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  1. BrianID

    My Wifes Elk

    Congratulations and a great Idaho bull. Sounds like you had a memorable experience with bugling to make the experience even better.
  2. BrianID

    With all the new rifle talk

    I also like to shoot coyotes and keep on adding new coyote rifles. I'll talk about coyote hunting all day. I would go with the 22 creedmoor over the 22-250 AI. Not wasting time fire forming brass is a big plus. If you are considering either of these cartridges you must load your own...
  3. BrianID

    2nd Shots

    Now that you mentioned the buck, you have to post a picture of it. I'll continue to send a 2nd shot when an animal is still kicking. Often the animal tips over dead before I have a chance to put a 2nd shot in it. I can't think of a time that the 2nd shot missed high. Buck fever is the only...
  4. BrianID

    AGFD -- Online Course for Lifetime Bonus Point

    I've been thinking about making a trip to AZ to do the class for a few years. This would be very frustrating for those that made the effort to do the in person course for the bonus point. $300 for the class for nonresidents seems more like a way to generate $$ than a way to educate hunters.
  5. BrianID

    Small Moose

    Congratulations on the moose. They are big animals when you walk up on one. I agree that driving around and looking for animals is more exhausting than hiking around. I think I get mentally recharged by hiking around and sitting in the peace and quite of the mountains. Driving around and...
  6. BrianID

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    Congratulations! Exceptional buck. You have to work for them and get a little lucky if you want to get one like that in Idaho.
  7. BrianID

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    I agree, the most solid rest for me is a bipod. If I can get prone with my harris as a front rest and my pack as back rest, I’m capable of shooting as well as I do with sandbags from a bench. I used this set up on Monday to kill a buck. A 350 yard shot isn’t all that difficult but if I have...
  8. BrianID

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    I have 2 OSS helix as well as 2 thunderbeast supressors. I also have another thunderbeast in jail. They just make shooting so much more enjoyable. Besides reducing noise, they also decrease the “percussion” of the shot going off. My 338 Lapua with a break before putting a suppressor on it was...
  9. BrianID

    Hunt help

    Looks like you had plenty of meat to pack. Congratulations!
  10. BrianID

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    On Monday the 11th I spotted a doe bedded across the canyon around 10:00am in a snow storm. After glassing for surrounding deer I spotted a buck mixed in with a group of about 8 does/fawns. I had plenty of time to set up my tripod and pack for a back rest and get in my preferred prone shooting...
  11. BrianID

    Idaho Deer Tag Filled

    Congratulations. Idaho OTC isn’t easy. Getting a hybrid is a unique trophy. I’ve seen a couple of them in Idaho but have not killed one.
  12. BrianID

    Birthday Buck - Paunsaugunt Utah

    congratulations and thank you for sharing the story and pictures
  13. BrianID

    Lost hunter found 53 years later

    Interesting story if you haven’t already heard it.
  14. BrianID

    2021 Wyoming and Idaho Success

    Killing two bulls in one year on general tags on public land is an accomplishment. You won’t have to worry about running out of meat anytime soon.
  15. BrianID

    What Utah unit should I try to draw?

    Sorry about the tent. It is too bad there are a few bad people out there that cause problems for the rest of us. Keep at it with your multiple season tag and enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t find a giant buck you can finish the hunt knowing you have it 100%.
  16. BrianID

    OnX “Safety Zones?”

    There seems to be a legitimate reason for all the safety zones that I'm familiar with. I know of a "safety zone" that you can't hunt next to a prison. I think it makes sense they don't want a guy packing a gun 100 yards from the prison fence. I actually know the exact spot you show in your...
  17. BrianID

    Curious what others think.

    steven-james-lro, You are guilting of putting up a bad video on youtube. It really should be edited or updated with a part 2 with a better explanation. I'm sure you and your guide are great people but the video is just bad. Things don't go as planed always and it looks like both of you are...
  18. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    I've only used OnX in a disagreement with a rancher one time about 8 years ago in Idaho. I also have a USGS BLM map of the area and knew I was on public land. I've hunted the area since I was a kid and my dad hunted the area and worked for the forest service in that area way back in the 70's. I...
  19. BrianID


    Interesting tactic to get all the Creedmoor owners to admit to having a man bun on a thread.
  20. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    The most important thing for OnX to show is private vs public. Does it show part of your property as public land? From what I've seen OnX does an acceptable job of updating new property owners the last couple of years. OnX doesn't do a great job of exact lines between different private...
  21. BrianID

