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  1. elkhunterUT

    First season elk success

    Fantastic - that is a very nice bull!
  2. elkhunterUT

    Daughter and Dad Moose Hunt

    Love it - what an awesome experience with your daughter! The bull is very nice, but pales in comparison to the memories you made with her.
  3. elkhunterUT

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Amazing buck!!
  4. elkhunterUT

    My '21 General Utah buck.

    Nice buck - congrats on a great season so far!!
  5. elkhunterUT

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Awesome Idaho buck - congrats!!
  6. elkhunterUT

    2021 Punkin Patch Buck

    Great bucks! Congrats Stu!!
  7. elkhunterUT

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Awesome!! I have a niece with an amputated leg who doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants to do. I don’t consider her situation or your daughters as one of disability, just that their abilities are different than others. Great job getting her out there and enjoying life!!
  8. elkhunterUT

    Family Fun! Thanks Wyoming

    So cool-glad you had a great experience with the whole family!!
  9. elkhunterUT

    Video Utah Shiras Archery

    Love it - so cool to capture that whole shot sequence. Amazing bull too!
  10. elkhunterUT

    WY '21

    That is a great scoring goat and his top end mass really stands out. Mass is definitely king with pronghorns. They are so hard to judge - I think a lot of guys (myself included for sure) have overlooked bucks that should be shot simply because they were short or didn't have the "look" You...
  11. elkhunterUT

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Good for her - you can't do much better than that on that hunt. Great bull!!
  12. elkhunterUT

    WY '21

    Can't beat that!! That top buck is a great one!!
  13. elkhunterUT

    Bookcliffs Muzzleloader Buck

    Congrats!! You did very well on a beautiful buck!
  14. elkhunterUT

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    Agreed - not all CWMU's are created equal. Some are great to public hunters and others are far from it.
  15. elkhunterUT

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    Great buck!! Love those dark chocolate antlers!
  16. elkhunterUT

    Daughters Southwest Desert Antelope

    So cool-congrats to your daughter on a great buck!!
  17. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    You know the answer to all those questions and I won’t dumb it down anymore for you. There is a massive difference between the exchange of money for a “finders fee” for an animal vs buying a tag or renting a hotel room to hunt. I hope you and your buddy get what you are looking for-you fit in...
  18. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    Are you this dude’s mom? There is no hypocrisy at all in what I said about Marley’s situation. Sure, guys can feel entitled due to the work and scouting that they put in on animal, but you start adding dollars to the equation and that probability compounds big time. Pimping wildlife is not good...
  19. elkhunterUT

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    You are automatic Jason and I know you aren't done yet this year. Congrats on another beautiful buck - here is to hoping you have a couple more great bucks in the near future!!
  20. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    Marley - I am glad your scenario worked out the way it did. Those guys are stand up dudes to not sell out that bull that you worked hard for to some "trigger puller". Unfortunately that scenario usually goes a different way and none of it is good. Anytime money is involved and changes hands...
  21. elkhunterUT

    2021-rifle bull elk success photo contest ?

    That is awesome-congrats on some great bulls and many memories!!
  22. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    Let me guess-you are all ardent members/cheerleaders of SFW :ROFLMAO: We obviously have a difference of opinion on this - all good.
  23. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    What "sportsman" really need to do is stop pimping wildlife at every turn. We all (myself included) should think a little broader about our actions and their impact rather than focusing on our own reward in all of this, otherwise you are nothing more than a paid mercenary.
  24. elkhunterUT

    North slope moose tag

    gotta get that finders fee one way or another, right??
  25. elkhunterUT

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    I agree hawkbill-charging someone a finders fee for an animal is lame and sends all the wrong messages (it represents everything that is wrong with hunting currently IMO). If you want to help a fellow hunter kill a good bull, good on you! If you don’t, keep the info and pics to yourself.
  26. elkhunterUT

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    I have seen pictures, but won’t share without the hunters permission. I don’t know the hunter at all-the guide that helped him is a good friend and coworker of my brothers. The bull he killed is not as big as the bull in that trailcam pic, I can tell you that much😉
  27. elkhunterUT

    AGFD -- Online Course for Lifetime Bonus Point

    I HATE this change-will only compound point creep that is already bad enough!!!
  28. elkhunterUT

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    Assuming this is Utah, the sportsman’s tag holder has already killed a bull. My brother has a bunch of points though that he is ready to burn next year-so if you want to share details privately, we could put it to good use👍🏻😉
  29. elkhunterUT

    Dads WY buck.

    All good! Makes for a good adventure👍🏻 Awesome that you got to do it with your Pops!
  30. elkhunterUT

    Dads WY buck.

    Congrats on a great buck!! I gotta be that guy-why are you dragging a deer for 3 1/2 hours when you can quarter it up and pack it out in one quick trip with 2 guys (or 1 if you are tough😉)?
  31. elkhunterUT

    Idaho Muzzy Antelope

    Congrats! Great buck. The meat looks impeccable-can’t wait to see some of your food posts with some antelope meat👍🏻
  32. elkhunterUT

    First time for everything

    Great work! That is a cool looking wolf-definitely worthy of a full size mount.
  33. elkhunterUT

    Swarovski NL Pure 12x42's?

    The beauty of the NL 12’s is that you get 2x more magnification than the 10’s in glass that you can hold steady and use comfortably in your hands and the larger FOV is as good or better than most 10x binos. It really can be the do-it-all bino with the best optical quality available.
  34. elkhunterUT

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    Nice buck-congrats!!
  35. elkhunterUT

    What's your favorite?

    Antelope and elk are my favorite as well
  36. elkhunterUT


    yes on a low tier unit like the Oquirrhs, but not mid-tier like Wasatch or Manti.
  37. elkhunterUT

    A big muzzy buck for Cody!

    Beautiful buck and great pictures!! Thanks for sharing
  38. elkhunterUT

    Big muzzy bull for my son

    What an awesome bull for that young man!! He will cherish that experience for the rest of his life-good work!!👍🏻
  39. elkhunterUT

    Wasatch Moose Moment

    I read the entire thread on and don't see a single thing wrong with what they did. They acknowledged the crowd and knew what it meant if they were to shoot the moose at that moment and took all of that into account, including the safety of everyone involved. They waited for...
  40. elkhunterUT

    Looks like one Californian moving back!

    Can you imagine Kanye West trying to survive a full winter in Cody, Wyoming?!? I guess he has that Kardashian to keep him warm :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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