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    1st rifle report

    Post up any 1st rifle reports or success! I wasnt able to make the trip this year.
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    Unit 76 Landowner tag

    Anyone know a contact for unit 76 bull elk tag? Looking for Muzzy,1st or 2nd rifle thanks
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    34 Deer

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-05-19 AT 03:56AM (MST)[p].
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    Rifle elk tactics

    What are your tactics for 1st season rifle elk? Get high and glass? Find a good spot to sit and wait for the pressure to push well to you? Still hunt timber? I will be hunting the White River units between Glenwood Springs and Meeker so there will be alot of pressure.
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    Federal Fusion on elk?

    My dad shoots a .300 Win and is currently shooting the 165 grain fusions for deer. He plans on taking the same bullet elk hunting this year anyone use this bullet on elk? Is it tough enough or should I talk him into something tougher? Or am I overthinking things?
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    Horn hunter main beam pack

    Has anyone used this pack? I'm looking to upgrade from my old Wally world backpack and am thinking about this pack. I realize its probably not at the same level as some of the high end packs but looks like it might be a good buy for around $150. This would be used for a day pack hunting from the...
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    Leftover license and qualifying license

    I'm sure its here some where but I can't find a solid answer if I buy a leftover license will I need to buy the small game "qualifying" license? I read if you buy an OTC tag you don't need the small game can't find where it says anything about needing it for a leftover thanks.
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    BLM maps

    Does anybody know where I can find BLM maps with trails marked kinda like the forest service has the MVUM maps. I looked on the BLM website and also the Colorado Dow atlas and they are not showing any trails where I know there are some.(I believe these are legitimate trails not just some...
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    3rd season pressure

    Will hopefully be hunting deer 3rd season next year in a unit that is OTC for elk. (Hunted hard otc) We live a 20 hour drive away and only so much vacation time. Do you think we are better off getting there the Thursday before season start and hunting till Thursday(1.5 days scouting, 6 days...
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    3rd season mule deer elevation

    Just wondering what elevation you guys hunt mule deer during 3rd season. I've been watching some YouTube videos and it seems some guys hunt low on the sagebrush/oakbrush while other guys are still up higher in the aspen/dark timber mix. I'm sure snow/weather conditions make it different from...
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    Oct elk water?

    Doing some more map scouting for my 1st rifle elk hunt and I am wondering what/where elk will be getting water from at this time of year. Creeks? Water holes? Anyone setup over waterholes during 1st rifle like they do during archery season? This is for a hunt in a limited unit so not alot of...
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    Spotting scope for elk?

    Just wondering who uses a spotting scope for elk rifle season? Living in the Midwest we don't have a need for them but was just wondering if you guys use them hunting or if binoculars are good enough. Was thinking of renting a pair of Swarovskis with a tripod just don't know if they would just...
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    CO 1st rifle report

    1st rifle season is wrapping up so how did everyone due? I was unable to make the trip this year but am already looking forward to next year!
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    White River elk 1st season

    Just wondering who is headed out to hunt the 1st rifle season in the infamous White River units. Due to job changes and other obligations i will not be making the one way 1000 mile journey (from Wisconsin)this year and already miss it. Feel free to post any stories or pics to help a guy get...
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    Elk unit45 Type 9 dates

    Hey guys drew this tag and was wondering what week you would hunt. The 7-15 or 14-21? Go early and avoid the type 1 crossover guys or later with better rut activity but more hunters....?
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    Unit 1 (Archery) Elk

    I'm thinking of applying for unit 1 non-res elk tag. I have max points so have a decent chance of drawing. Have nver been to this area and am thinking of a bow hunt in this area. I see it has alot less private/more public than 116 and 117. I've heard the elk are mostly on private in these 2...
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    Bighorns bugling report

    Hows the bugling/rut going in the Bighorns right now?
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    2010 Harvest report

    Anyone know when they are gonna have the 2010 harvest reprts on the wyoming website? You would think they would have it up by now!
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    GPS coordinates

    Anyone know of a website where you can click on a map and get the coordinates. I then take the coordinates and put them in my gps and mark on my map certain places of interest. Topozone used to have this for free but doesnt anymore. Anyone know any sites that have this for free?
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    Antelope around Buffalo

    I will be hunting with my dad who has an elk tag near Buffalo and was wondering about getting a left over antelope doe tag if possbile for a nearby unit. It looks like unit 102 always has leftovers but is almost all private. The only public spots i see are a big chunk by Kingsbury ridge maybe...
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    Bighorns Elk Dates?

    I drew a type 1 tag for a unit in the Bighorns and I'm still debating which week to hunt. I'll be comming from Wisconsin and have a week and a half vacation to use. If you were in my situation would you get there a couple days before the opener(Oct15th) scout a few days and end up actually...
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    Unit 35

    Me and my dad both drew this tag with max points and I'm wondering if anyone has any info to share. Not looking for any free handouts or gps cords to your honey hole just general info. I would be more than happy to share info on colorado unit 33 or 76. I have done my share of research on this...
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    Unit 76 2009

    My dad has a good chance of drawing 1st rifle this year and I know there were several on here that hunted 76 this year , just wondering how everybody did. Lets here some storys and maybe some pics!
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    1st Rifle countdown

    Getting a little ansty around here looking at all the archery and muzzleloader reports. I'll be heading out from the midwest (to NW Co)with an E/S 1st rifle tag to an area I've hunted several times 2nd and 3rd season for either elk or mulies. Looking forward to hunting them "first" hopefully...
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    Aspen conditions in 1st rifle NW CO

    Will be hunting 1st season around Glennwood Springs and was just wondering if the aspens will have dropped there leaves by then or will will they still on?
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    300 RUM 150 grain Sciroccos

    Has anyone used these for elk? My buddy is dead set on using them and I wonder about penitration.
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    Hornady light mag?

    Has anyone shot these through a chrony to verify velocity? I was thinking of using the 140 BTSP light mags for elk this year out of my .270 and was wondering if they actually shoot at 3100 muzzle velocity as claimed.
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