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    I'm set. What a relief!

    Ask Eel he is a human Petri dish with all the shots he took... I think he's going into the Army.....
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    First season elk success

    Great bull congrats to you and your daugther
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    Meat Loaf - Cold Weather Comfort

    Comfort food at it's best Blank
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    Do you Get Tired of Fried Backstrap???

    Blank I'll try a few of those as I have my own recipes for back strap..Your from Idaho finger steaks a family favorite two days ago the finger steaks didn't make it to the plate. LOL
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    There are only 700 Billionaires in the US according the news last night. 3 trillion divided by 700 is a lot of money for each billionaire. I think their math is flawed, that's why I always laughed when Pocahontas was running for office she would say I am going to tax the billionaires to settle...
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    I'm set. What a relief!

    Got my booster yesterday as well way to go Eel I'm with you. I got the flu shot about a week ago I should be good to go....LOL
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    Daughter and Dad Moose Hunt

    Great job I love that you got your daughter to go my son and I are getting his youngest into it now. Her older sister is at Oregon State and is so busy she can't even come home for Christmas she is traveling with the football team. Congrats Love NAU my wife and brother in laws all went there...
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    ML Blind Blues

    Nothing is private anymore, signs don't mean a thing it is a wonder to me how entitled people are now days. In my day you would have got a load of rock salt up your butt trying something like this. And you would have deserved it....
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    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    Oroville lake went up 20 feet from this storm alone. That's a lot of water. We need about 6 more of those kinds of storms and the drought would be over.
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    Simple, simple...

    Comfort food at it's best Lumpy I had that all the time with my Mother it was one of her favorites
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    Wild pig mole

    Looks great Snoop when do we eat and do you have flour tortillas to go with it. Homemade of course
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    Get off that buck!!!!

    Wow that's crazy right in front of you.
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    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Amazing just plain amazing way to go congrats
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    300 grain Berger hunter vld

    I was told that the bullets with the colored tip are the ones that are doing this but I had the ones with no tip which were supposed to be the best ones to use. No expansion if I hadn't hit bone I think he would have ran further than I would have wanted him to.
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    300 grain Berger hunter vld

    No comment or advice I had a issue with my copper bullets this year as they didn't expand and wend in 1/4" and came out 1/4" so just wondering that's all
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    How is the mule deer season going?

    Nice bucks congrats to the hunters
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    2021 family deer pics.

    I really like the character on that last buck very cool congrats to your family
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    A Texas Rose, Gumbo, and Pie!!!

    how did you cook the onion Blank what did you put on it and how long did you cook it. Looks great
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    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Thoughts and prayers are with you guys I'll ask the big guy tonight to keep an eye on her....
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    Sugar Bear

    It's the only one to survive the fire! so they had to cut it down.....
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    I learned a tough lesson my brother and I had a starter pistol and we found out that you could drill the barrel out in Shop class and make it shoot .22 at close range. Wellllll my brother had taken it to shop class without me knowing it and I was downstairs by his bathroom and when he came out...
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    2021 AZ Bull

    I love it when women hunt congrats to your sister
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    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    nice buck
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    300 grain Berger hunter vld

    Is it a copper bullet or lead
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    2nd Shots

    That's what I am talking about elk in the freezer way to go
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    Smoked a Prime Top Sirloin Today - New to Me

    perfect temp 128 no more that 130 I do two 20 pound roasts for Christmas in the Traeger using Pecan wood
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    After the shot and before the freezer

    Love the burger and sausage we make it is always better that when some one else does it for you. Nice job congrats
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    One old rule that still stands true today as it was yesterday. Treat EVERY gun as if it was loaded make sure if you touch it you have checked it for Bullets. Also who was the moron that was in charge of the guns? Other people on the set say there were two other accidental discharges of guns on...
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    Sharpening the gut blade on a Ourdoor Edge knife?

    Like NEVER found LOL
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    Part of Maryland wants to split

    Northern California and Southern California we have long wanted to do this and have tried to get it on the ballot No Go
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    Meat Rustlers Indicted

    I had this very same thing happen to me in Utah I got back one grocery bag of meat from a 180 pound deer dropped off that was lung shot. We got into an very big fight over this and then I asked where do you get the meat from for your samples you have out here? I told him to go back and find my...
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    2nd Shots

    every year Bloodtracker you must have private ground to hunt? Congrats
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    2021 Punkin Patch Buck

    Nicely done congrats
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    Goodbye Utah Lake

    I used to ride my bike over to the pump house to fish there. As a kid it was just throwing my line in somewhere trying to catch a fish. My cousins and I lived out there in the summers LOL Utah Lake has come a loooooong way since then
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    Chicken Kabobs, Roasted Spuds, And Salad

    Nice kabobs Chef Blank I'll try that this weekend
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    This will wake you up...

    That's a big snake is it a timber rattler?
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    Sharpening the gut blade on a Ourdoor Edge knife?

    Just how the hell did you do that with a gut Hook Tikka were you sticking your finger where it doesn't belong.....
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    What The Heck Is This?

    Cool find I like it when I am out and find things that haven't been seen for years.
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    That didn't last long

    I wished that they would have shown him slapping the living s--t our of him, and shoving that gun up his--- This happens so much around here, these thugs think they are tough with a gun. Sometimes the good guy has to win....
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    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    I hope you shoot a big one best of luck on your hunt and yes prayers for your brother. He can live this one through you...... One of the few women on this site make us proud
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