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  1. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Photochromatic Shell

    Any Black Gold sight owners out there ever experience a lack of “tinting” or color changing on the photochromatic shell of their sights? I noticed a few days ago that mine hasn’t been changing to that deep purple in direct sunlight like it did originally. Any ideas what could cause this to...
  2. CA_Wapiti

    Fresh Post

    Here’s a picture of the buck I took on September 19th. Not the biggest buck in the state but a nice representative for SoCal. Figured that a new deer pic is always fun to come across. Anyone else have any success they want to share?
  3. CA_Wapiti

    Black Gold Pro (5 Pin)

    Hello everyone, I hope you got your applications in and are beginning to plan out your seasons as results come in. In the mean time I suppose we are are all practicing. My question is for any Black Gold Pro 5 pin sight owners who have managed to get the bow set up to shoot 100 yards. I want...
  4. CA_Wapiti

    Los Padres National Forest

    With turkey season winding to an end and most guys having bagged at least one bird (hopefully); I thought I’d see if anyone faired well hunting Los Padres NF. Due to this COVID pandemic, I’ve been on a restricted travel radius (military order) and haven’t been able to get up North (located in...
  5. CA_Wapiti

    Thoughts on Elk City A Tag

    Putting out some feelers out about the thoughts on elk density and quality of the Elk City A tag. Honestly just wanting to start some conversation about Unit 15 hunt quality. Obviously not asking for you guys to divulge your spots or anything of that nature. Who has hunted the zone and...
  6. CA_Wapiti

    Public Land Turkey Hunting

    How’s it going Gents? This will be my first year chasing gobblers here in California and I’m not sure how popular turkey hunting is here in the state but I wanted to see what everyone’s opinion was on the quality of the hunting and possibly some good state land to get out and chase some Toms...
  7. CA_Wapiti

    Taxidermy Recommendations

    So I drew an elk tag of a lifetime (FHL Tule elk) and have been scouting working to stack the odds in my favor to connect on a nice bull. Have quite a few spots lined up and have seen number of good bulls and a few great ones. Should I be successful I am definitely getting it mounted as it will...
  8. CA_Wapiti

    California Meat Donation Programs

    With the seasons steadily approaching I wanted to figure out if there are meat donation programs in CA. Back home we had programs such as Help Us Stop Hunger (HUSH) in which hunters could drop of their game at designated processors and it could be anonymously donated to those who could use the...
  9. CA_Wapiti

    CA Tule Elk Habits

    How is everyone doing? Hope you got the tag you were holding out for because I know I did! California Tule. October 05-14. With that being said I am fairly new to hunting Tules and I know there rutting activity varies from the other elk species and even furthermore, I know the rut can vary...
  10. CA_Wapiti

    FHL 449 Draw

    Lucked out and drew for Hunter Liggett archery either-sex Tule elk. Still can't believe it if I'm being honest. Curious to see if I could find the other 6 archers that were drawn on here (I noticed quite a few people applied for FHL on other threads). By all means if anyone else has some...
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