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  1. coloradoman

    After the shot and before the freezer

    The making of 60 lbs of elk burger
  2. coloradoman

    Shooters Grill

    Love her or hate her! I wish I had this!!!
  3. coloradoman

    61 early

    If any one on here was in a red dodge with a red camper shell that is hunting this season give me a ring
  4. coloradoman

    Big 61 bear down

    It all came together yesterday for a buddy’s son yesterday Big bear and a hell of a pack out I’ll have on-site pics tonight
  5. coloradoman

    Colorado Governor’s Bull

    Supposed to score 399 and change? Don’t know how legit it or the picture is? Anyone?
  6. coloradoman

    Uncompahgre Burger

    Over the years we have named this the Unc burger. Killed and consumed on the Uncompahgre Elk burger, jalapeño, onion, bacon and ranch dressing mix. Oh and Brenda put cheese in the middle of hers.
  7. coloradoman

    Colorado bulls

    What is everyone seeing so far?
  8. coloradoman

    Ventless gas can solution

    Finally found a way to go! Gas can made in USA Bess! Before and after pics. Laid it on its side in the garage for 30 minutes full of gas and not one drop.
  9. coloradoman

    Imagine that!!
  10. coloradoman

    Hey Bess- generators

    I know you were comparing generators a few months back an asking about the Cummins? What did you figure out about them? Good bad or ugly?
  11. coloradoman

    25.06 shells

    Found some today are these any good? She has never shot these before but I bought a couple box’s because I could lol Always shoot 120 grain so I will just let her shoot these for practice.
  12. coloradoman

    ONX support

    Just plugged my chip into a different Garmin and it wants to format the card? My other garmin didn’t that I remember? Of course I couldn’t find a phone number for ONX Is ok to do that or will it wipe out the chip?
  13. coloradoman

    Fire already

    Went up just looking around today and had to call 911 on this fire close to beanmans house I found the kids that started it and they say they were shooting witch I believe but they also had a campfire at their camp in the cheatgrass but I know for a fact that campfire did not start this one...
  14. coloradoman

    Good ole days 2 Duck Stamps

    I have about 60 Duck stamps from 1938-1958. Some are signed and some not but I guess the signed ones are worth more money? Maybe I should have them appraised? Not sure if they are worth much or not.
  15. coloradoman

    9 mm

    Anyone local around Grand Junction need 9mm? Make offer or trade for .22 mag or select 300 win mag? 3 box’s left
  16. coloradoman

    31 is getting seeded

    Planes flying over and seeding in the area today after the burn I can’t believe they are doing yet but they are
  17. coloradoman

    17 HMR

    I guess I’ll join the madness! I can get 17 HMR and will trade for 22 Mag box for box. I’m sure if I can get them you probably can too but just throwing it out there!
  18. coloradoman

    Chambering problem?

    Ok all you gun gurus! I have a Browning Medallion in .243 WSSM that since new has a very hard time chambering a round. Seems the insertion angle is way to steep and hits the top hard. You can slam it in but it damages the tip of the bullet pretty bad. We have reloaded some and set the bullet a...
  19. coloradoman

    Bobcats are gone

    Well at least for a while! We will see how the membership drops (plummets)in my opinion the next few weeks with the way it’s going now here 🤣
  20. coloradoman

    Do you have a concealed carry permit?

    Who has one? Is there more than one in your household?
  21. coloradoman

    American Mountain Supply

    Just a shout out to this company that I have never heard of located In Longmont Colorado. I bought a 45 holster that has an extra clip pocket at Jerry’s today. Very well made and fits like a glove so I give them kudos!
  22. coloradoman

    Ammo needs

    I thought I would throw out a new post for needed ammo. I spent 3 hours today stocking up what I need with minimal results so I though maybe we could help each other out and trade with someone that has in their area what each other needs? I need a couple of box’s of .204 hornady 40 grain. I...
  23. coloradoman

    Steamboat area

    Just a shot in the dark and just asking Looking for a landowner in the area that needs a couple cows thinned out ?
  24. coloradoman

    204 tack driver?

    Story: So several years ago I bought this .204 Savage 110 for some reason that is beyond me lol. I put a Nikon scope on it and went out to shoot it in 50 MPH winds... needless to say I put it in the safe. Been kicking around selling it. It is a nice day today so I decided to dust it off. I only...
  25. coloradoman


    Bess Have one down by Nine. Start your truck now and come help with the 100 yard pack. Call me I’ll give you directions! Lol
  26. coloradoman

    Wolf hunting tactics

    Looks like I need to sharpen my wolf hunting skills! Any suggestions?
  27. coloradoman

    Stolen truck

    I know this is a different kind of post but my truck was stolen from my street last night 2014 F150 lariat and on the camper shell inside windows it has white camouflage curtains so I would appreciate anybody looking out for it anywhere around
  28. coloradoman

    Stolen truck

    I know this is a different post and longshot but my truck was stolen last night from my street 2014 F150 they found my license plates on another car so I won’t even give you the plate number it has white camouflage curtains on the inside of the camper shell. Stolen in Grand Junction
  29. coloradoman

    Spot Gen 3

    Do they work good as advertised?
  30. coloradoman


    I’m in Steamboat a couple days a week. Anyone have any suggestions for catching fish off the bank in the evening?
  31. coloradoman

    Steamboat winds

    Hundreds if not thousands of trees laid over today all over town because of the winds. I was up at the base of the ski lifts earlier and could not stand up without holding on to something.
  32. coloradoman

    Fire season has started.

    On the Bookcliffs north of Grand Junction. Hardly any smoke an hour and a half ago. Lightning started.
  33. coloradoman

    Ok... Who drew a tag

    Deer is out... I won’t draw but my significant other did! Now elk.... We should both draw... to be continued...
  34. coloradoman

    Colorado COVID FYI
  35. coloradoman

    2018 western slope buck

    Lost my phone the day before so no field pics. Not a big buck but decided to take him The last day.
  36. coloradoman


    Thin waterproof and warm! Is there such a thing? I haven't found them if there is.
  37. coloradoman

    .204 Savage 110

    .204 with less than a box of shells through it. Match grade Nikon 4.5-14 scope? Camo with bull barrel. Bought it on a Wim but never use it. $800 can text or email pics.
  38. coloradoman


    Any body have one for sale? BTW I know the values so it is what it is! Bess? Got one in the closet?
  39. coloradoman


    Good luck on your cow hunt!
  40. coloradoman

    OnX chip failure

    My OnX chip stopped working . Tried in in 3 different GPS?s. Anyone have this happen ?
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