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  1. Outdoordan

    Another spot the deer post

    Ok. This is going to be a tough one. For you "hard core" glassers, can you pick this buck out? BTW - we named him "Elliott".
  2. Outdoordan

    Antelope Shank Adobado

    Adobo from scratch, this year's antelope shanks. Yum, the best ever.
  3. Outdoordan

    Spot n stalk archery antelope success

    Got lucky on a decent buck opening day. Pulled 2 cards from my cameras and they were filled with elk. I think this means I'll have a good year. ;)
  4. Outdoordan

    Lil Carny's Hunting Adventures on Youtube

    My daughter whom we affectionately call "Lil Carny" (as in little carnivore), started expressing an interest in hunting and specifically my hunting adventures. She always ran out to meet me when I came home wondering if I had gotten anything. She would stick her fingers in the mouth, squish the...
  5. Outdoordan

    Swap Sawtooth B Tag for A Tag

    My buddy is a non-resident that has a Sawtooth B tag. He'd like to swap for an A tag if anyone is interested. PM me.
  6. Outdoordan

    Trade Sawtooth B tag for Sawtooth A tag

    My buddy is a non-resident that has a Sawtooth B tag. He'd like to swap for an A tag if anyone is interested. PM me.
  7. Outdoordan

    Hunting Fish Underwater

    Anyone like to hunt fish underwater, aka pole spearing or using a Hawaiian sling? I did this quite a bit as a kid, and as soon as I get in the water my desire never fades. It's like archery hunting underwater but with multiple targets! Burrito Grunt (the fish not me) Goatfish (again the...
  8. Outdoordan

    Now my daughter is going Bighorn Sheep hunting!

    Can't believe I can't draw a tag, but my daughter has both an Arizona Elk Tag, AND now she drew a bighorn sheep tag here in Idaho! She was born on 08/08/08 so maybe that has something to do with it? So happy to be sheep hunting again with my best hunting partner!
  9. Outdoordan

    Utah Youth Any Bull 2021

    So, I just put my daughter in for this hunt because the dates are great. However, I just read there is an UNLIMITED number of tags offered this year. I am seriously regretting doing so now, and hoping I can get an honest opinion here. Youth any bull 2021
  10. Outdoordan

    More Firsts for Daughter

    My Daughter has really gotten into hunting. She and I have a great time hunting together, and her shooting skills make it even better. This year we started with bear hunting, whereby she killed her first. Then in the fall, an elkless elk hunt turned into her first whitetail buck...
  11. Outdoordan

    First time Coues hunter and I'm Hooked!

    I always listened to friends and forum members talk about how great a time Coues are, and was like, "yeah maybe, but not as cool as Muleys". I got to try it with both myself, and my daughter, and I am sold! These little deer are FUN! First: The weather was perfect, 70's during the day...
  12. Outdoordan

    What a way to go!

    Weird. Pronghorn from Above
  13. Outdoordan

    365 wolf hunting approved effective immediately

    Some units are 11 months, which is great as well, others are 12 months. Good news for management and conservation.
  14. Outdoordan

    Idaho New Wolf Proposed Season Extensions

    Idaho has put together new proposals for extending the season on wolves. This is prompted by new population modeling that shows a marked increase in the number of wolves in Idaho. The new model shows potential numbers of wolves stand at 1,541. This number is far above the agreed upon numbers...
  15. Outdoordan

    New Wolf Management Plans

    Idaho has put together new proposals for extending the season on wolves. This is prompted by new population modeling that shows a marked increase in the number of wolves in Idaho. The new model shows potential numbers of wolves stand at 1,541. This number is far above the agreed upon numbers...
  16. Outdoordan

    Idaho - 3 bucks in 6.5 days

    With all the doom and gloom, thought I would say we found hunting decent this year. Saw does, saw fawns, saw young bucks, saw middle aged bucks, saw one old warrior buck. I took my buddy Alan out for a few days and we got him this buck. He made a great shot off his knee at 450 yards. My...
  17. Outdoordan

    Toprut now a Subscription

    Figured this was going to happen, but at $20 it's a no-brainer. 2018 data is now available.
  18. Outdoordan

    Wyoming Moose

    I posted this in the Wyoming forum. Fish Creek area Moose.
  19. Outdoordan

    Wyoming Fish Creek Moose

    Hunted hard this year. I had a Utah CWMU deer tag that didn't go as planned, a LE Utah elk tag that didn't go as planned as well. Hunted 9 days in Wyoming with a bow for a bull moose, well that didn't go as planned as well. A total of 28 days of hunting since September 4th. Finally had a...
  20. Outdoordan

    Utah's Best Hunting Tactics

    Here is a picture of some fine road hunters. There hasn't been a lick of rain in 3 months, can barely see cause of the dust. Muzzleloaders loaded, both doors of mini van open, hunters cocked and loaded. Private CWMU property on both sides for the next 3 miles. We got a pretty good chuckle...
  21. Outdoordan

    Won a Muley Hunt

    A couple/3 weeks back I got a call from the MDF. At first I thought it was a spam call, glad I didn't hang up because it looks like I won a hunt with R and K in Central Utah near Price. This was the "ultimate hunt giveaway" that they had the big raffle going at the Expo last February. I already...
  22. Outdoordan

    Winterkill 2018?

