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  1. Millsworks

    How is the mule deer season going?

    Whats your mule deer hunts been like this year, and in what area? Weather been mostly warm lately i believe. Sure was windy and nasty for a few days though, and a little snow. Any nice buck pics?
  2. Millsworks

    Bird hunting near Sheridan?

    Would like to find some grouse and Hunns near the big horns south of Sheridan. Taking a disabled marine this October. Be great to have a general starting point. Thanks for any information.
  3. Millsworks

    NW Wyoming's weather outlook

    Anyone know the current snow accumulation in and around the Beartooth Highway near Crandell. And what are the weather forecasters saying for the upcoming week and weekend of the 12th ? Appreciate any information.
  4. Millsworks

    Pair of Garmin rhino 650

    Hey guys over on the Hunt Talk forum there are a pair of rhinos for sale for around $500. Seems like a great deal for a couple of buddies or a father son hunt. Just thought someone here may be interested in these.
  5. Millsworks

    Coyote trapping Crandell Wy

    Any coyote trappers around Sunlight/Crandell have any advice on baits or lures that worked for them in the NW Wyoming area?
  6. Millsworks

    Merry Christmas

    Hopefully everyone is spending some time with family and friends this Christmas season.
  7. Millsworks

    Happy holidays

    Hope everyone is having a good holiday season and enjoying time with family and friends this Christmas. Merry Christmas guys
  8. Millsworks

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Wishing all a safe and happy holiday season.
  9. Millsworks

    Wyoming moose area 11 hunters

    Anyone still looking for a moose to fill your area 11 tag in Wyoming? Saw a great bull third week of October. Would be happy to give info on where it was seen last. Message me here if you're interested. Not likely for me to ever draw a moose tag. Sure was a good looking bull though. I think the...
  10. Millsworks

    Fishing in the Beartooth Highway area

    Anyone out there spent much time fishing off the Beartooth Highway in Wyoming? Do you mostly catch small trout? I have planned on doing a little fishing this fall and would like to plan a future family trip one summer. Would love to see some pictures. Thanks for your time to give any word on the...
  11. Millsworks

    Deprimming tool

    Started using a separate de-escalate primer tool several months ago. Love this thing. Was breaking decapper stem on the RCBS periodically. This solves that. Highly recommend.
  12. Millsworks


    Looks like I drew leftover antelope. Hope some of you guys got what you were after.
  13. Millsworks

    Deer unit 120

    This unit looks like it has some great deer potential, but I see it appears to be a lot easier to draw than it's neighbors. Has anyone out there hunted this unit in recent years? The access to the walk-in area doesn't seem unusually difficult. Not a big area to hunt in comparison to others ...
  14. Millsworks

    Trail camera use Wyoming

    Not really clear on the regs. of the use of trail cameras in the National Forest and in Wilderness areas in Wyoming during the hunting season. I do plan to call game and fish, but they're a little busy this time of year and the lines have been busy. Anyone have the word on this?
  15. Millsworks

    Summer pastimes

    Anyone else use the summer to squeeze in some shooting and load development? I try to avoid the really hot days, but I find I sometimes have to make use of whatever time I can get. One of the most enjoyable things to burn some time on in my opinion. What you guys shooting this year?
  16. Millsworks

    Wyoming leftovers

    Hope all got put in for anything they were after in the leftover drawing. Guess we'll see how it goes soon enough. Wish all luck.
  17. Millsworks

    What about deer drives

    What do you guys think about deer drives? Are there any western states that they are illigal in? I think they are usefull in certain situations, but not all. Anyone have a bad experience with a drive messing up their hunts?
  18. Millsworks

    Great year in Wyoming

    Looks like from what I'm reading and have heard that it might be not the best for muleys and antelope, but Elk seem to be doing very well. Lots of snow melt could carry moisture long into the summer and could be some great horn growth. Also good amounts of 4yr. and older bulls going in to the...
  19. Millsworks

    Thanks guys

    Really would like to thank all that have given information and help to me and others on this forum. I appreciate it greatly and will post any and all help I can in the future to return the favor. Also thanks to any and all for the condolences for my son. He would have thanked you too. He was a...
  20. Millsworks

    Walk in area near Clark

    Anyone spend much time in the walk in area near Clark ? Might wonder around in there this fall. Looks like the access road comes in from Montana though. Is there a place a guy could park that will let me walk to the public that's in Wyoming? Thanks if you know anything that can help. I do...
  21. Millsworks


    Math seems more important than hunting here recently. Thought the purpose of a hunt forum was to help each other out when you can and try to learn a few things in the process. Maybe even bring a few people together and make some friends. Lots of public land in Wyoming. Lots of that is federal...
  22. Millsworks

    Region F Wyoming here we come

    Anyone else get a F tag? What part are you concentrating on hunting and what time of year will you be there?
  23. Millsworks

    Cow elk Wyoming unit 34 or 35?

