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    400+ inch Bull killed

    Looks like Lee and Craig found a good one! It’s been pretty quiet on the Arizona 2021 Bull archery season. Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters! Great outfitters there!
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    WTB unit 66 2nd rifle bull elk tag CO

    Looking for a unit wide bull elk tag for unit 66 Colorado 2nd season rifle 6613012936
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    WTB unit 66 elk 2nd season tag co

    Looking for a unit wide 66 bull elk tag for 2nd rifle Colorad. 6613012936
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    For Sale Leupold VX3i 6.5-20x50 CDS Target NIB

    100% new in box with plastic, unopened. 30 mm Fine Duplex reticle 80 moa elevation 20 oz weight $775 shipped Dan 6613012936
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    For Sale Honda 500 Pioneer

    2021 model. Like new! Still under warranty. These now are hard to get and have gone up in price to close to $11,500 with taxes and fees. Just call and ask around!Used on one vacation outing last season! Added a heavy, duty cargo box on the rear that can take out a full quartered elk out and...
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    You ever notice?

    You know I have reached out to fellow members in regards to hunting gear or opinions with draw information and statistical data, but when you try to single out someone who has asked for help in the past for help on hunting units, or past experiences where members have needed help, they go silent...
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    Deadline to change my Donation amount for Colorado Fish and Willdlife?

    I want to change my $3 donation? How do I change it with the exstension?
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    WTB New Mexico Elk tag

    Looking for a unit wide tag for a DYI hunt. I have a unit in mind if you could please contact me! Thankyou Daniel 6613012936
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    Leica HD PLUS Ultravid 10x50 NIB

    NIB. Purchased in March of 2020 from Leica. These are the HD Plus model with the Schott glass that transmits 2-3% more light then standard HDS and is used in the Noctovids as well! 35 oz and close to 360 fov at 1000 $1775 obo shipped 6613012936
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    For Sale Swarovski 20-60 eyepiece sts/ats $435 shipped

    Like New! Absolutely no scratches or dust particles on lenses! $435 shipped obo 6613012936
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    SOLD Leica 12x50 HD Ultravid $1650 obo

    In excellent condition! Lens are pristine with no scratches or even fiber hairs. Comes with outdoorsmans Bino stud and Leica case and paperwork! $1650obo Daniel 6613012936
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    Wanted Leica Ultravid HD PLUS 12x50

    Looking for a pair of HD Plus 12x50 Leica Ultravid. They have to be the Plus model. Looking to buy before November. Thankyou 6613012936
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    SOLD Kowa Prominar 773 NIB

    New in Box Kowa TSN 773 angled spotter. 5 months old. Comes with unfilled warranty card and protective case. Has never left the house! Best spotter for weight in my opinion! $1875 obo
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    SOLD Outdoorsmans Medium Tripod

    Like New! Standard Post. $315 shipped 6613012936
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    2020 New Mexico, Arizona archery Elk hunt recaps

    Haven’t seen or heard much this archery season. Only a few elk shot, but no monsters like usual with the bigger outfitters like A3?????? Was the rut and elk encounters with large elk that bad this year? Was the rut behind or did the hot weather prior to September cause an erratic estrus cycle...
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    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    Any one hear of a big bull over 400 killed on freeway
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    Lets see those NM archery bulls!

    something has to be down now?
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    For Sale Meopta Meostar B1 HD 15x56 LNIB

    1 year old! Mint condition. Have only been used to glass outside in the yard! Has the Meopta warranty! These are the newest Meopta model $1175 6613012936
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    SOLD Swarovski HD SLC 10x42

    In mint condition! Have sat in safe for past few years! Glass is pristine! Can’t find dust or hair on them! All accessories and box 6613012936 $1250 shipped
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    Wanted Leica 12x50 HD Plus

    Looking for a pair of Leica HD Plus 12x50 Ultravids. And of course H1000 powder! 6613012936
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    For Sale Outdoorsmans Spur 50 Pack

    NIB. Never used. 3 months old. $260 shipped 661-301-2936
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    For Sale Stone Glacier Approach 1800 Bag

    NIB. Never used! $180 tyd 661-301-2936
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    Wanted Swarovski 10x42 SLC HD or Leica 10x42 ultravids plus

    Looking for a used but clean pair of either model. Thankyou 661-301-2936
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    For Sale Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20x50 scopes

    I have 2 like New Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond scopes. Each has the numbered MOA turrets and both elevation and windage have protected caps. Lens and body are absolutely scratch free. Looking to get $900 a piece or $1700 for both shipped. Thankyou Daniel 661-301-2936
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    For Sale Swarovski atx,stx 65mm NIB

    Purchased in September 2019. Has never been taken hunting. Is sitting in my safe. All paperwork,stickers, registration card inside. They don’t come newer! $800
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    Wanted Retumbo powder

    Any size container will pay top dollar Daniel 661-301-2936
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    For Sale Leica Rangemaster 2000B

    NIB. Has barometer, temperature, and inclination out to 1200 yards. Selling because I have a set of geovids $315 TYD 661-301-2936
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    For Sale Swarovski HD SLC 10x42

    NIB. Purchased new from GoHunt in December 2019. Have receipt. These are as new in box as they get! Selling to go to a 10x50. $1400 tyd Daniel 661-301-2936
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    Wanted Leica 10x50 ultravids hd or HD’s+

    Wanting to buy a nice used pair of 10x50 ultravids HD’s or hd+ Please text me at16613012936 Daniel
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    Wanted Leica 10x50 ultravid hd or +

    Looking for a nice pair of 10x50 Leica ultravid hd or hd+ Thankyou Daniel 661-301-2936
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    Leupold 3iLRP 6.5-20x50 TMOA

    NIB. never been mounted on gun! $725 obo Daniel 661-301-2936
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    Leica Trinovid 2012-15 Model

    NIB. Purchased in 2019. Have all papers and accessories. This model has the same lens and coatings of the ultravids making them more clearer then the new Trinovid HDs $700 obo 661-301-2936
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    Leica 10x50 Ultravids BR $1000 obo

    In very good condition. Were fully inspected 16 months ago by Leica. Outdoorsmans stud included. 661-301-2936 $1000 obo
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    Leica APO 65 25-50ww with 1.8x extender

    Like New. Comes with the Leica cordura case. $2300 takes it all Daniel 661-301-2936
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    SOLD Swarovski STX ocular NIB

    Decided to go angle. Never used! $1950 daniel 661-301-2936
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    Leica HD Geovid 15x56 NIB

    NIB. Has eHr function and the HD lenses which are hard to find. $1750 Daniel 661-301-2936
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    Swarovski BTX with 85 mm objective

    Like new in box. Have never hunted with it. Only looked at birds on the driveway. Stored in safe and have all original packaging. Would like to sell as package. Also have the 1.7x extender. $3750 for all. Can text photos and upload pics tonight. Daniel 661-301-2936
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    Meopta Meostar B1 HD12x50 and 15x56s

    Both pair were purchased earlier this year. Both are NIB and have never left the house. Will upload photos and packaging this afternoon. Selling both in order to purchase a Swaro BTX. $1125 for 12xs and $1175 for 15xs. Daniel 661-301-2936
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    WTB Leica Rangefinder

    Rangemaster b 2000 preferably Daniel 661-301-2936
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