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  1. Mackey

    The night before Christmas......

    I hope Santa brings me a NR 62-1 elk tag tomorrow! I’ve been good for 14 years! PLEASE! Mackey
  2. Mackey

    We need a new topic! How about Yellowstone backcountry!

    I love to backpack up Slough Creek. Anybody else go up there? The flyfishing is fantastic in late July and all through August. Does anyone else have a Wyoming backcountry trip that’s awesome scenery where a fish or two could be caught? The Winds? Looking for some new places. Mackey Just...
  3. Mackey

    Wanted WTB Barrett Fieldcraft 21” in 7mm08

    I know they’re scarce, but just curious if anyone has one they would sell at a fair price. mackey
  4. Mackey

    Somewhere out there.....

    in the wilds of Wyoming tonight, there's a guy with a sheep tag in his pocket. He?s probably camped at about 10,000 ft and today he probably spotted the ram he plans to shoot tomorrow. Dinner was a Mountain House freeze dried something and afterwards, hopefully, just a smidge of Jack Daniels...
  5. Mackey

    Wyoming elk area 56 type 9 archery non-resident hunt

    A buddy wants me to go with him on an outfitted archery hunt in area 56 the first week of archery season. The first week of the season is our only option as this outfitter is booked every other week. Has anyone on here ever hunted 56 the first week? I was told the herd bulls may be active...
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