    Anyone hunted or seen cow elk in either these units? Wich one would you hunt for a cow , end of October? Thanks for any input. Good luck too all this season.
  24. Millsworks

    Hornady ELD-X 178gr. Load

    I'm about to start a new load for my old model 70 with the newer Hornady ELD-X 178gr. Bullets. It's chambered in 300 win. mag. and I've modified the mag well box to get the space needed to seat long if needed. Anyone have experience with this cartridge and bullet? Planning on Alliant R-22 or...
  25. Millsworks

    How's the greens?

    Any see how the mountains are greening up in Northwestern Wyoming? Is most of the snow off now? Bet the veiw along the Beartooth Highway is magnificent. See any deer starting a decent set of antlers? How is it around Sunlight basin?
  26. Millsworks

    Too much gun

    I have an elk hunt planned this fall. When people ask me what rifle I plan to use, I tell them. A 300 Winchester Magnum. Many say that's just too much gun. I shoot that rifle well and use it often. As a reloader I believe I can match the load to the game and even use it on coyote and Eastern...
  27. Millsworks

    Powder river deer region C

    Here there are lots of deer along the powder river area of region C. Planning an antelope hunt in unit 22 and wonder if anyone has deer hunted there in the past. I plan to scout it for deer while on antelope hunt. Are there mostly whitetail there and does anyone see many deer there? Thanks for...
  28. Millsworks

    Bear burners for back country

    Looking to possibly get a lightweight electric fence set up for a bivy/ back pack camp protector. Have electric fence for live stock and garden. Not sure a battery operated fence is gonna have the wap it needs. Anyone have experience with this in grizzly country? The extra weight alone makes me...
  29. Millsworks

    Wyoming unit 22 Antelope

    Anyone have experience hunting Antelope or deer on the BLM in 22 along the powder river. Thinking of scouting there this fall. Might walk it with an antelope tag in my pocket if I can get some info gathered. Can private access be had with a trespass fee? Thanks.
  30. Millsworks

    Witch gen. region deer do you like?

    LAST EDITED ON May-11-17 AT 03:20PM (MST)[p]Region X, F, or Y Wyoming deer? What do you guys out there think? I seem to like F but I'm sure there are some people who think I'm crazy.
  31. Millsworks

    Wyoming 51 type-2 wilderness

    Any hunters out there take an elk in the wilderness part of the Beartooth in northwestern Wy? Maybe you could post some pictures of your hunt. I have given thought to going guided this fall,but would like some input from a few people first. Hopefully residents who have been up there or any...
  32. Millsworks

    Which Utah deer area?

    Looking at general deer muzzleloader hunt. What area would you guys say is better and how many points should get me a tag. Wasatch Mtns. West or East is where I'm looking at and having trouble figuring out how many points for good chance at drawing. This year I'm just getting started buying...
  33. Millsworks

    Northwest Wy Bear hunt?

    Any question asked about hunting in area above Sunlight in Beartooths is usually answered with a comment about the grizzlys up there. Any one see any black bear while hunting or hiking there? Wondered if would be good to have a black bear tag while I'm there hunting elk. Hope grizzly season in...
  34. Millsworks

    Goat hunters NW Wy

    Any of you guys that have hunted goats in the Beartooth area of WY see many elk there? Some have claimed to only see elk in these places during early September. I have a hunt for elk planned this October and curious if it was worth hiking the more sheep and goats spots.
  35. Millsworks

    Wyoming reg.F

    My son and I are doing elk hunt in northwest WY above sunlight.Are there enough good bucks up there to try for a combo.would it be better muley area south of our elk unit, maybe hour or so drive radius is doable? Any advise is appreciated. Enjoy seeing you guys help out fellow hunters on this...
  36. Millsworks

    Wyoming elk 51 type-2

    My son and I drew elk tag north of sunlight Crandall area.We plan on hunting full month of Oct. and hope maybe some one can point us in general to where we should start our hike to look for sighn. We certainly respect the big brown critters that are out there, but we are in for the long...
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