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  1. HalfAce

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    He’s a stud buck. Love the main beams.
  2. HalfAce

    Let's See Those Bulls! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    2021 OTC unit bull. I think I missed this guy 2 years ago, saw him briefly last year, and got another chance at him this year.
  3. 3DF94433-2493-4619-9317-1B221ADB3EF9.jpeg


  4. HalfAce

    My '21 General Utah buck.

    Definitely looks like the bucks are related. Great general buck.
  5. HalfAce

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Super stud buck!!
  6. HalfAce

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Great bull!
  7. HalfAce

    San Juan, Elk Ridge Deer Pics

    Awesome buck.
  8. HalfAce

    My 12AW Champ hunt buck

    Great buck in some tough thick country!
  9. HalfAce

    Results are in

    Unsuccessful for both elk and deer.
  10. HalfAce

    If you could only hunt one?

    Ide move from California to Colorado, and take a mule deer buck tag each year.
  11. HalfAce

    Probably the Last Reminder

    In for late “mountain lying down” deer
  12. HalfAce

    Deer area 34. I’m going all in for it. I just want to hunt this area.

    I considered that unit a few years ago, and got the feeling the limited quota was not for growing trophy bucks but more for keeping that place from getting shot out. Whatever the reality is, there’s always a couple big bucks in any unit.
  13. HalfAce

    Idaho Draws

    I’m back in after being in the penalty box for deer. In for a glory deer tag and mid range elk hunt.
  14. HalfAce

    Age of dad’s bull

    Good bull!
  15. HalfAce

    draw results

    Shark week.
  16. HalfAce

    Montana Spring Bear Success

    You guys are killers! Nicely done.
  17. HalfAce

    12a elk

    So a guy can go pick up this tag right now for $35?
  18. HalfAce

    Area 54 Archery Unlimited -- DEER

    Early rifle deer 2019, I saw 6 lions with my own eyes in 3 days. Never seen one before that. I saw fewer bucks, only 5. Mbogo, I also saw a female with 3 kittens. That place is a cat factory. No wonder the deer are disappearing. I made a play to try and kill one but that creep disappeared on me.
  19. HalfAce

    Area 54 Archery Unlimited -- DEER

    54 deer have taken a colossal nosedive the last 7-8 years. I can’t believe IDFG had let it slide to that level. If anyone here wants to spot, stalk and shoot a mountain lion, this is your unit. No dogs required.
  20. HalfAce

    Nice back country bucks

    That heavy bastard in the snow 😍 love those main beams. Great bucks.
  21. HalfAce

    Sad news about my Best Friend

    Dan, I’m sorry to hear that. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  22. HalfAce

    Wyoming archery success!

    He’s a good one. Congrats dude.
  23. HalfAce

    My 2020 antelope back from the taxidermist

    Sweet buck dude. That mount looks great.
  24. HalfAce

    When are most big bucks killed?

    I took 2 mature bucks last fall. One spot and stalk about 45 minutes before dark, the other still hunting mid day. Spotted a giant early one morning too. So they’re all over the map.
  25. HalfAce

    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    Point only. I’m a few years out of the hunt I want. Cant wait to just put in for a general hunt.
  26. HalfAce

    Is it the same buck?

    Same buck.
  27. HalfAce

    Nice buck for CA

    Ide shoot that buck with any tag I can feasibly draw. Thanks for sharing him.
  28. HalfAce

    2020 Muley......

    What caliber of buck you lookin’ for Ute?
  29. HalfAce

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

  30. 7601ACA3-F5C4-41E3-B466-E67F8B991964.jpeg


  31. A01A5572-4D73-4AB9-9525-83FBA0E82459.jpeg


  32. A233C91B-F5AC-442F-ACDC-1F935AA32D7D.jpeg


  33. HalfAce

    More Trophies Photo Contest ... Bino Harness Prize!

    2020 November rifle buck
  34. 5B9D1E21-A893-4EE2-A92A-B23BAF6BE68D.jpeg


  35. HalfAce

    More Trophies Photo Contest ... Bino Harness Prize!

    2020 October rifle buck
  36. 5E2C30BD-916A-4840-89A3-21486FEDBAEF.jpeg


  37. HalfAce

    Wyoming desert deer

    DONT! Dont do it! Save yourself the time, money and frustration. Stay away. 😂 General season desert deer hunts that are a true desert hunt have few deer. If you are okay with not having to see a deer every day, then that hunt could be for you. When you do find a deer it may be a doe. When you...
  38. HalfAce

    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    There’s a lot of bulls like that on general hunts that a guy can hunt each year if not every other. Ide be passing that on an LE tag.
  39. HalfAce

    Dad's Elk Success

    Wooow... what a toad! What a perfect hunt with your dad.
  40. HalfAce

    First muley!!

    That’s an awesome buck, even more a first buck!
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