    New Hunter Unit 40 NM Deer

    If you don't have access to private land and haven't looked at a map to see where the public land in 40 is, you could end up frustrated on this hunt.
  22. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    bluehair and DumDum, Why don't you contact OnX directly so they can fix it if they have your property line wrong?
  23. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    How far off is OnX on your property? I've used OnX for years and have never seen a major discrepancy. Including areas I have hunted for 20 or 30 years and know the landowners and property lines. Looking at OnX I sometimes I can tell that it may be off by a 10 yards or so. I've seen landowner...
  24. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    mossback50cal, I can think of 4 water tanks in Southern NM that fence out cattle that were funded by sportsmans dollars. The biggest mistakes NM makes is giving out "unit wide" tags to landowners and 10% outfitter welfare tags in the draw. From what I've seen, AZ does a much better job of...
  25. BrianID

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    I've had at least a dozen encounters with NM ranchers and landowners in the last 5 years and everyone of them have been positive. It is really sad that there are some hunters and landowners that ruin it for everyone else. Just like every other area of life, there are a few bad people that make...
  26. BrianID

    Got super lucky. Drew Idaho 52 rifle deer and 46-1 elk Dec

    He gave a report right in this thread. Read Post #21
  27. BrianID

    Vaccine experience?

    Claiming the COVID vaccines don't work isn't even a half truth. I've seen hundreds of patients with COVID. The vaccines work. They are not 100% effective but are more effective than the flu shot. If you don't want to get the vaccine I believe that is your choice.
  28. BrianID

    Vaccine experience?

    I was vaccinated. I believe it was the best choice for me. I don't think the vaccine should be mandated but do believe it is a good idea for a large majority of adults to get it. I've had contact with about 300 patients with COVID in the last 18 months. I've seen many people with no symptoms...
  29. BrianID

    2nd draw results

    Nothing for me either. The odds were low but it was nice still having a chance.
  30. BrianID

    P&Y Club Announces New World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer (324 3/8")

    Thanks for sharing BOHNTR. I remember trying to figure out what was going on with that rack 4 or 5 years ago when it was killed. Very unique rack. Those nonetypical points add up fast.
  31. BrianID

    Is It True?

    I just hope she doesn't decide to shut down elephant butte again because a lone guy fishing out in his boat is going to spread COVID
  32. BrianID

    Returned Tags on Sale Aug. 5

    Everyone needs to spend more time scouting and soon hunting instead of arguing on the internet. It is kind of sad the effort we put in to pick up a mediocre tag that was so easy to get just a few years ago. Good luck to everyone that will try for tags tomorrow.
  33. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    I'm sure people have killed deer and elk on the run with a compound bow. As a general rule, moving animals and archery are a bad idea but I may make an exception if conditions were perfect. If I had an elk walking by me at 3 yards, I wouldn't hesitate to take him while walking if I felt good...
  34. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    Shooting a standing coyote at 600 yards is a difficult shot. If you can really kill one 90% of the time at 600 yards I would be very impressed. If you ever want to prove how good you are, I would be happy to set up 10 paper targets in the 550-650 range and give you 10 to 1 odds for $$ if you can...
  35. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    Shooting at paper and shooting a coyote are two different things. I’ll put $$ on the bet but we would have to find a way to arrange the competition.
  36. BrianID

    GIANT idaho unit 45 deer

    If all those bucks at OTC Idaho deer, you two have the skill to do much better in 45 than most. I hope you have a great time together and are rewarded for your efforts.
  37. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    I would take your bet but it would be hard to create a scenario. What about coyotes? I shoot at a running coyote at 100 yards and you shoot at a stationary coyote at 600 yards?
  38. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    I don't think it was stupid for my friend to shoot a running deer that was less than 8 yards away. I think it would have been dumb for him to hesitate and hope the buck would stop for a shot. As a general rule I would also take a stationary target at 600 yards instead of a full speed deer at...
  39. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    So was it stupid for my friend to shoot a running buck at spitting distance or should he have waited for the buck to run 300 yards and stop for a shot? I’ll stand by my opinion that it is more ethical to shoot a running deer at 50 or 100 yards than it is to shoot a standing deer at 600 or 1000...
  40. BrianID

    300 yard running shot..

    You will enjoy having a suppressor. The other coyotes almost always run after the 1st shot and I'm sure the pigs will as well. The best part of suppressors is that they make shooting a gun more enjoyable. I didn't realize how much I disliked the "percussion" from my rifles until I started using...
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