    So, seems like every other post is a doom and gloom post, however, this winter, at least in the South Central Idaho area, seems to be the mildest (so far), I have ever seen? What are you seeing?
  23. Outdoordan

    2017 Archery Strip Buck Video

    For those that were asking, and for those that weren't, lol. I just got this mixed down, and after 5 hours, uploaded to youtube. Thanks for watching.
  24. Outdoordan

    Archery Strip Buck

    So, after 11 days of hunting, I decided to punch my tag on this buck. I saw bigger (score wise), but I am a sucker for the wide ones, and at 32" he is wide. I also had the camera running, and the footage is awesome. It was a very tough hunt to do solo, as it is hot, days are long, dirty, fly's...
  25. Outdoordan

    Some cool blacktail country pictures

    From my hunt last week. Some of these are nice, thought I would share.
  26. Outdoordan

    Wild Boars VS. Isis

    Looks like the wild boars are on our side of the conflict! I wonder if they still get their virgins?
  27. Outdoordan

    Hunt Rentals

    We have seek outside tipi tents w/titanium wood stoves and offroad popup tent trailers for rent this year! Plenty of backpacking gear for rent as well. Check it out!
  28. Outdoordan

    Predator "derbies/contests" illegal in Cali

    The powers that be in the socialist republic of California have outlawed predator/coyote contests...
  29. Outdoordan

    Couple of Big OTC Idaho Bucks

    There are some good bucks left out there. Here are a couple my buddy and I took last weekend.
  30. Outdoordan

    Couple of Big OTC Idaho Bucks

    Here are a couple of bucks my buddy and I shot last weekend in a general unit The biggest one was 29" wide.
  31. Outdoordan

    Old Eastmans, Trophy Hunter, and Bugle Magazines

    I am cleaning out garage, and am boxing up my old magazines. The Eastmans are generally from 1999 to 2003 and some newer. There are about 30+ magazines. $10 plus shipping for all. Trophy Hunter magazines, I have about 20+ magazines, some as old as 1996. $10 plus shipping for all. Bugles...
  32. Outdoordan

    Unit 21/30 Colorado Archery Hunt

    I drew this tag, have had my eye on it for a while. I went scouting last weekend, and it didn't go as well as I thought it would. We didn't see the number of deer as I would have liked. We ended up in the higher/thicker country along the 21/30 edge, west of the 139. It looked like the best...
  33. Outdoordan

    2012 Idaho Backpack Bull

    I shot this bull last weekend. I had 2 other backpack trips into the area previously, and decided on this trip I would pack a saw and chair so that I could sit a wallow. After getting to the trail head Friday Night and packing up for the hike in, I ended up chasing a big 6x on the slope that...
  34. Outdoordan

    2010 Idaho Speed Goat

    My nephew Ryder, and I, had a great time hunting the speed goats this year. Sunday, we successfully snuck up and shot this buck from a group of 60 or so that were feeding in a little valley. The edge of which had a lava rimrock edge that we could lay on for a good rest. We were only about 30...
  35. Outdoordan

    Colorado Archery Buck 2010

    Shot this buck last weekend 9/10. Great hunt, saw many awesome bucks. Hunted the first week, then flew back last weekend because I didn't get it done the first week.
  36. Outdoordan

    Unit 031

    Anybody familiar with this unit? I have the archery tag. I will be scouting from my home in Boise over the next couple weeks, but would like to know if anyone has any good areas to start in.
  37. Outdoordan

    Idaho Unit 45 Archery

    Idaho's draw is up and I drew this tag. I know a little about the unit but was wondering if anyone had any additional information?
  38. Outdoordan

    Looking for a Rep. in Billings

    I am looking for a representative in Billings that has knowledge of hunting in Central and Eastern Montana, Northern Wyoming a bonus. If interested, please email me at I will explain further upon your interest.
  39. Outdoordan

    The Alaska Experiment

    Started watching this program on the Discovery Channel. Man it is so cool! The groups of people (2's and 3's) have to survive the Alaska summer-winter by hunting, gathering, and fishing. Shows hunting in a good way, and has some great drama. Great show, I hope others watch it as ratings will...
  40. Outdoordan

    My bow kill 16" montana antelope buck!

    Saw this brute two days before. Never thought I would get a chance. My buddy Norberto shot another buck from our blind. The buck he shot was liver shot and bedded about 50 yards from us. The big buck didn't want him in the same pasture, traveling about 800 yards to kick him out. Norberto's...
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