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  1. RR2012

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Prayers sent to your family.
  2. RR2012

    2021 AZ Bull

    Great bull! Congrats to both of you!
  3. RR2012

    Birthday Buck - Paunsaugunt Utah

    Congrats on great buck! Beautiful pics for sure.👍🏼
  4. RR2012

    First Pronghorn

    Great goat for sure! Congrats 👍🏼
  5. RR2012

    182" fair chase whitetail from Texas

    Beautiful buck and mount! Congrats
  6. RR2012

    Cow Moose

    Congratulations on a fine trophy!!
  7. RR2012

    Last Minute G3 Goat Opportunity

    Awesome Goat! Congratulations
  8. RR2012

    "Big 3" Tag- Punched

    Beautiful bull partner! Congratulations
  9. RR2012

    2021 Archery Bull Elk Success Photo Contest

    Absolutely great bull! Well done!
  10. RR2012

    Biggest Elk of 2021

    Yes sir that is fine eating right there! Congrats
  11. RR2012

    Nevada archery success!

    Great story thanks for sharing! That is a great bull!! Congratulations
  12. RR2012

    Wife's First Archery Elk

    Congrats to all involved!! Great accomplishment for her. 👍🏼
  13. RR2012

    Nevada archery buck

    Great buck!!
  14. RR2012

    Got the call mountain goat

    Wow!! Outstanding is all I can say.
  15. RR2012

    Anyone here an expert judge of bison?

    Great bull congrats to her!
  16. RR2012

    Cameron’s biggest buck yet.

    For sure a smoker buck!! Congrats
  17. RR2012

    WoW Buck

    Crazy buck for sure. Congrats to the hunter!
  18. RR2012

    My opening day buck.

    Great buck! Congratulations
  19. RR2012

    Bulls and Bear

    👍🏼Nice pics
  20. RR2012

    The beast is home

    Awesome mount! It is a beast! Thanks for sharing.
  21. RR2012

    Lab/hound mix lost while scouting for goats in the Uinta West Unit 6/28

    Amazing he made it that long!! Great to see him back home.
  22. RR2012

    What will it score?

    Cool story and great job on your daughter taking a super buck!! Score doesn’t mater at all! Scores enough.
  23. RR2012

    Thorn antler

    Very nice find!
  24. RR2012

    Going to try So Texas again

    Following!! Best of luck.
  25. RR2012

    A couple good bucks back.

    Super bucks bud!! Keep up the good work.
  26. RR2012

    Sad news about my Best Friend

    So sorry for your loss. Condolences to your family.
  27. RR2012

    In what state did you score on your best bull?

    New Mexico muzzleloader has been good to me.
  28. New Mexico Muzzleloader Bull Elk

    New Mexico Muzzleloader Bull Elk

    What a bull! Member, RR2012, shared this big bull pic in a good thread in the Elk Forum called, "In what state did you score on your best bull?" See it right here...>>>
  29. RR2012

    For Sale Binocular Harnesses

    Pm sent
  30. RR2012

    South Dakota Cheater Buck

    Great buck!! Congrats to the hunter.
  31. RR2012

    A very cool giant buck mount.

    I agree one of the best/unique mounts I’ve seen. Love it.
  32. RR2012

    Big Buck!

    Great buck.... absolutely sending one.
  33. RR2012

    22 inch spread

    Very nice indeed!!
  34. RR2012

    3 Wyoming Bulls

    Great year for all!! Thanks for sharing.
  35. RR2012

    Not the first to the neighborhood...

    That’s so cool! Jealous
  36. RR2012

    Idaho Sheep Herder

    Awesome pic
  37. RR2012

    Getting excited

    Absolutely hope you get a crack at one of them!! Please post it when you do. Good luck!!
  38. RR2012

    10 Days of Desert Sheep Hunting

    Awesome ram! Sounds like he earned it for sure. Congrats
  39. RR2012

    My 2020 Colorado Buck

    Great buck partner!! Congratulations
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