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  1. Buckhunter1955

    Why so long..?

    He looks a little cross-eyed. Could he be related to Leon Spinks?
  2. Buckhunter1955

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Beautiful Buck. Cody you are a lucky man to have a wife that hunts!
  3. Buckhunter1955

    Sugar Bear

    Eel, I liked cutting Piss Fir when I was falling timber. They grew like stove pipes, not much taper and were a nice soft wood. My 2100 Husky went through them like a hot knife through butter. The president, not my president doesn't deserve such a tree. How about a nice Coastal Bull Pine. They...
  4. Buckhunter1955

    Hunting accident

    Tough guy setting at the keyboard. What a fool you are!
  5. Buckhunter1955

    Hunting accident

    So if your from California you must be inexperienced. What a foolish comment!
  6. Buckhunter1955

    A Texas Rose, Gumbo, and Pie!!!

    Blank, you are "THE MAN"
  7. Buckhunter1955

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    The best thing that I've seen in a long time, that's a great bull young lady!!!
  8. Buckhunter1955

    Last night Simon said...

    I love a good rack of lamb, no one else in the family does.
  9. Buckhunter1955

    Got 'er done yesterday...

    Thanks for the info. I make them maybe half a dozen times a year, it's a lot of work but it's worth it for what you get.
  10. Buckhunter1955

    Got 'er done yesterday...

    OW, I see you like your "fries". Are they homemade or store bought? If store bought what brand are they? They look good.
  11. Buckhunter1955

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    One of each flavor, South Dakota. It was cold, the high temp this day I think was 16 degrees with 30mph gusts.
  12. South Dakota 2018 129.JPG

    South Dakota 2018 129.JPG

  13. Buckhunter1955

    Best Long Range Rangefinder?

    My PH in Africa had no use for a rangefinder. According to him it was either "in range or out of range"
  14. Buckhunter1955

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    Good luck, travel safe, shoot straight, and make your brother proud. I'm sure I speak for all of us here on MM when I say I'm proud of you, I wish I had a sister like you.
  15. Buckhunter1955

    New "Coon" Trap

    I just got my new coon trap a few days ago. Can't wait to see how it works.
  16. Buckhunter1955

    Don't want to brag...

    Is that milk on his chin?
  17. Buckhunter1955

    A Simple hunk of...

    I love gravy on my fries too.
  18. Buckhunter1955

    Proud dad moment

    I know that feeling too. Great job to both of you.
  19. Buckhunter1955

    In Search of a Blacktail Cape

    Call some Northern California taxidermist, they should be able to help you out.
  20. Buckhunter1955

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    It's great to see a young man doing something besides playing video games or on the I-phone. Great job you should very proud!
  21. Buckhunter1955

    B Zone Blacktail

    Here's a different view of my sons B Zone Blacktail.
  22. Ethan's Buck.jpg

    Ethan's Buck.jpg

  23. Buckhunter1955

    Let's See Those Bucks! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    2021B Zone Blacktail.
  24. Ethan B Zone.jpg

    Ethan B Zone.jpg

  25. Buckhunter1955

    71" Greater Kudu

    Here's my sons 56 incher, I thought it was big until I saw what 71 inches looks like.
  26. Kudu.jpg


  27. Buckhunter1955

    Post One Photo Per Day

    Sunset in Mendocino Co.
  28. Buckhunter1955

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    You can think it all you want, just don't send out your thoughts in an e-mail.
  29. Buckhunter1955

    Yellow Fin Tuna

    Seared tuna topped with jalapenos, cilantro, ginger and soy sauce. Served with fresh tomatoes wedges, yellow rice and avocados. Washed it down with a Double Vodka and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cocktail.
  30. Buckhunter1955

    Blacktail tenderloin tacos

    To bad those tenderloins fell in the bacon grease. A perfect mistake! It all looks great.
  31. Buckhunter1955

    B Zone Blacktail

    My son Ethan hunting with his Father in law to be getting it done just like his Dad taught him. He continues to make me proud.
  32. Ethan B Zone.jpg

    Ethan B Zone.jpg

  33. Buckhunter1955

    Beef it's what's for Supper

    Years back they were kind of a "Bastard Cut" of meat just like flank steak or a hanger steak. they have become kind of trendy these days.
  34. Buckhunter1955

    It was time for...

    I can't believe you didn't finish that steak, I can get that much meat stuck in my back two molars. Ha Ha.
  35. Buckhunter1955

    Beef it's what's for Supper

    Tri-Tip, rare in the thickest part for me, medium where it tapers off on the ends for my wife. Tri-Tip sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.
  36. Buckhunter1955

    Post One Photo Per Day

    I think this deer was poached / crippled. I found him dead in my big pond. I pulled him out and left him in front of one of my cameras.
  37. Buckhunter1955

    Going to the...

    I like them with mustard and lots of onions, my wife likes them just plain in a bun. I also like them with sour kraut and mustard.
  38. Buckhunter1955

    Post One Photo Per Day

    My grape eating bear is back again this year. I catch him almost every night on camera. Here he is standing over a deer carcass.
  39. Bear.JPG


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