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    Application Refunds

    Anyone seen their NR elk refunds show up yet? After waiting 4+ months for the draw Terrible to wait another 30 days or so for your refund when unsuccessful 😬
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    Issues with "View My Preferences Points"

    I went to view Preference points for myself and daughter a couple days ago and the system directed me to create a new user account. I then remembered reading somewhere not long ago that Wygf was updating their website so didn't think much of it. I filled in and submitted the form which now...
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    Wy unit 100 type 5 elk

    Anyone familiar with how good a tag this might be ? Just some last minutes thoughts on applying for a cow tag but never been in this area before. It looks like decent harvest stats but with the later dates of this type 5 tag wasn't sure how easy or difficult it might be to get around in the...
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    NR cow elk tags?

    So does NM not issue any cow elk tags at all to nr?
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    Creep Lives On

    Well it looks like the point creep is alive and well in Ut. I had thought that my 14 nr points would get me a Wasatch midseason LE bull tag based on 2019 odds - but nope. It will be interesting to see the draw report on everything when it comes available.
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    Unsuccessful application refunds

    I am applying for some longshots and fully anticipate seeing unsuccessful draw results. Does anyone know how quick NM gets the refunds out? Never applied NM before.
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    128 Late deer anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone had any info on how the 128 late deer hunt is going this year? Sounds like a fun hunt to do on a good year.
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    Upcoming HE class

    Don Martin's HE class is now open for registration and is filling up. I got seat 1 out of 35 this morning!
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    Best late rifle v/s mid tier early archery

    Hi ya'll. If you were a non-res looking to go guided elk and at a point level where you might draw top late rifle units like 1&2, 27, or possibly 23 or you could draw a mid-tier early archery like 7W or 8 which would you choose? I have rifle hunted quite a bit in Co,Wy,and Mt but archery is not...
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