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  1. Focoelkman

    My '21 General Utah buck.

    I think your deer might be as big as your archery elk! Great bucks!! Fine job man, congrats!
  2. Focoelkman

    Need help scoring this buck...

    75 starts out good shoot it!!! And see
  3. Focoelkman

    WY Ram Success

    Excellent work!! Well done! Great day it looked like too!
  4. Focoelkman

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    God bless you all - what a thrill! That smile says a lot! Great job.
  5. Focoelkman


    Good luck - put em down!
  6. Focoelkman

    New to

    Welcome - thank you for your Service! Good luck 3rd : should be good!
  7. Focoelkman

    If yer gonna shoot it....

    Nice work DW. Surprised the snow melted ? It could be they lost track of their meat,? but. Probably a scummer that ran out of gas. Congrats on your bull sir. Nice meat pole
  8. Focoelkman

    New rifle for general purpose

    Good luck: Browning is a fine choice. I don’t shoot breaks, sounds like a good choice. Does your son shoot shotguns?, how does he do with a 12 on goose loads?
  9. Focoelkman

    Backpack suggestions for Christmas

    MR is a great pack.
  10. Focoelkman

    Another Buck on the Wall

    Nice work - congrats!!
  11. Focoelkman

    A couple tags filled 😎

    Excellent : looks like a pretty sweet day! Congrats on a great buck!
  12. Focoelkman

    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    Indeed - nice work fellas!
  13. Focoelkman

    Last Minute G3 Goat Opportunity

    Don’t apologize- that’s fantastic and congrats!!! What a thrill!
  14. Focoelkman

    Anybody in PHX Got Lawnmower Goats to Rent??

    That’s unreal -
  15. Focoelkman

    post up 320-330 bulls

    Maybe close , don’t score stuff but might be in the range ?
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  18. Focoelkman

    post up 320-330 bulls

    Sweet thread - great post and pics fellas! Good luck 👍
  19. Focoelkman

    Where to Buy OTC Archery Tag after start of season?

    Lmao yeah re-watch fresh tricks by never new berg again. What a joke
  20. Focoelkman

    Back pack to do it all for my son?

    A nice little pack -?, internal or external. Wait a couple years. Then- Luke is spot on.
  21. Focoelkman

    Who here is a well rounded hunter?

    Lol thank you !
  22. Focoelkman

    Who here is a well rounded hunter?

    I like it all - never trapped though, and don’t dine on swine.
  23. Focoelkman

    In the market for a new game cooler

    The Engel 80 arrived today, and very happy: not heavy sturdy with great handles latches etc. Now testing 3 frozen jugs in the sun, hopefully it gets bloody this weekend.
  24. Focoelkman

    In the market for a new game cooler

    I just ordered an Engel 80 , been looking a while, RTIC had limited supplies. I also looked at Hooked.
  25. Focoelkman

    Torn Meniscus....?

    Lol. There are vitamins in good beer ?, no. Blue Emu baby ! Advocate for it. And ibuprofen is all. Haven’t used but KT tape might be great to try? Only used supplements in college because we got them free as athletes. If anything get a cortisone shot. Maybe one of these docs can confirm
  26. Focoelkman

    Torn Meniscus....?

    Hey Wisz-yep, laid completely off leg(s). Did upper body. Can’t really stretch the knee : but calves, hams, quads and lower back of all kinds. Elevate with ice even when it feels nice. Used a pillow under the knee quite a bit. Good luck and speedy recovery sir.
  27. Focoelkman

    Torn Meniscus....?

    I buggered up mine several years ago too , just like you explain. Almost felt like my knee cap was loose. Little clicking and pressure. Was a month before elk season. Self prescribed rest, ice and stretching. Used one of those pull over knee braces that seemed to help with stability. A week...
  28. Focoelkman

    Moderate weather clothing

    Get some great base layers for cold and a good rain set to keep ya dry that weighs nothing. You’ll be fine !
  29. Focoelkman

    NM antelope!

    Dandy! Congrats to you sir!
  30. Focoelkman

    Book Cliffs Bison-Bull Down!!

    That is super cool! Congrats! Amazing trophy !
  31. Focoelkman

    Unit 19

    I think a lot of experience is out the window . Access and fire and flood makes things tough. Animals are finding green meadows though! The opportunity , as you said with your son chasing big game in that unit will be fun!
  32. Focoelkman

    Stolen Ground Blind

    That sucks - sorry to hear about that.
  33. Focoelkman

    Holy 3rds

    Gets the juices flowing regardless of angle - if it’s this year it’s. BA! Way to go !
  34. Focoelkman

    161 Antelope

    Have you heard of a PM?, or phone conversation. Never ceases to amaze , the stupidity shown on messenger boards??? Guys complain about tags, leftovers and competition to get em. I bet you know where to find the wolves too? One can assume where you moved here from, who you voted for, and you...
  35. Focoelkman

    Antelope 2 / youth hunter 0

    Second trip out archery antelope, and came up empty. Did find a bruiser late, and had a nice fly by to end the evening. Sorry for the fuzzy bad picture through the binocs.
  36. Focoelkman


    Hahahaha - Great stuff! Good luck folks!
  37. Focoelkman

    Spot n stalk archery antelope success

    Spot and stalking is tough. My son loves it though - we had a real fun opener and couple days before his school started up.
  38. Focoelkman

    Spot n stalk archery antelope success

    Awesome !! I was going to start a thread and ask who’s got one down! Gorgeous shots and congrats sir! Sweet start!
  39. Focoelkman

    161 moose

    That’s ridiculous ! It’s a great unit! Lots of access! Good luck.
  40. Focoelkman

    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    Thor it is.
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