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    Bonus Pts for Deer, Elk, Antelope

    One of the main objectives of the Wyo Task Force is that Wyoming residents are concerned that they aren't currently able to draw high demand limited quota tags. Wyo res currently have plenty of opportunity to harvest plenty of big game animals (up to 12 each year) to fill their freezers. The...
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    90/10 General quotas?

    The horse isn't dead yet! I’m not sure if Wyo res have considered the long-term impacts of 90/10? Nonres quotas would be raised in general deer and elk units to compensate for revenue losses from stripping nonres of ½ of quality limited tags. If you are a Wyo res that enjoys hunting general...
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    Waiting period vs 90/10

    I thought I would post an interesting table I just compiled that backs what I've been saying about waiting period vs 90/10 improving Wyo resident draw odds. I compared this for the toughest antelope units in Wyo to draw as residents. I've included waiting periods out to 5 years for these units...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    If you are a concerned nonres and have years of applications and $ invested into the Wyo pref pt system....especially for the Big 5 species you can submit comments directly to the Task Force for the July 8th meeting. You must do this by 5:00 pm on July 6th! 90:10 would cut nonres limited tags...
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    Utah bison

    Although Utah bison tags are one of the toughest in North America to draw there are a few lucky hunters each year. I’m curious how this years hunts have gone?
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    Wyo blazing

    I was heading down I80 near Hanna today and there was a pretty big wildfire blazing just north of the highway. A heads-up to those that may have antelope tags in that area. It was big enough that there were 2 large planes working the fire. There were a couple herds of elk pinned up against...
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    14 Day Quarantine?

    Does anyone happen to know exactly what the current 14 day quarantine means for nonres? From what I understand the 14 day quarantine is due prior to entering Wyoming. I imagine the same thing can hold true leaving the state of Wyoming so it would be necessary to self-quarantine while in Wyo...
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    14 Day Quarantine?

    Does anyone happen to know exactly what the current 14 day quarantine means for nonres? The newspaper article I read said "14 day self-quarantine for nonresidents or until the end of their stay". Does self-quarantine mean staying up in the hills and not inter-facing with anyone? I was...
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    Crispi boot sale! has a great deal on a few different models of Crispi boots. Thors, Wyomings, Idahos, and Bristols are around 35% off (around $100 off). You can also get an additional 10% off using a camper10 coupon code at checkout. I believe Crispi is coming out changing these so the old style...
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    Utah Bison

    I'm usually on the other end of the spectrum...offering advice but this time I'm researching high and low to learn more about Utah bison. Fortunately I have 23 pts so am getting closer and closer to finally drawing one of these prized tags of a lifetime. If there are any bison fanatics or...
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    Wanted Swaro 65 scope

    Looking for a Swaro 65 scope with lense.
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    Utah tag numbers?

    Without searching high and low on the Utah website I was wondering approximately when tag numbers will be published? It's really a bummer having a draw deadline when it's a guess whether a bonus pt tag is issued. It would be nice if Utah had an application deadline and gave applicants the...
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    I imagine crossbows have come along ways in recent years. I've done a little web searching and have a feel for a few brands that stand out but would like to hear comments from those with actual field experience hunting with them. I'm curious how many guys actually hunt with crossbows and the...
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    Colo or Wyo big game for Turkeys!

    I picked up gobbler hunting a few years back and can't seem to get enough of them! I would be interested in swapping Colo merriams or big game in Colo or Wyo for turkeys in neighboring states. I especially enjoy hunting and helping other hunters out on high demand bighorn sheep, mtn goat...
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    Colo Bosque bears

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-30-17 AT 08:01AM (MST)[p]I was wondering if anyone has recently hunted the Bosque lately for bear, elk, deer, or gobblers? I've spent a little time in the area but haven't spent time there in the fall. I have a bunch of Colo bear pts (dumb enough to save up 20 pts) and am...
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    Colo Backdoor Sheep!

    For you sheep fanatics you can find out whether you drew Colo sheep by the backdoor method on the CPW website. If you have problems figuring it out take a look at the Bowsite sheep forum explanation on how to find out. Good luck to all!
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    Mtn goat cape for sale

    I have a life sized mountain goat cape for sale off an Alaskan billy. Send me a personal message if you want pics and more info,
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    Alaska sheep

    I'm not sure if anyone has heard but Alaska recently changed dall sheep options for nonres. Nonres will only be able to harvest sheep 1 in 4 years. Also, if you enjoy hunting dall sheep with your Alaska've pretty much been screwed. They just passed a law that only the first in...
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    Colorado license

    Last year my son didn't have a fishing or other license in Colo. Unfortunately they charged a pref pt fee ($50 if my memory is correct) for each specie's application. With the 2016 application period deadlines approaching I'm curious if he needs to buy a 2015 fishing license or will a 2016...
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    A lot of guys I know have mentioned that the closest thing to elk hunting is gobbler hunting. There isn't a "Turkey" posting topic on this website...hint..hint so I thought I would see how much interest there may be in starting a new turkey category on this website? If you are like me, once...
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    Wyo elk or antelope partner

    I'm looking for someone with 8+ Wyo elk pref pts that is interested in hunting a great limited elk unit in 2016 and is willing to apply with me in a party application. I live fairly close to the unit and will likely spend a lot of time pre-season scouting and archery hunting. If unsuccessful...
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    B&C Sheep horn length?

