. Gator

    current video of wolves Colorado

    That one would make a pretty mount.
  15. Gator


    Headed over again on the 19th. Hope the rain up north was cold and alot with a little snow tossed in.
  16. Gator

    Ruby Mountains Nv Cow Elk Tag (First Ever Big Game Tag)

    Go where you seen those cows they are a herd animals so find one there is should be more around.
  17. Gator

    Who's ready for some river salmon/steelhead fishing?

    You guy have some great memories to share love reading them. Thanks. I only fished for them up by Lodi. only caught a couple small ones.
  18. Gator

    New mexico 2B advice

    Good luck you should see some good ones. Post him up after you get him.
  19. Gator

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    I guess it was his last day camping in the snow.:p
  20. Gator

    Wyoming Region G poor deer hunting this year

    Awesome hunt for the little guy. Super nice buck.
  21. Gator

    Utah LE Muzzleloader Deer Update

    So like you had a lot of action and that is what we all like to see. Good looking buck.
  22. Gator

    Winter Storm

    Wow now that looks cold.
  23. Gator

    Idaho Deer Tag Filled

    Great story , like the buck and the pictures too.
  24. Gator

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    A Steady tri-Pod for glassing and shooting works for me. easy to switch to a gun vise.
  25. Gator

    Eye Guard Length

    Crazy rack
  26. Gator

    Winter Storm

    Here in SUNNY Southern Cal high today 61 low 31 Had high winds yesterday that turned into a huge dust storm. At time couldn't see the house across the street.
  27. Gator

    Winter Storm

    Brown animals white snow does it get any better then that.
  28. Gator

    Wife's muzzy bull

    That outstanding, good looking Bull. Was it cold there yet.
  29. Gator

    Fun times with family!

    Great looking speed goats and awesome family get together.
  30. Gator

    2021 Archery Bull Elk Success Photo Contest

    Good looking bull and the area looks great.
  31. Gator

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Wowser That is a nice rack, Congrats and really nice bull.
  32. Gator

    2021 Archery Bull Elk Success Photo Contest

    Awesome deal. family that hunts together stay together.
  33. Gator

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    It going to be COLD. Motel it and and be happy Camper.
  34. Gator

    Birthday Buck - Paunsaugunt Utah

    Wow those pictures are outstanding love the sky pictures. It getting colder each day hoping for a little snow and cold wind.
  35. Gator

    Bessie, your package is on the way.

    What is it pick on Bobcat day. LOL
  36. Gator

    My 2021 Muzzle Loader Deer Hunt

    Very nice Buck.
  37. Gator

    Worthwhile to Scout the Paunsaugunt This Early for Deer??

    Any updates on the hunt.
  38. Gator

    Dad got his billy

    Speed Goats are fun to hunt.
  39. Gator

    Another Buck on the Wall

    H delivers again. That a good looking rack.
  40. Gator

    502 goodness

    Wow it's going to be pretty. Hope it's fast too.
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