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    Hunter safety

    Looking for more information on a hunter safety bonus pt course. I see that they offer the course online for $300 but you must still attend a field day. Is anyone offering the full course and field day sometime before the 2022 draw deadline? Thanks for your help! Brix
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    Wanted Kowa genesis 8.5x44

    Let me know if you have one you would part with.
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    Meopta Meostar 10x42 has b1.1

    Binos are in excellent condition. No scratches on lenses. $825 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%. Happy to send more pics or talk to you on the phone just pm me.
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    For Sale Meopta Meostar 10x42 hd b1.1

    Binos are in excellent condition. No scratches on lenses. $825 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%. Happy to send more pics or talk to you on the phone just pm me.
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    For Sale Gunwerks g7 br2500 rangefinder

    Excellent condition. Works great $950 tyd PayPal f&f. Happy to send more pics or talk on the phone just pm me.
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    SOLD Swarovski ME 1.7 magnifier/extender

    Excellent condition $300 tyd
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    SOLD Swarovski SLC 10x42

    Both glass and body are in excellent condition. $1285 tyd PayPal f&f or you cover fees.
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    SOLD Razor UHD 10x42

    I have a pair of vortex razor uhd’s I’d like to sell. Glass is perfect. Missing vortex sticker on body and one minor rub on body. Comes with an outdoor vision harness and rangefinder pouch. $1150 tyd PayPal G&S
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    SOLD Surui N2204-SK tripod

    Excellent condition used on one hunt last month. $200 TYD PayPal f&f or add 3%.
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    SOLD Magnetospeed sporter

    Works great don’t have the box anymore and only 1 pad. $100 tyd PayPal F&F
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    SOLD Sirui vh-10 fluid head

    Head is brand new. Came in a package deal and I only wanted the legs. $125 tyd F&F
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    For Sale Zamberlan 1013 size 8 like new

    Like new used on one hunt for 2 days. $220 tyd PayPal F&F
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    SOLD Sig kilo 1000 rangefinder

    $100 tyd PayPal. Bought in a combo kit and don’t need the rangefinder.
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    For Sale Leupold rx-2800 tbr/w new

    Got it as a gift but don’t need it. $380 tyd PayPal
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    SOLD Swarovski atx and soc

    Eyepiece is in great condition with stay on case. Glass is perfect. $1900 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    Reasonable Accommodation Permit?

    Anyone here ever apply for a reasonable accommodation permit with game and fish? I had a sxs accident about two weeks ago and broke 3 metacarpals and 3 fingers on my left hand. Had surgery last week but there is no way I will be able to shoot my vertical bow for my first archery elk hunt in 34...
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    Vortex razor 12x50 japan

    Glass is perfect body is great shape just back from vortex yesterday. $725 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    SOLD Swarovski 95mm objective arca Swiss.

    Objective module is like new. Comes with original box and all covers. $1650 tyd PayPal f&f Can include Swarovski stay on cases for an additional $100 per case. I have the objective case and an stx case.
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    For Sale Swarovski stx stay on case

    $110 tyd PayPal f&f
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    Swarovski stx and 85mm objective stay on case (SOC)

    Cases are in good shape. I only have the box for the objective if you want the box. I do have the carrying strap as well. (Not pictured) $225 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    For Sale Outdoorsman pistol grip and panner

    $275 tyd PayPal f&f
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    For Sale Swarovski atx/stx 85mm objective

    I bought 2 Stx and btx package deals off rokslide recently and don’t really have a need for the 85mm objective I got with one. The original owner stated the objective had not been further than his drive and it looks as new. Glass is perfect and I can’t find a single mark on body. I have not had...
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    Outdoorsmans micro pan head and quick detach adapter

    $280 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    Wts Maven S1A

    Spotter is in great shape. Glass is perfect focus knob has super minor discoloring/wear. $1500 tyd paypal F&F or add 3%
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    Wts meopta meostar 10x42 hd b1 as new

    Binos are as new never been further from inside than my back porch. Decided I want 12x50 meostars instead. $700 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    Wts Leupold VX-6 TMOA

    Scope is in excellent condition. No ring marks and glass is perfect. $800 tyd PayPal f&f or add 3%
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    Seekins 30mm .97? 6/4 rings $90

    $90 tyd PayPal F&F
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    Timieline for Colorado results?

    Anyone have any info on this? Called today and was told they would post deer or elk today and the other tomorrow but I haven't seen anything posted yet.
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    Ruger American 450 bushmaster + Ammo

    Like new only fired 2 rounds to check functionality. Comes with 4 boxes of ammo minus the two fired rounds. $450 shipped. Call or text 918-964-9680 for pics.
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    unit 34 archery ranch elk tag for sale

    Price? Ranch info?
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    Elk 22s late rifle

    Arizona game and fish called the other day and offered me a 22s late rifle tag and with having 0 bonus pts going into the draw this year I took it. I am excited for my first elk hunting experience and Arizona and I'm very aware that this will be a very tough hunt. My question is if you look at...
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    Trijicon accupower 4-16x50

    Scope is like new with moa crosshair. $550 tyd for pictures Tex 918-964-9680 Can add vortex precision rings for an additional $75
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    Thompson Center Icon Classic 300 win

    Rifle is in excellent condition $600 tyd does not include scope Text 918-964-9680 for pictures.
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    Vortex razor hd lh 3-15x42 hsr-4

    Scope is in excellent condition. $650 tyd PayPal or $725 with seeking rings. Text 918-964-9680 for pictures.
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    2018 elk 14 pts

    I'm looking to cash in my pts in Colorado next year. I just got back from hunting elk in Wyoming and cant stop thinking about getting back out. I have 14pts and am willing to hunt with any weapon. I do not want to go guided and I have my own horses and mules if needed. I am currently looking at...
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    Wyoming Elk Unit 2 Fortification Bull Tag

    Anyone hunted this unit before or have any advice on it. I have researched it quite a bit but I am always looking for more info! Im starting to get excited as October is getting closer and closer. Thanks Eric
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