    I was wondering where the starting point for horn length is for B&C. The "C" meaurement is somewhat vague in the instructions. It is obvious from the photo of the "C" measurement that it isn't in the middle part of the horn width and not completly out on the outer circumference of the horn. The...
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    Muley-turkey finatics!

    There isn't a place to start turkey posts on this website (hint-hint) so I thought I would start one here. How many of you muley guys are turkey finatics? What a great way to get in shape and spend quality time in the outdoors during the slow time of year. I got "hooked" on turkey hunting a...
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    Nevada muzzy elk

    I'm considering applying in NV for muzzy elk. Most of the muzzy elk season dates start on Oct 22. From what I've heard the rut is winding down by that time and mature bulls start wandering off by themselves or in bachelor groups for the winter. I've considered scouting hard a week+ prior to...
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    Looking for a Kifaru 7,000+ cu in pack Thanks!
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    Hilleberg tent

    Does anyone have a 2 or 3 person Hilleberg tent they would like to sell?
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    Wyo legislation

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-15 AT 08:36PM (MST)[p]I don't claim to be an expert but it seems like Wyo hunters (both res and nonres) heads seem to be spinning trying to keep up with the latest controversial legislation? I'm curious if there is possibly something that could be improved or changed with...
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    90/10 Split for deer, elk, antelope, sheep, moose, and goat

    Copied and pasted from my other post: If all species are switched to a 90/10 split would you agree that there would be economic impacts that significantly effect the WG&F, the state of Wyoming, and small town economies? Please don't beat around the bush and answer my question yes or no! Notice...
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    Wyo nonres elk or antelope

    I'm searching for another Wyo nonres that is tired of waiting to hunt tough to draw units and is willing to apply with me as a party that has quite a few elk and/or antelope pref pts. I grew up in Wyo and know the country/units very well. In return for applying with me I would be willing to...
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    Wyo Antelope off year?

    I just returned from a fairly "premier" Wyo antelope unit/hunt in South-Central Wyo. You may not believe me but I conservatively looked over somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to 700 different bucks. I originally thought with the good moisture Wyo had last fall and this spring plus fairly...
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    Colorblind blood tracking?

    I'm planning an archery elk hunt this year and have 1 big problem...I'm red-green color blind and have problems seeing blood. I plan on hunting solo and don't have a non-colorblind partner to tag along. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you color blind hunters have any tips on spotting blood...
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    Wyo antelope numbers

    I just took a trip across Central Wyo and was sorely disappointed with the number of antelope I saw. There were miles and miles of country I normally see hundreds of antelope that appeared totally void. There is no wonder the WG&F has cut antelope tag numbers in many units. Has anyone else...
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    370 bull inside spread

    I'm aware that bulls can literally have a "wide" range of inside spread measurements. I'm curious what the "ballpark" range of inside spread measurements migt be for a 370ish bull? The reason I ask is because I found a matched set of sheds about that size and I'm trying to figure out as close...
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    Turkey Mounts

    I'm looking forward to mounting my first turkey and was wondering what is your favorite pose? I'm considering strutting but also like flying mounts that show off the wing and other feathers. If you happen to have any photos we would all enjoy viewing them!
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    Nonres license fees

    I don't know about others but it's that time of year when my bank account just about hits the $0.00 mark! It's getting to the point I'm starting to wonder where the sport of hunting is heading in the Western US? NM and Colo nonres have just sent in a chunk of their annual salary to apply for...
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    Wanted primos blind bull

    Looking for a lightly used Primos Double Wide or Blind Bull Dark Horse blind in good shape.
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    Wyo elk partner

    I'm looking for someone with 6+ Wyo elk pref pts that is interested in hunting a great limited elk unit in 2014 and is willing to apply with me in a party application. I live fairly close to the unit and will likely spend a lot of time pre-season scouting and archery hunting. If unsuccessful...
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    Reg vs Special

    Does anyone happen to know what % of nonres deer, elk, and antelope tags went in the regular vs special draws in 2013?
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    Trucks and gas mileage

    What's your truck preference and how many mpg? I have a great truck setup for hunting/fishing. An x-cab Dodge PU with topper shell but my mileage has dropped to around 10 mpg...bummmer! I'd love to get a Toyota but from what I've seen a guy is lucky to get over 15 mpg. I'm not sure if I...
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    Monster Trout - Kayak Partner

    I know this isn't a hunting post but thought I would give it a go in the Colo forum. I didn't draw many tags this year so I'm heading to the Great Lakes (Wisconsin) towards the end of October (from Colorado) to fish for giant browns for 2 weeks. The past 2 years I've caught browns and...
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