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    Max points Wyoming NR

    58 late
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    Have 16 Deer Preference Points for Colorado

    44 2nd
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    Unit 444 Antler deer 2nd season

    I would stay in Glenwood and hunt close to the private.
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    Welcome Hunters…

    Well I guess your grandpa wasn't very cool.
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    1st rifle report

    Nice 1989!
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    1st rifle report

    Post up any 1st rifle reports or success! I wasnt able to make the trip this year.
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    A story about piles of stupid, compounded by stupid, with a side of stupid

    79 year old guy with a Flatty and his ears tucked in!!
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    Nocwalker s Co unit 21 Recap

    What a tease!
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    GIANT idaho unit 45 deer

    A buck in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
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    Colorado Governor’s Bull

    I heard raffle tag. Tine length for days
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    Third generation Henry mountain buck

    Wow that is awesome, thanks for sharing!!
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    CO Unit 22 3rd Season Deer

    Wonder why no one posts pictures here anymore???
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    CO Unit 22 3rd Season Deer

    No way in hell he/she would get a ticket for that hat!!
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    Colorado Unit 3/301

    How much private does it come with?
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    Last Minute G3 Goat Opportunity

    If you can get the time off work I would definitely take it! A no brainer IMO!!
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    Unit 66 CO migration help

    Can't shoot those 210" bucks when your whacking 2 year old bucks all the time
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    300 yard running shot..

    I'm from Wisconsin and almost every deer I shoot is running. I have no problem shooting and killing running deer.
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    Leftover Re-issued tags August 3..

    Cowhitey that was awesome(y)
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    Waiting period vs 90/10

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    Unit 76 Landowner tag

    Anyone know a contact for unit 76 bull elk tag? Looking for Muzzy,1st or 2nd rifle thanks
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    AZ 19 points ideas?

    Come back in 15 years!
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    WTB Colorado unit 66 archery elk tag

    I need 2 for a buddy please PM me price!
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    Guess we knew this was coming!

    Needed some rain anyway
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    CO Unit 22 3rd Season Deer

    I would camp at the lake and hunt the ridges to the west. I've saw a few monster bucks there while chasing elk in various rifle seasons. Also please shoot any wild horses you see.
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    Long shot on unit 71

    If you've never elk hunted before my advice is the mountains/terrain is 100 times bigger in person than it looks on a map!
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    $20,000 ?????

    Thanks! Sold!
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    $20,000 ?????

    Can you PM me contact info please.
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    A local perspective on Cody area hunting

    Pretty sure ANYONE who has lived and hunted in Cody for the last 50+ years should have a few Booners.
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    A local perspective on Cody area hunting

    I do respect his gun smithing abilities and passion for hunting but besides that...............
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    A local perspective on Cody area hunting

    This guy is full of s##t
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    Elk Archery Hunt Unit 12/23/24

    Last year a group camped up the road from us got a 360" 7x6 below Sleepycat in 1st rifle.
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    Deer area 34. I’m going all in for it. I just want to hunt this area.

    Plenty of 150" inch bucks if you know what your doing. Ok not behind every tree but they are definitely there.
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    Unit 61 Deer/Elk Combo

    You better get on it before the game department screws you over again right??!! We expect a full report/pity party upon return.
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    point creep indeed!

    Drew 4th season unit 21 , 29 points
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    Unit 76 elk Colorado

    Jealous!! Good luck guys
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    Unit 76 colorado

    OldMB you'll do fine if you put forth any sort of effort!
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    61 Muley guided vs 67 DIY...second season

    No doubt 61, the private hay fields are golden!
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    CO unit 44 questions

    I saw a 207 9x5 come off of Hardscrabble 3rd season. Probably 33" wide but kinda ugly overall.
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