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  1. PleaseDear

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Dang kool looking Bull Congrats Young Lady & crew Robb
  2. PleaseDear

    2 nice Wyoming bulls

    Good job! Robb
  3. PleaseDear

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Nothing wrong with that buck CF Robb
  4. PleaseDear

    2021 Punkin Patch Buck

    Well Done Congrats Robb
  5. PleaseDear

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Luv reading this thread Congrats Young Lady Robb
  6. PleaseDear

    Family Fun! Thanks Wyoming

    Very kool indeed Thanks for sharing Robb
  7. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Thanks for the kind words. I never had trees in the front for any type shade, in the back I do as that is the hot side of the house west/south facing. I put a new re-shingle roof on last summer and those new windows with that sun protect shade of color and my Electric bill this hot azz...
  8. PleaseDear

    2021 general elk success

    Kool pix in the snow and pines Congrats Robb
  9. PleaseDear

    Idaho Bull

    Fun times right there Congrats Robb
  10. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    I found it easier and not as messy to simply use 2--- 5 gallon buckets and wheel them in the wheelbarrow to put around the vases/flowers. I'm getting about 1/3 of the co$t back in drought rebates via our state and mow strip rebates via the county. Robb
  11. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Lot's of neighbors stopped by and gave me their approval and asked about cost and rebates being offered.
  12. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    A long after noon later
  13. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    I transplanted the drought tolerant/weather resistant plants a week or 2 before the final project
  14. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    After the fella's got done the rest was on my shoulders to finish before heading out on another elk hunt . My contrast stone
  15. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    I went with Black Lava Rock as anything I added to it would pop with color contrast.
  16. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Before the storm rolled in later this afternoon
  17. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Day 1
  18. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Quick follow-up on the Zero Scaping gig. Took a pinch longer than expected with hunting season's, a death in the family, the dang rainy weather ect!! Went with a local guy and he was really good. Yeah, a corner lot Robb
  19. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    The Dual blades have worked well Robb
  20. PleaseDear

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    This one
  21. PleaseDear

    WY Ram Success

    What a Dandy Ram Congrats Robb
  22. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    It is heavy with both rifles, shells, 9mm ect!! Less than $100 bucks via A-Prime. Robb
  23. PleaseDear

    Looking for ideas on one last elk hunt for my dad

    You don't need to go remote and deep for good Gen elk hunting. I pack most of my elk out Solo and I have a rule of not hunting more than 3 miles in from camp or my truck. Works quite well Robb
  24. PleaseDear

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    Good one Blank Congrats Robb
  25. PleaseDear

    WY '21

    Sweet Congrats Robb
  26. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    They fit in very nice
  27. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    Really thick padding on the outsides
  28. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    Separation padding
  29. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    Pretty dang sturdy
  30. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    Plenty of pockets for shells and even for a pistol. Plus straps for like carry on your back
  31. PleaseDear

    Trying a Double Rifle Case

    I like to have my thick timber still stalking thru .45/70 rifle and I like to have my more open country, longer range 7mag. with me in hunt camp. I don't like taking two gun cases. I don't fly, I drive most everywhere I hunt so I didn't need a hard sided/airline approved type. I went with...
  32. PleaseDear

    WY max deer points.

    You're messing up your Talk to Yourself for 4 post sequences.... But still very enjoyable Robb
  33. PleaseDear

    Oak creek

    What a Dandy! Congrats Robb
  34. PleaseDear

    Have you ever seen?…Giant dew claws on a bull?

    My hell, that's crazy Robb
  35. PleaseDear

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    Thanks for the positive updates on the CWMU Great pix and sweet harvests Robb
  36. PleaseDear

    WY max deer points.

    They are Safety Glasses like for on the job type I started wearing those type of Safety Glasses after a terrible eye injury years ago shooting my bow at the bow range. My vision healed back to Normal, thankfully and for Sure when hunting with my Muzzy loader and why not with my rifle...
  37. PleaseDear

    WY max deer points.

    Bitter Cold but very enjoyable Robb
  38. PleaseDear

    WY max deer points.

    I'm certainly confused as I just got home from hunting Wyo Elk No Doubt better than your gig Butts!! Luv ya brothaaa haha Robb
  39. PleaseDear

    Cool Trail Camera Photo In AZ

    That did turn out nice Robb
  40. PleaseDear

    Max points Wyoming NR

    I figured someone would have toss unit 16/Randy Newberg unit into the mix by now. Robb
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