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  1. go4steelhd

    Blackhorn 209

    Looks like Cabelas and bass pro have some blackhorn 209 online instock I picked a few up, we will see if I actually get them good luck to those who need some powder
  2. go4steelhd

    Working on a trophy room

    Here is my Trophy room. It is not completed yet but I have it about 3/4 done. The memories made were even better than the mounts. Now I get to enjoy them daily
  3. go4steelhd

    A few nice Moose

    Here is a moose I took in central BC on a last minute cancellation hunt. It was a horseback hunt during the rut. It turned out to be a great choice to go. This is an exceptional Canadian moose
  4. go4steelhd

    Raise them outdoors

    I am lucky enough to have a wife and son that enjoy the outdoors. My son is six years old now and I have taken him hunting since he was one. I try to set up a few days of hunting each year in areas he can tag along, learn, find success, and become the next generation of hunters. Feel free to...
  5. go4steelhd

    Nice back country bucks

    Here are some nice OTC buck I have gotten in the back country over the years.
  6. go4steelhd

    Outdoorsman tripod for sale

    This is a outdoorsman short tripod in almost new condition. There is very little wear. Check out there web site for specs. $275 shipped
  7. go4steelhd

    WTB 7mm RUM 150 grain scirocco ammo

    If any on has any 7mm rum 150 grain scirocco ammo they would like to sell call or text 509-750-6425 Thanks Matt
  8. go4steelhd

    Harvest Reports

    I was looking in the regs and I could not find anything saying you have to fill out a mandatory harvest report. Why I ask is most states require it or they charge you a fee for the next years application.. I hunted antelope if that makes any difference. Thanks
  9. go4steelhd

    Sitka Contrail Windshirt XXL

    This is a brand new with tags contrail wind shirt by Sitka. It's the open country optifade... $115 To your door! 509-750-6425 Call or text Thanks Matt
  10. go4steelhd

    Results today???

    I hope they put out the results today. I don't want to wait until next week! Post up what you drew. Good luck.
  11. go4steelhd

    Swarovski case STS,STM 80mm

    I am selling swarvoski brand zip on case for the STS or STM spotting scope in the 80mm. Less than a year old. $165 TYD I can text photos if interested
  12. go4steelhd

    Swarovski spotting scopes

    I am selling a swarovski STS non HD 20x60x65mm scope and swarovski brand zip on case. I had swarovski go thru the scope and put new glass in it last year. So the glass is 100%. $1150 TYD I also have a STS non HD 20x60x80mm and swarovski zip on case that is less than a year old. Glass is 100%...
  13. go4steelhd

    Swarovski camera adapters???

    I am looking to get a camera adapter for my spotting scope. I have a swarovski STS 80mm and I have the 20-60 , and the 20-50 eye piece. The camera I have is a small nikon digital I think its 14 megapixel. Im wanting to take photos at longer ranges. Like 500 yards plus. I was wanting to know what...
  14. go4steelhd

    Swarovski 20-60 by 65mm STS $1500

    This scope is like new. Its the STS 20-60-65mm. This is not the HD. Glass is 100%, body shows little to no wear. I'm asking $1500 shipped. Or I will sell just the scope body for $1000. I'm only selling it because I bought a new 80mm.
  15. go4steelhd

    Leica 1200 CFR $465

    This is the range master 1200 CFR. I'm asking $465 shipped.
  16. go4steelhd

    WTB Outdoorsman Tall Tripod

    I am looking for a new outdoorsman tall tripod or used in good shape. Also looking for attachments like gun rest and dual plate or single plates. Thanks
  17. go4steelhd

    Oregon Bull

    This is my 2010 Oregon Bull. The story is on the Oregon page.
  18. go4steelhd

    Mt. Emily Bull

  19. go4steelhd

    Full cirle outfitters

    Has any one elk hunted with this outfitter in the last few years? It seems like the real deal. I just don't want to get burnt on a hunt and go out with guides that no less about the area than I may know. I would like to hear good or bad. I will call there referances; but I think they won't give...
  20. go4steelhd

    Area 23 elk hunt

    I was thinking of putting in for area 23 this year. I have enough points to draw and was going to put in my girlfriend for an anterless tag. Has anyone hunted this area? It seems to have alot of public land in places. My hopes for the hunt would be to shoot a 5 point or better and get the...
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