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  1. Uttaxi1

    Nice Tom

    Hot off the press. This one is another first for me. Never attempted a lifesize mnt lion before. Really pleased how it turned out.
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  6. Uttaxi1

    A novel concept last night...

    Looks tasty.
  7. Uttaxi1

    Chicken Kabobs, Roasted Spuds, And Salad

    Looks delicious. You and outdoor writer never disappoint. Wish I had more time to spend in the kitchen.
  8. Uttaxi1

    Shiras cape

    Where are you located. Give me a call 8018568506. I could probably find a home for it. Thanks Ross
  9. Uttaxi1

    First time for everything

    There is some artificial pine on the actual bas. The background is just a pine bush I have in my yard. The lighting was nice yesterday when the clouds were out between snow squalls. I just take pics with my phone and however they turn out they turn out. I'm not a huge fan of studio pics of...
  10. Uttaxi1

    First time for everything

    Just finished up this one. It was my first attempt at a wolf but overall really pleased with the outcome.
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  15. Uttaxi1

    Utah Axis Deer Taxidermy Recommendations

    Pm sent
  16. Uttaxi1

    Dad got his billy

    Great memories right there!!
  17. Uttaxi1

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Awesome job, a hunt with good company is hard to beat.
  18. Uttaxi1

    Southwest Desert Pronghorn Help

    Way to stick it out. Always fun to meet new people along nthe way.
  19. Uttaxi1

    Beef Ribs

    That looks delicious. Nothing better than meat over a flame.
  20. Uttaxi1

    Why so long..?

    Great question, as far as turn around time goes with taxidermy. It can be a multitude of things. There has been a major shut down of several big tanneries that normally take 4-6 months to turn around hides and is now taking over a year. Some shops don't have their skins back from last year. The...
  21. Uttaxi1

    Blessed with Family Time - Rib-Eye Celebration

    Perfectly executed!! Looks delicious, my mouth is watering.
  22. Uttaxi1

    Book Cliffs Muzzy Advice

    Pm sent
  23. Uttaxi1

    Utah Axis Deer Taxidermy Recommendations

    I have mounted several, but I don't have any pics as I lost them on my old phone. I'm at a 6 month turn around right now. You can see some of my work on previous posts. Any other questions feel free to call or text. Ross Richard Tall Timbers Taxidermy 8018568506
  24. Uttaxi1

    Short Tail

    Nice Utah Bobcat just finished up.
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  26. Uttaxi1

    Ram down!!!!!

    I sure hope he isn't boiling to get the horn sheaths off the horn cores. It cooks the oil from the skull into the horns and changes the color. Sheep need to be rotted off and disinfected. Then you can beetle, macerate or boil after that. Just my $.02. Sounds like a great adventure, congrats...
  27. Uttaxi1

    I need 6.5 creedmoor brass

    Buzz, check your pm
  28. Uttaxi1

    Best French Dips EVER!!

    Agreed!! Best part of cooking a sirloin or rib roast.
  29. Uttaxi1

    Freaky Friday

    Just put the final touches of this one. Who would be shooting? Have a great weekend. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 801-856-8506 6 month turn around!!
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  32. Uttaxi1

    Old Mexico

    Giant 3 point taken with Old Mexico Hunting Company. Full pedestal with desert habitat on a barnwood base. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 8018568506 6 month turn around.
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  36. Uttaxi1

    Texas Safari

    Just put the final touches on a couple of Texas Safari's. Something a little different from the normal muleys and elk. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 6 month turn around 8018568606
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