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    It was long before 2019 and the conservatives have been deeply doubled crossed.
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    Why did the deer...

    Well trained deer! All them van's had soccer mom's late for their 4 year olds soccer game.
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    Thoughts on Gruden?

    Spot on hossblur.
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    A story about piles of stupid, compounded by stupid, with a side of stupid

    hoss This is what you stated just above. "All the tangent 14ers, or goose hunting is just that. This was a freaking debacle, and there isn't any way to spin it. Other than TRI, I'm shocked anyone is trying to defend it." Neither Vanilla or DW are trying to defend the elk slaughter. I took it...
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    A story about piles of stupid, compounded by stupid, with a side of stupid

    hoss I don't see that vanilla and others are disagreeing with you they have said in their posts that they do think this was a bad play on the hunters but they question when do we stop giving in to the anti hunting groups. The same groups that hate everything that once was normal American...
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    Why cops may start ignoring fleeing criminals.

    I would like to say thanks to any Law Enforcement Officers out there keeping us safe, even the ahole ones. LEO'S have it tough there job is to enforce laws and are often looked at as aholes. Normally someone disagrees with them enforcing the laws. Sometimes even the victim will disagree with the...
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    Of Paisans & Goombahs

    Pretty good Soviet Union espionage series. The Americans, I think you can find it on Amazon Prime. It is amazing how they make a modern day TV series look so much like the 1970s and 1980s. They claim it is based on true Soviet espionage activities.
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    Dwindling Deer

    I am OK with having Chukars around, I used to hunt chukars but not so much lately. But if chukars must go inorder for Muleys make a come back I am happy with that.
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    Dwindling Deer

    Chukar is a invasive species.
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    Shockey Monster Moose

    It is a sad day when a man can not go hunting anymore because he is outfitter. Jim Shockey not the problem with hunting in today's world . All the jealous self appointed ethics police are the problem. You all slam guys for posting on Facebook and Instagram but who is always the ones looking at...
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    Arsonist in Caleeeefornia....

    It is climate changes fault. No one before white men settled North America would have ever tried to boil bear piss.
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    Dwindling Deer

    Well stated. I wish all lefties had your common sense.
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    Carrying the freeloaders on the tax payers back... right wetmule?
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    grizz A fake meme that is pretty dam funny gets you upset that easy. There is a nickname for pepole like that.
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    Had to fill a...

    My mom always cooked pancakes in all kind of weird shapes, she would tell my kids and the other grandkids they are shaped after some kind of animal or a dinosaur the kids would gobble them right up. All the grandkids are all grown-up now but they still say grandma's pancakes are the best. She...
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    Fireplace insert question

    Eel, it might be just me but that flue pipe from top of chimney to top of the cover looks a little bit off tilt, I don't know if that would make problems but it might caused the flow of air movement across the top end of the flue to create a down draft. Check out these suggestions...
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    deidibob You are right Burris warranty is as good as Vortex with tge exception they are same as Leopold and Maven they all three have that escape clause "deliberate damage" I do belive in most cases none of these companies use that escape clause to get out of repair but it is in the warranty...
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    Maven is Japanese glass and manufactured in San Diego and headquarters in Lander Wyoming. They might become the optics of my future.
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    Sorry I did not check Mavens warranty, pretty close to Vortex.
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    Only Vortex offers VIP no fault, lifetime warranty. I do not like the fact they are built in China but very few of us go through the day without using somthing that was made in China. I have owned two pairs of binoculars, one Spotting scope and multiple rifle scopes for around 10 years. I...
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    Vortex warranty
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    Leopold warranty
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    Swarovski warranty
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    Nikon warranty
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    You mean Smoky And The Bandit wasn't real!:D
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    Has there ever been a thread that has said so little over such a extended amount of time!
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    I don't remember what they had for manufacture or grain I do remember it was all from the same manufacture and same grain but sportsman warehouse in Cedar City had a fare amount.
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    Antler Growth

    Good article on Antler Growth.
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    Cost increase.

    About what you expect after Vista controls 70+ percent of the market.
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    Blood thirsty wolf killers

    Really MtMuley you really think your chit stinks less than Utahs. Montana has plenty of long range hunting, infact I would dare to bet long range hunting was invented in Montana. Montana Trail cameras yep allowed. Montana High dollar Trophy tags yep. Montana Hunting season's that run from August...
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    Once a month you must only read KSL once a month
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    This place looked a lot different

    Outdoor Writer So we should have accepted Japan's terms of surrender and allowed (I quote) a war criminal to stay as Emperor. But you believe we should have condemned the United States military leaders as war criminals. Some of the same military leaders you use saying the atomic bomb was wrong...
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    This place looked a lot different

    Outdoor Writer I am not criticizing your opinions the fire bombing was a tough card that was played. Yes there is a difference in making war munitions in factories and making them in people's place of residence if you don't know the difference then I am not going to be the one to tell you, talk...
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    Cartridges that made others Obsolete

    That's why elkassassin shoots a 375 Rum!
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    Interesting Vaccine Article

    I got the vaccine because of my 80 plus year old parents, I am over 50 the risk and effects to my parents was greater than any of the risks or effects from the vaccine for me. If I was younger I probably would not have got the vaccine the risk would have been greater than the reward but when I...
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    Interesting Vaccine Article

    I got vaccinated but I will be damed if I will show proof of that if it is demanded of me!
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    Wtb 280 AI ammo.

    There was a good number of boxes at the sportsman warehouse in Provo a week ago. Don't know if you are close to Utah
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    Taking my Son and Daughter to Colorado for first time

    Good on you old gringo
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